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4 Amphibious Car – Cars That Can Float On Water

4 Amphibious Car – Cars That Can Float On Water

Most cars are designed to be driven on land. However, with the current innovation and technology,
some cars have sophisticated features that make them ride comfortably both in land and
water. Although just to be honest, you don’t need
to cross a stream every day in your car. So, most of the amphibious cars are just designed
for sporting activities as well as for fun. So in this video, we’ve listed some of the
cars that can navigate water bodies with ease. These cars will make anybody who has been
stranded in water with his or her car escape effortlessly. the following are some of the best cars that
can float on water. 1. Rinspeed Splash The Rinspeed Splash features a hydrofoil design
and has a speed of 200 km/h on land. It is fitted with a 750 cc turbocharged engine
that provides 140 hp after burning natural gas. Surprisingly, it weighs just 825 kgs and can
accelerate by 100 km/h using just 5.9 seconds. Apart from featuring in 2004 Geneva Motor
Show, Rinspeed Splash has also appeared in Top Gear TV show. In 2006, it set a record for being the fastest
amphibious car to cross the English Channel using 3 and a quarter hours only. Without a doubt, Rinspeed Splash is one of
the best cars that can float on water. 2. WaterCar Panther Based in California, the Panther was released
in 2013. It was the first commercial vehicle to be
released by WaterCar Company. When it comes to speed, the Panther can reach
a maximum speed of 130 km/h and 72km/h on land and water respectively. WaterCar has manufactured 27 hydrofoil cars
making the company one of the most renowned amphibious vehicle industries. The Panther once appeared in Guinness Book
of Record as the fastest hydrofoil car. 3. Sea Lion Being among 25 vehicles contesting for the
fastest cars that can float on water, Sea Lion is truly exceptional. It can move at a speed of up to 125 mph and
60mph on road and water respectively. This means it can beat many yachts and boats
as far as speed is concerned. The amphibious car is built with stainless
steel and brushed aluminum to offer it maximum protection on the water surface. The car has a Mazda rotary engine of 174hp,
making it an ideal sports car both on land and water. 4. Hydra Spyder Manufactured in 2006, the Hydra Spyder is
alleged to be unsinkable in all water bodies due to its sophisticated flotation foam. It can accommodate four people and standard
models come with a 500 hp engine, making it strong enough when navigating waters. You can easily change from land mode to water
mode by simply pressing a button on its dashboard. The wheels will then retract from the ground
surface into the car’s body. As a result, the engine will automatically
swap for water mode.

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