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5 Car Brands You Should Never Buy

5 Car Brands You Should Never Buy

rev up your engines, today by popular
demand I’m gonna talk about five car brands that have gotten worse over time,
and kind of contrary to Darwin’s natural selection these companies are still
around, they haven’t gone extinct like the dinosaurs yet, now taking the lead or if
you look at another way, the ones at the bottom of the pack is definitely
Chrysler, Chrysler might be going extinct they lost thirteen point one percent of
car sales in 2018 and they have a limited amount of cars anyway realize
this is about cars that got worse, now Chrysler has had problems for a long
time let’s see they’re running a verge of
bankruptcy a while back and then Mercedes bought them and called it daimler
Chrysler for a while though there’s the legendary Mercedes quality buying
Chrysler known for poor quality and it didn’t work out all that well it was
projected that they lost billions on that deal, mercedes-benz gave up with it and
who ended up buying it but Fiat now it’s Fiat Chrysler, now there’s a
merger that’s certainly not made in heaven, you got two companies notorious
for low quality Chrysler and Fiat merging together with Fiat being the one
who owns the big picture and if you put modern technology into a poorly
manufactured facility that’s a recipe for disaster,
I’ve seen these Fiat Chrysler some of them had twenty five, thirty five
thousand miles either the engines or the transmissions blew up on them, now
the original Chrysler company way back 40 50 60 years ago and so, they were
known as a quality car, they made cars that people wanted, but as time passed
on Chrysler went down the slippery slope,
they did buy jeeps, Jeep was originally willys-overland, AMC corporation bought them
out and Chrysler bought out AMC and they basically threw all the cars amc made
away and just kept the jeeps because they wanted the jeep name and in many
cases that’s all it is anymore the name Jeep, take a
Jeep renegade this just a rebadged Fiat four-wheel-drive vehicle,
hey they’re basically pretty clunky vehicles they don’t hold up all that
well and they certainly aren’t some off-road thing like a real Jeep used to
be where you could go off-road they’re just junky little Fiats but they
sell them as jeeps and some people buy them they don’t know the real history, do
research before you buy a vehicle, now really as far as I’m concerned Chrysler
hey they went from the frying pan into the fire, they definitely are the
absolute fastest downhill company that I can think of, now the next car company
that’s gone downhill is General Motors now I learned to drive on a Chevrolet
myself back in the 60s they were solid reliable cars and GM of course makes
Cadillac, decades ago Cadillacs was a luxury brand everybody’s thinking about
I want to ride around in a Cadillac well they’ve gone a long way from being one
of the top-rated cars to where they are today, sure I used to have customers who
were satisfied with their GM pickup trucks their GM cars decades and decades
ago all of my customers that bought General Motors products in the last 10
15 years they were all either extremely disappointed or relatively disappointed
if they kept the vehicle for any length of time, now GM does have a bright spot
but it’s in China but those were made in China for the Chinese market maybe
they’re gonna end up making and importing them over here, could be a
better deal I don’t know but that doesn’t exist yeah, maybe instead of
going down all the way they’ll start coming up a little with Chinese made GM
vehicles but that’s not the case yet so I’m still keeping GM in the making them worse
category, now the third company that I picked for making cars less reliable is
Volkswagen, they’ve gone a long way the original Volkswagen Beetle that was
dependable simple to maintain cheap to fix vehicle to their modern high-tech
German computerized monstrosity when they break down, the new beetles
that they don’t make anymore they gave up with them there were disaster areas
in terms of repair they used that crazy dual clutch automatic transmissions in
those new beetles I saw people spend five six
thousand dollars or more having those transmissions rebuilt because they were
terrible transmissions and the overuse of plastic into Volkswagens, I got
customers that said I’ll never buy another one, the door handles broke over five six
times, the air conditioning compressors would blow up and they’d have to keep
putting different ones on, they just are not solid reliable vehicles like they
were a long time ago, and yeah they sell a lot of cars but then again
McDonald’s sells a lot of hamburgers and I wouldn’t call them quality hamburgers
