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4 Basic Negotiation Tips For Buying a Used Car Online (The Easiest Way to Negotiate a Car Deal)

4 Basic Negotiation Tips For Buying a Used Car Online  (The Easiest Way to Negotiate a Car Deal)

so recently my wife and I purchased a
new car which we’re gonna talk about here in just a second
but in this video I have a few tips maybe three to five tips to help you
purchase a new vehicle and save a lot of money in the process
so on our car purchase we saved easily a good 10% on the purchase price or more
saving a total of $2,000 and the best part was is we didn’t even have to leave
our house to do it! We did it all over the internet and with of using a phone
and that’s coming up right now welcome back to the money in life TV what is up
guys how was my youtube family doing out there hope everybody’s doing great in
today’s video chipper and I have a few exciting tips for you when it comes to
purchasing a car if you’ve been following our videos for any period of
time now you probably know that for years and years my wife and I drove a
1995 Ford Windstar we called it the green machine it saved us a lot of money
in the process but man that thing if finally it was time for it to go okay so
now let’s take a moment let’s talk about the process we use to purchase this new
vehicle and it’s well after doing it this way I will never buy a car ever
again any other way because buying a car online was like so so much easier we had
dealt with we had gone to different car Lots and test drove a few cars but
beyond that I will never walk straight into a dealership again if I want to buy
a car I will probably always do it online or over the phone just so you
guys know the tips I have to share with you today that might not work exactly
the same way for you you might get a better deal you might get a worse deal
but I think either way you’ll probably benefit from knowing these different
tactics or at least from hearing our story before you go buy a new or used
car all right let’s dive into the first tip number one
the first thing I want you guys to do is to go online in fact when you go online
go to cars comm I’m showing you the website right here and search the
vehicle you want and find it so the cars calm is a great resource because it will
pull vehicles within a certain mile radius of
of your choosing and so we what we did is we chose a 200-mile radius search for
the vehicle we want and voila we found the vehicle we wanted it was
the color we wanted everything so now all we needed to do was make a phone
call once we found the vehicle at the price we wanted because we had been
searching for the price for some time so we kind of knew what the average price
was of a rav4 in our area at that point we picked up the phone and we called the
salesman hi hi yeah so hi my name is Mike and I’m actually looking on your
website and I see that you have a rav4 that it’s a charcoal gray one is do you
still have that on the lot is there is there anything else I should know about
it I mean I looked at the vehicle history online I mean has it ever been
in an accident does it have any defects or flaws that would need to be addressed
all right so I see you have the car listed for right around 20,000 tell you
what would would you be would you guys be willing to take eighteen thousand
five hundred for the vehicle at that point the internet sales manager which
was really reasonable by the way it was very easy to talk to you he came back he
didn’t want to accept my offer of eighteen thousand five hundred he
countered back with an offer of nineteen thousand five hundred which basically
means he took five hundred dollars off the purchase price of the vehicle so my
next move was to find out what’s it gonna cost me okay so you’re saying
nineteen thousand five hundred is the best you can do at this point in time
what would that be in total out the door like if you include your sales taxes on
that if you include like license and registration all that kind of stuff what
would the total cost be for the vehicle out the door so after you’re asking for
the total cost of vehicle the internet sales manager responds basically saying
that the car is gonna cost out the door with all the taxes and everything around
twenty two thousand dollars at that point right at that moment I say okay
well let me discuss it with my wife and how about I give you a call back after
after we’ve had a chance to talk and you know of course he says that he can only
hold the vehicle for one night so we have to be serious about a purchase and
I said okay okay I said let me talk to my wife and we’ll go from there at that
point he also gives me his cell phone number he says hey if you for whatever
reason you can’t get ahold of me through the main line here here’s my cell phone
number you can come eunuch ate with me via text and that was
turned out to be extremely helpful because then I we had the time to read
his response and respond to it the way we wanted to respond to each of his text
messages moving forward so if you’re in the situation like this try to get the
cell phone number or email of the internet sales manager you’re trying to
work with to purchase the vehicle you’re trying to purchase it makes
communication way easier than trying to be on a live phone conversation with
them and then the negotiation process is just so much simpler and less stressful
up for that so my wife and I talked it over and me being a moron
me being the dumb dumb I had not transferred my money because that we
were planning to pay cash for this car in which we ended up doing paint cash
but I had not transferred the money from our online savings to our checking
account yet and so there was no way I had the cash available to buy this car
