5 Bizarre Cars You Never Heard of, That Were Decades Ahead of Their Time!

you may not know but some of the tech
you see in today’s modern cars I’ve actually been available for over 50
years today I’ll be showing you five bizarre cars you probably have never
heard of and we’re decades ahead of their time if you’re new here welcome to
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straight out of an episode of The Jetsons is the 1959 Cadillac cyclone X P
74 with this distinct bubble dome canopy indicative of the 50s America’s Thailand
the cyclone has a whole host of features that would make you think it’s designer
Harley Earl was a time traveler from the future she boasted a powerful 325
horsepower engine for air mounted automatic transmission all-wheel
independent suspension system had exhaust that poured it out in front of
the wheels and had those innovatively design headlamps that would flip down
from out of the grill here’s where it gets even more interesting though when
you look at this car you’ll notice right away it has these eye-catching cylinders
running down both sides of it this feature was for more than just aesthetic
purposes this is where the radar for the collision avoidance system was housed
yeah that’s right I just said a collision avoidance system I’ll wait a
few seconds to let that sink in this cart was so ahead of his time that it
had a collision avoidance system that would actually warn you of objects up
ahead and calculated based on speed you were going how long it would take you to
stop in order for you to avoid hitting it it’s hard to believe now when
watching commercials for new cars bragging about these new collision
avoidance systems coming standard with them that this has already been done and
so long ago – the Cadillac cyclone is certainly a standout for its pioneering
blend of exquisite beauty inside and out and his groundbreaking technological
achievements in the era of the newly developed atomic bomb
Harley Aero working with GM decides to fire back with his 1953 General Motors
Firebird XP 21 this wagon of mass desire was the world’s first ever gas turbine
car Harvey Earl the eccentric time traveller he was decided to take the
same engine that was currently allowing air crash to take humans past the speed
of sound for the first time in history and stick it in a car this little
aviation inspired toy packed a whopping 370 horsepower which by today’s standard
isn’t too much but in 1953 that was a pretty big deal this was one of only a
handful of cars at the time that could reach the ever so elusive 200 miles per
hour mark certainly captured the public’s
attention for achieving this feat this concept car was designed and produced in
an era where Americans were absolutely obsessed with aviation in rocketry which
was reflected in car designs at the time you will see this aviation inspired
theme repeat a few times on this list but this bad mama-jama is the only car
that looked like drove like but also sounded like a jet hell it pretty much
was a jet it’s only real downfall is that it was over engineered out of
practicality because of course flying through town at 200 miles per hour while
creating a sonic boom with your world fire turbo power gas turbine engine was
a reality we all rather live without even though each and one of us would
marvel at the thought of owning and driving our very own land missile car
but a standard cop car in 1953 even having chance of catching up with one of
these to issue its driver a ticket except analysts will be ruling it back
into the tamer side of things this car surely isn’t a physics defying speed
record brake and death machine but offered a level of class luxury and
elegance unrivaled in its day I’m talking of course about the 1936 stout
scarab this car was not only the first minivan but also the only minivan ever
created that didn’t scream I’ve given up on life and trying to get laid all jokes
aside the Scarab was not well received when it came out and was considered ugly
over time however this gem ended up becoming a hallmark of art deco design
it was built around a living room on wheels concept and took comfort to a new
level in automobiles its front seats would rotate 360 degrees backseat would
fold out into a couch which also had a table that folded out in conjunction
with it creating a very cozy atmosphere perfect for relaxing that pit stops on
long car rides they also had a very low floor plan in order to maximize the room
inside of it which was the crowning detail that really allowed the Scarab to
achieve its living room on wheels mission they say to be great is to be
misunderstood and I guess this saying holds true when discussing the Scarab it
was just too ahead of its time to really be appreciated and for the public to
yearn for a vehicle more suited for living on the road we wouldn’t see this
type of vehicle become popular for about 10 years and it would take another 30
for them to catch up to Scarab when it came to comfort and amenities if you
couldn’t tell already by some of the other cars on this list America was
obsessed with aviation in the 1950s and incorporated aircraft inspiration and
cars quite often this next car is no exception to the trend but arguably did
it in a more eye-catching fashion than anyone else say hello to the 1956 Buick
Centurion among its other futuristic design features one of Bo Centurions
most notable it’s his transparent roof this was perfectly executed when it was
period with front and rear vents to allow cool air to flow through the car
in order to combat its rapidly rising temperatures from all the UV rays coming
through the roof it also had a specially designed hub cuts that would intake air
while moving and direct them to the brakes cooling them and increasing their
stopping capabilities the feature that really earned the Centurion a spot on
this list what’s its backup camera this car had no mirrors and relied solely on
its backup camera that we wouldn’t start seeing as a standard option again for
about 50 years if that’s not crazy enough this car also had no gas tank
either not because it was electric or solar powered but because it was purely
a concept car that never saw a functional one be made it’s a real shame
too because I would love to live in a world where the Buick Centurion was
mass-produced now before you nitpickers leave your
comments yes I realized Buick made a Centurion from 1971 to 1973 but this was
a completely different car that only utilized the same name as the one I’m
talking about this next car would be an odd man out of the list because of how
young it is compared to the others but its place here was certainly merited due
to just 1 futuristic feature talking about the 1986 Buick Ferrara this was
the very first car to come standard with a touchscreen
no I didn’t misspeak a freaking touchscreen this in itself is such a
mind-blowing feature for a 1986 vehicle but it gets way more intense the more
you dive into it yeah sure it did cool things like control the radio climate
control and what-have-you this screen also had a trip odometer would tell you
how much gas was in the car check your brake pad status and even do a vehicle
diagnostics test for you these are features we’re used to seeing on today’s
Tesla but a Buick from the 80s this hidden little gem was truly back from
the future the screen or the graphical control center as he coined it was a
tube design so essentially this was just a small TV they jammed into the interior
of the car the screen was actually pretty big but because of his tube
design it was pretty bulky and cumbersome but hey it was the 80s wasn’t
everything like that obviously the graphical control system was held as a
groundbreaking step towards technological luxury but it was also
heavily criticized for being a negligent driving distraction funny to think how
this little screen could cause so much controversy as a driving distraction in
a day and age where drivers are constantly tapping out novel sized text
messages while driving unfortunately the roverís sales plunged
in 1990 and then it’s lying far too soon the sales drop was not
tributed to the graphical control system but rather a variety of factors at the
time it’s really ashamed to because think of all the groundbreaking features
Buick could have created since then if they kept the line and focused in on
keeping it technologically revolutionary well guys
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