good for your health yes volkswagen has a lot of money, they
own Porsche they own Audi but they took all that high technology and threw it in
their Volkswagens, so they’re no longer simple vehicles or reliable vehicles and
with the cheating they did on their diesel cars they’re not even honest
vehicles, I do have to say in the last 20 years I don’t have a single customer who
ever bought a Volkswagen and then went out and bought another Volkswagen, they
said that’s it I’ll never buy another one of these, now the fourth car brand
I’m picking is mercedes-benz, now I started working on Mercedes Benzes in the late
1960s they were like tanks then they were solid they could last forever now
they did cost a small fortune there’s no arguing that they were solid rugged and
reliable, then they started adding layers and
layers of technology and they started making them in places other than Germany
and the German quality just wasn’t there when they started making Mercedes Benzes
in the United States they had all kinds of problems now I mean they didn’t make
the engines and transmissions there but they assembled the vehicles and they had
wiring harness fails up the wazoo, Mercedes still makes very good engines
and generally very solid transmissions but with some of these cars having
almost a hundred separate computer micro processors on them they age they become
endless money pits I have customers that bought used Mercedes s classes
they paid like twelve thousand dollars for a car that originally was over a
hundred and twenty thousand dollars and you might ask how could that be
that’s because everyone knows the things break down as they age
and cost a fortune to repair, now if you don’t mind driving one around generally
the engines will still runs and the transmissions will still be shifting but
all the electronics starts to go harwire on those things and being no different than
a lot of other car manufacturers the increased use of plastics, well guess
what the plasticizers eventually vapor out ages especially in the engine
compartment, then all the plastic stuff starts breaking and plastic stuff on
Mercedes and maybe cheaply made but it isn’t cheap to buy when they break and
just like Chrysler the hellcat engine is an insane I powerful engine and
Mercedes makes high powerful engines too but the rest of the vehicles Chrysler
and Mercedes as they age they break down a lot and on both of those vehicles
check they’re insanely low resale values as they start to get older not a wise
investment really, now the last car manufacturer that I believe their
quality has been going downhill steadily is Nissan, they really made the first
mass-produced sports cars that were fun fast and reliable you never saw that in
a sports car before things started to go downhill as an example for mid-sized
sedans last year the Nissan Altima was rated as the least reliable midsize
sedan especially the ones with CVT transmission over the last couple of
decades have had automatic transmission problems and when they went to CVT
transmissions they had even more problems they own the company that makes
those CVT transmissions it’s called Jatco and they actually sell them to lots
of different manufacturers but that’s not saying those other manufacturers
aren’t making mistakes too, as an example of one of the customers is Subaru
everybody else Subarus have had automatic and CVT transmissions up the
wazoo, but out of all the cars that I work on
the Nissan’s have the most CVT problems of any of them that I’ve seen they just
go out and cost a fortune and normally when they do go out the cost of
rebuilding or replacing that CVT transmission is more than the entire
vehicle is worth so most people just get rid of the cars rather than fix them
Renault took over now they are pretty much in control now
Renault is actually a huge corporation but being big doesn’t necessarily mean
better when they took over Nissan the quality really went downhill, you ask
anybody who has my late 90s Nissan there was still pretty well built vehicles but
ask anyone who’s owned one in the last 10 years their not gonna say that odds are
my daughter-in-law had one one of the junkies car she ever had it was forever
breaking even though the thing was only like four or five years old and
hilariously enough the muffler fell off now look this is a 94 Celica still has
the original muffler and it’s working fine if they can’t even well the muffler
on a pipe and keep it on for four years that shows you just their overall
general quality is, so now you know five car brands that have been going downhill
for quite some time and if you’re a wise person you might stay away from buying
one, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell!