and there was no way we were gonna do a vehicle loan on the car either so when
my wife found out I didn’t even have the funds available she was ticked and for a
while I got the silent treatment let’s be honest all of you probably know what
the silent treatment is it’s no fun we would have almost bought the car for
that price but it’s a good thing that my air and not transferring money it
actually worked in our favor I end up calling back the sales manager and
telling him hey look thank you for talking to us and thank you for letting
us know what the details of the spiegel but unfortunately our funds aren’t quite
ready yet so I don’t think there’s any way we can come down there tonight and
buy the vehicle I said we’ll have to get our funds together and then maybe if the
car is still around if it’s still in the lot and I’ve got a week or so from now
maybe we’ll reconsider it at that point so that was communicated all via text
message and at that point I set my phone down I walk away my wife being kind of
angry with me I decided probably be a good time for me to go outside so I go
outside and wash our existing carts so during this time apparently the sales
manager had been texting me and so after I come back in from Washington my car I
realized he had left me a couple text messages the first one said hey don’t
worry if you don’t have cash tonight we can hold a personal check
I was like oh nice okay so not having the money really isn’t an issue and
second thing he texted me is what price would you need the vehicle to be in
order to get you in the door tonight and once I solved that text message I I got
kind of excited so I talked it over with my wife I said hey look I know you’re
mad at me about the money but guess what they can hold the personal check for us
and two he wants to know what price we would accept to go to the dealership
tonight and so we text them back we said hey
thank you very much to let us know about the check we’re really looking to spend
only right around twenty thousand dollars hold off the door prices we’re
looking to spin right around twenty thousand dollars so he counters back and
he says twenty thousand six fifty and so he came down from about twenty-two
thousand to twenty thousand six fifty which was a pretty significant price
drop at that point I called him back up great well I know you so you’ve offered
this very nice offer and I appreciate it at twenty thousand six fifty tell you
what if you can give us the price of twenty thousand five hundred we will be
on our way right now to pay to buy the vehicle because that is right around the
price we’re looking to spend so we got the phone with him and we’re kind of
excited and we’re a little nervous too because we were about to go have dinner
but instead now we might be skipping dinner altogether and going straight for
a drive about an hour half away from where we live to buy this twenty
thousand dollar vehicle so if I thought about it it’s like I’m spending twenty
thousand dollars and like what five minutes so he texts back and says hey
look you know I think we can get you down the twenty thousand five hundred so
what do you need to be here so if you’ll come tonight I think we can get you that
price so long story short we end up driving to that auto dealership and we
meet the guy extremely a reasonable guy very nice guy and he didn’t give us the
twenty thousand five hundred dollar price but he was so we ended up getting
it for around twenty thousand six fifty however he gave us more value for a
trade-in of the 95 Ford Windstar than we expected
it ended up reducing the total cost for our vehicle purchase to twenty thousand
eighty eight dollars now my goal was to spend right around twenty thousand so we
were super close to that and super happy so bottom line guys
is it really works out – from my experience and my sister-in-law did this
as well is – if you’re patient if if you have time have the time to research
vehicles online and see what’s out there at these different dealerships you can
just do all the negotiation and the entire transaction basically over the
phone so that when you walk in that dealership you know what you’re gonna
pay out the door with no other negotiation needed and you don’t even
have to leave your house and that’s what’s wonderful about it these are just
some tips I wanted to share with you guys and besides this beams excited
about buying this new vehicle finally have a new vehicle
I had no longer had the oldest car in the parking lot at work and the car runs
great I love it and best of all we paid cash no car payment nothing it is ours
and second best of all my insurance only went up 18 bucks a month thank God
anyways guys I hope you found these tips helpful I would love to hear in that
comment section down below in fact doing right now please is let me know what
negotiation tactics have worked well for you over the years when you’re going to
buy a vehicle either at a dealership I use car lot wherever let us know please
let the viewers know what has worked for you I’d love to hear your stories
alright guys thank you so much for hanging out with me here again on
YouTube I really love talking to you guys and it means so much to me when you
leave a comment so please drop a comment down below if you like the video please
let me know by hitting that like button share this information with a friend
especially somebody who’s about to purchase a new car or or who you know
who will be buying a new car soon I think these tips will help them out
every single week on this channel I make videos that cover finances investing
taxes and so much more so be sure to subscribe if you have not already and
with that being said it was awesome hanging out with you guys once again as
it always is so I will see you all next week bye guys peace live life on cage

