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4-Wheel Balloon Car | Design Squad

4-Wheel Balloon Car | Design Squad

Go, go, go, go, go, yay! I’m Nate from Design Squad
and I’m here with: All of us are designing
different balloon cars. It’s got a carton for a body, a half a plastic cup, four foam balls for wheels. I think big DVD wheels
will roll really easy. Go! NATE:
When we release the balloon… (laughing) the rubber on the balloon
squeezes the air out… (squeaking) which makes the balloon go… It goes everywhere
and it’s crazy. NATE: Now we’re going to add
a straw, because what it does is it makes the balloon go from
going in a crazy direction… to a straight direction. The propulsion technology
we’re using here is a lot like a jet or a rocket. When the balloon squeezes air
out the nozzle, it makes thrust in
the opposite direction that makes the balloon and
the car want to go that way. ANNA:
Racers ready. (panting) On your marks, get set… go! NATE: I just can’t get
mine to go straight. DESI:
I don’t really think it was because it
would go like that. I think it was because
it would go like that. NATE: I think you might
be onto something. This side to side motion
made it not go straight. So I took this front axle,
and I changed its angle just a little bit so hopefully it corrected it
and now it goes straight. A.J., I challenge you! Racers, get your engines pumped! Go! (yells) Oh, now they’re both going. Good race. Go. Go, go, go, go, go! Yay! I won! I have an idea of how we can
scale this up a little bit. What I’ve got here is
a fire extinguisher attached to a tricycle. Balloon car. But with a little more pressure
involved. So let’s try this out. Go! NATE: Now, the balloon cars
used a jet of air to move. There’s lots of other things
around that use jets of air: a fire extinguisher,
a jet pack and a jet. Whoo! Don’t try this at home. Just make a balloon car at home. (kids cheering) NATE: Instructions to build
your own balloon car are on the Design Squad website.

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