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  2. Sadly it’s generally not the cars, but the greedy dealerships who make sure the factory won’t cover an item that’s under warranty. They also fail to report problems so the factories don’t know the extent of the problem and consequently don’t address it or deny it exists. If the dealers were honest maybe all cars would be good.

  3. IMAGINE THAT!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. Can you recommend a reliable used LARGE SUV model?

    I can afford something in the 10 to 15 year old range and I was wondering if it was model you could recommend?

    I'm looking at
    Maybe the Tahoe, Yukon, Expedition, Excursion, Suburban, Nissan Armada, Etc.

    Needs to be big.

    If you can't pick a good one can you steer me away from one that would be terrible ?

    Thank you

  5. Chrysler is like that long leggy red head looks great but its been wellted & belted and you know its going to be trouble but you just cant help your self !

  6. I own a 1997 Nissan Altima and i agree its a great and trusty Vehicle, hardly has problems and a very sturdy Vehicle unlike most vehicles these days made out of 90% plastic. Older cars that were made out of Steel and Sturdy Material, Yes were Heavy but and least they could Withstand a beating.

  7. Jeeps from 2001 and earlier are some of the most reliable vehicles you can buy. Hell most cars pre-2000 are more reliable. I wish they would make a simple, manual, but modern car for those of us that don’t like electronics in their vehicles

  8. This video really bothers me because i own a nissan rogue and eversince i bought it i just kept hearing about its bad transmission review. I m planning to keep it till my lease ends and finance it but not sure if its a good idea

  9. Loved my 1975 Caprice Classic. I ran that thing forever. Several cars later I bought a 2005 Chevy Impala brand new. I've had to fix the door handles 4 times, the driver door fills with water when it rains, the transmission had to rebuilt…yada yada yada. Never again!

  10. Does anyone with actual car knowledge watch this crap?? Me and all my friends have seen Scotty as nothing but a joke for the past few years…

  11. People in my area keep buying/driving Chrysler, Nissan, and GM vehicles. Guess they never seen a Scotty video before

  12. Lol this thing with the vw realy i mean i have vw passats from b3 to b8 and they are amazing cars and tbh you only spoke about the beetle so you cant say they are bad cars its this specific model of cars which are bad that doesn't make the whole brand bad

  13. Used to listen to Ed Wallace before he became a never-Trumper. Ed kept saying Chrysler has changed and is just as reliable as any other company. I cracked up every time he recommended a Chrysler.

  14. I feel I just like nissans are good because they don’t have a lot electronics but you have good points my sister has a 2017 Sentra and I’m just waiting for it to start breaking down

  15. I own a 2012 VW CC turbo .. beautiful car . 75k miles started having serious problems . Had to replace the entire engine – not joking – thank god I spent the extra 3k when I bought it for the extended warranty

  16. I have 3 VW's now, and have had nearly no trouble out of them. I've owned 4 other VW's and they went 2 to 3 hundred K with only normal maintenance. (lights, brakes etc) Never replaced a clutch in one.

  17. Are there any professional music conductors in this audience? just curious if you played this video before your orchestra-what it would sound like

  18. Sadly, here in europe people will still buy vw after vw bc they think its reliable even though it breaks down every 2 days and is completely rusted away after 10 years

  19. anyone buying a newer vehicle most likely will see "Turbo" in one of their Engines.. they;'ve been around for YEARS… I don't agree with much of anything he said. Very little facts presented – mostly predictions. What does "for the long run" even mean?

  20. I can’t agree more with that Volkswagen segment. I have a 2007 VE beetle and it is just endless electrical or door lock issues. Terrible company I would never give another penny to.

  21. where is BMW? I had less problems with 3 of my Golfs than a single f25 X3 n55 . F25 was effing special — leaked from every gasket imaginable.

  22. After putting 60,000 miles on an Altima I'd bought new, I overheard a mechanic on the phone with a customer say, "Wow, really?! Well you're pretty lucky because those CVT's normally only go 100,000 miles." I sold it a month later.