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24 thoughts on “4 Basic Negotiation Tips For Buying a Used Car Online (The Easiest Way to Negotiate a Car Deal)

  1. Thanks for watching everybody. I hope you enjoyed these easy and practical negotiation tips. My sister in-law actually taught me how to do this so I have to give her some major props. Thanks Jen!

    I forgot to mention in the video that sometimes it will save you quite a bit of money if you are willing to drive a few hours outside of the area you live to pick up the car. We would have paid about $3,000 more for the vehicle if we would have purchased in the area we live.

    We love our Rav 4! It is a blast to drive. Sadly, i no longer hold the record for having the oldest vehicle in the parking lot at work 😫

  2. I can't help but laugh at how many different pictures of "couples" I used to represent my wife and I during the video. 😂😂 Gentlemen make sure you avoid the silent treatment at all costs. It is deadly.

  3. So, Mike, you were comfortable on agreeing to a purchase price on a used car you didn't test drive? I don't know if I could do that. With that said, your way of purchasing a car I test drove earlier would be the BOMB though for sure!! Love it.

  4. It was better that you didn't have your money all together ,because you would have missed out on a perfect deal. I went to a furniture store and my wife purchase living room, set dining room set, bedroom set with the box spring and mattress, total $16,000 with Finance. I told the salesman no, I want to pay for it all in cash, I wind up only paying $7,000 for everything she wanted.

  5. I wonder if you really saved that much money over a new one which is comparably equipped. At 2015 model year, it could very well be out of the bumper to bumper warranty or it could certified used car. Prices of Toyota with 24k miles around that year sold at any dealership tend to be so high that you have to think about getting a new vehicle and getting 3 years bumper to bumper warranty and and 5 year power train warranty backed by the manufacturer. The advantage of buying new is that it is even easier to negotiate the price because you can just get bids from multiple dealers in your area and ask for an out the door price. WIth used cars, that's impossible because each car is different. With a new car–you ask for the exact option and color–there's no difference from one new car to the other–in fact, the dealers trade their new cars so you literally can end up with the exact same car from dealer A to Dealer B. If you have time, you can ask for a factory order if the particular combination of option is not at any dealer lot at the moment. By not ending up with options you don't care to have, the cost of new car tend to go down a bit further. Start with carsdirect to get a no dicker price on a new car, then either get bids directly from the dealer or hire a non profit negotiator through carbargains if you rather not fend off phone calls from multiple dealers. Watch out for the Finance and Insurance guy whom will try to sell extended warranty and service contracts as if you had to buy it when you drive the new car off the lot–actually you generally have until the manufacturer warranty expires before you buy extended warranty. Pretty much everything the F&I guy will sell is over priced. These contracts can be bought by negotiating multiple dealers and in the case of Toyota, you can buy it clear country from a dealer that is not even close to you because the contract works at any Toyota dealership.'s forum can give you some tips on where to buy them as well as site.