  23. I love fiat, they make decent cars here, I'm in Europe. But stick to the small ones and stick to manual transmission only. The bigger ones are terrible and stay away from their auto gearboxes

  24. My friend had a Maxima that he bought brand new and it had nearly completely fallen apart within 6 years. It was unbelievable. I think it was a 2002. Muffler fell off, tranny wouldn't always shift and eventually just went out, oxidation like i've never seen, internal electronics for gauges and windows etc worked sometimes sometimes not, ac compressor went out.. it was seriously unreal. Especially since I remembered the Nissan's of the 90's and had seen several with well over 200k miles still going strong.

  25. One quibble: the DSG transmission (in VW Golfs at least – including my own GTI) is considered one of the best automatic transmissions in the business. Not saying they never have issues, but in the last few years, pro reviews all point out what a good solid auto trans it is.

  26. problem lays at factories in china producing parts for those cars,and we all know how long chineze goods last?? until waranty is over..

  27. Well, everyone has an opinion on these matters…. But for US, had our 2001 Town and Country up to just shy of 300,000 miles. Then hit a deer and totaled it. It ran great with very little trouble all the way until then. Went to replace it with another used vehicle. Considered the TOYOTA Sienna. Reviews were so terrible I decided not to chance it. Looked up the reviews on a later model Town and Country. Solid. Bought another Town and Country. It currently has about 180,000 miles on it now, has been an EXCELLENT vehicle yet again. Can't agree, Scotty….. I hope you are usually more accurate in your videos then you were in this one!

  28. So does this mean that Fiat and Chrysler are riding on Jeep and Dodge with their RAM trucks and Vipers to survive?

  29. If Chrysler owns dodge does it make dodge bad or is dodge a decent brand im thinking of getting a dodge challenger 2011-2016 sub 90k miles RT or SXT

  30. Favorite mechanic reviews for all things auto. Keep it hyper, Scotty, you have helped me immensely in my used suv and truck hunt.

  31. I have yet to obtain a driver's license however I am not far away. Because of that I have looked into cars to invest in. Is Lada niva actually a car that will run without problems as long as it is services correctly? Or am I better och buying a car like a corolla or celica. My cap is around 5000$, I do not live in America and have a different currency.

  32. true story, my aunt got divorced and they had just bought a Nissan Altima, I told her to take their rusty old Ford Ranger because I didn't trust the Nissan, sure enough, less than a month after the dust settled, it broke, costing thousands, and the Ranger kept trucking along with minimal repairs, it eventually split in half after a heavy snowfall due to the rust, the frame in between the frame and cab collapsed, so she bought a ex police Impala, and it's been nothing but trouble, if that Ranger hadn't broken she would probably still be driving it, as it was going strong at a little over 280,000 miles, and her ex husband has been through 3 Altimas last I heard, sometimes it isn't the new car that'll last. sometimes it's the old car, keep an eye, and if you notice the new car is going out but they don't, let them have the new car and either take ol' reliable or buy an older car, just let them deal with it, if it's a Ford or Toyota, then you can fight tooth and nail for it, otherwise, it's probably not worth the extra cost and stress

  33. My dads c280 has a axel problem and once he got locked out of it so he towed it to a Mercedes dealer and he replaced the battery and it cost 300 something dollars and my moms Nissan Rogue has like this warning on random days or every month it says you need an oil change.

  34. VW TDI's are bullet proof. 500k easily. They did the updates to comply with the emissions and now they are selling them again.
    Regular maintenance, 10k oil changes, 40k tranny flush DSG 6speed or you can get manual every 50k.
    Wish they had VW TDI vans in US.

  35. My PT Cruiser has 275,000 miles and everything still works, it's an 02,no leaks ever in my sunroof, had a Plymouth Voyager that had 310, 000
    and the paint last forever on both.

  36. Dual Clutch transmissions are actually very good if you service them on time. Most people don't and blame the manufacturer when they fail.

  37. Dang it, I've been a Dodge man for years. Granted, I driver a 98 Dodge Dakota, so it's not as bad as the current ones. I'm also a fan of Subaru.

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