  6. Mike, good pointers on negotiating! I was shopping for a used car several months ago and also learned a few things.
    1. Be careful with advertised prices, dealers could have a hidden fee- sometimes called a dealer prep fee which could be substantial, 1000 or more, the point is to get you in the door.
    2. Yes, good point, ask about the total price out the door, most dealers want to negotiate on a monthly payment if you are financing so that you do not focus on the actual price.
    3. If you need to finance, the dealer will generally charge a higher interest rate then you would get at a bank or credit union.
    4. Don't go for the extras that dealers try to sell you like tire insurance and the like, these only increase the dealer's profit.
    5. Walk around the car while it is running, that's how I noticed that the vehicle was blowing white smoke after a recent test drive.
    6. Edmunds is a good site where you can read reviews from owners of vehicles that you are considering.

  7. This is pathetic but i'll say it. I'm 40 no wife, kids, or debt. Live in at home with my parents with 100k to my name. I drive a toyota yaris 2009 with 182k. I work with people with disabilities ( never finished college ) ex-ganja smoker now. I like the Subaru Legacy new is 20k with 0% financing the models a few yrs older with 30k miles are like 5k cheaper. Wouldnt it make sense to just buy new? Or should i keep driving the piece of shit? The passenger door doesnt open from the outside ( deer jumped into it). Im either thinking, just keep the piece of shit and get a duplex or 3 unit so i basically have no expenses for a while or get the subaru and a single family home and "look like i have my shit together " for a few yrs while i finish school or work more hours. HELP !!! One more thing is a commercial home that i could use to do a food delivery service.

  8. This is so simple yet so helpful! Idk why I thought driving to a dealership is a good idea. Just negotiate on the phone! Its easier to walk away or hang up if you dont get the price you want 😛

  9. Sounds great and I’m glad that it’s all worked out well for you! I think it would be prudent to agree a price subject to an inspection and test drive though.

  10. Good advice but I would need to…
    test drive it.
    Look at the engine.
    Check tires
    Stains or scuffs/scratches
    Find small flaws to reduce that last price.

  11. I completely understand your video. Clearly I understand it.
    But I have a huge problem, And that is, I have a mental block that is this.
    Let's say I ask the salesperson to give me the lowest total amount it would cost to drive the car away and they return with a $20k price and I know for a fact the car should be no more than $17k total. I will say No and thats it, I am all in with no chance of back and forth numbers, so basically I am 1 and done. Then the salesperson will say something like, Let me see if I can get you a better price. Again I will say NO because I originally asked the question of what is the lowest price I can drive away.
    So in a nutshell I ask and then they tell me a price which isn't the lowest that I originally asked for. So I don't have any trust whatsoever in any words they may say, I have no reason to believe the next price either.
    Help me understand when do they actually tell the truth.
    Big Thanks.

  12. I can not even fathom this bullshit. Dealership wants 20k. 22k after fees. Settles on 20k…. they fucked you so hard. They make you think you are saving but that’s why they have the fees…. you should have walked away with the car at 17k out the door not a penny more.

  13. Thanks for telling this story. But I wonder if the agreed 20500 out the door should have sticked. Otherwise it a bait and switch. I will give this a try but I will insist the agreed price and just walk out if it changes on arrival. Also I would ask for a detail breakdown to ensure there no fake "fees" applied.

  14. Some good advice there, I would add don't just get caught up on price and forget what you're buying 😉 – It's better to buy the right car to suit your needs and wants that's in good condition at a higher price than buy the wrong type of car or 🍋 at a lower price.

  15. Are there professional car buyers that help people negotiate on a new or used car? I would appreciate any input. Thanks.

  16. It works. I did just this a few weeks ago.I looked at a car and test-drove then went home. I waited a day then started my negotiating. Had it down 10-12% under there asking price.

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