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$3000 Turbo Car Challenge – Moog’s Car

$3000 Turbo Car Challenge – Moog’s Car

In this episode of Mighty Car Mods we are
going to check out this guy’s car which I can pretty much guarantee will have
nothing on my mad Evo. When you got $3000 in Australia Martin, and you want to buy a car with it that’s turbo and manual there ain’t a whole lot of choices But occasionally you look down and sitting right there at your feet is a nugget Isn’t it, just a big brown nugget but in it thats not corn, it’s gold isn’t it Martin and when you pull that apart and you look at that gold and you stretch it out and you realise you can wrap yourself in it and then look through it’s glistening face what’s on the other side of it is a
world of untold fortunes, discovery and magic and that is exactly what happened
when I found this car so in this episode I’m going to introduce you to the car that is going
to annihilate. Annihilate, decimate, what’s the word when you poo? Desecrate? desa defecate it’s going to my car’s going to defecate all over Marty’s car. That’s basically whats going on so here it is ladies and gentleman I
introduce to you his lack of vocabulary the defecator Hello Martin, Hello Mate How you going mate I’m good, that looks exciting, what’s going on there? how weird is Australian money Currency you know Australia money they made it like this way because its unbreakable like you can’t rip it Did you just rip it? Na, na I didn’t And look at this Martin, I’ll show you what else you can do. It’s waterproof and unbreakable. but Martin. there is holograms on it Oh no sorry I got distracted by how nice that thing is behind you. there is a see through thing on it. so that’s Aussie wet money Umm but Martin. The budget challenge continues Of course last time we saw your umm he is going to be wondering why his money is wet. Ahh last time we saw your incredible 2SEXY Evo how’s it going mate? it’s the Mitsubishi Evo stancer Is it, oh the stancer Yea Yea, it’s a stancer someone called it a stancer the other day and I’m like that’s brilliant, I’m borrowing that at the lights the TRD Evo how much was it again $2700 have a guess how much I’ve got here Martin 3… 3 grand? No, less $2700? $2700 No, Really? Yes. So I have brought a car also sight unseen off the internet It’s been driven 10 hours umm from way way up north
it’s $2,700 With Rego? with rego for six months That’s pretty good, that’s worth like $700 by its self. So, I could tell you a few things about the car if you want Martin No Ok I don’t want to know Alright. Well umm, can you give me a ride to Maccas Yea. Is that where you’re getting it from. Yea Isn’t that where you buy Isn’t that where you buy and sell cars from, from Maccas? Sure Need that RTA form, computer, monies Let’s go buy a car make sure you check the dude’s ID That will dominate all Evos Awesome man Turbo No, no, not your car – mine. Turbo Manual Registered And running by the sounds of it, I don’t if my Stancer would make it Two Door Yea see, thats the good thing. When you buy a car and they have to drive it 10 hours then you know it actually works Unless their mate just tipped them off the back of a tow truck. remember when I bought my GTI-R That sucked. He drove it to me and said “Yea, Yea the cars totally fine. And then we got about 2 kilometres before it just blew up Overheated. That sucked Man, let’s go Yea let’s go man Ohh, Sorry I’m a bit distracted by how I actually do gotta meet him in like 10 minutes Oh, OK , alright because he had to drive a long way to get here there is
some saving grace in that I’ve literally only seen a photo of that big on the
Internet haven’t seen interior photos haven’t
seen any details about all I know is it’s registered, turbo and manual and there it is Wow Wow Thanks Darren This is Darren I’ve just purchased his car He drove down from. Where did you drive down from? Ahh, Byron, Byron bay Byron Bay, wow! Yes How long did it take you to get down here? 11 hours 11 hours And a seedy hotel Wow What, you’d be used to seedy hotels in Byron bay I’ve got some crazy stories about Byron Bay actually It’s probably for another time Umm, but thanks for driving all this way thanks for the mad car it’s just there sitting right there I’m very excited never owned one never driven one don’t
know anything about it and now you’re getting a bus back to the airport that’s
me bus and planes now also thanks man and the car works Beautifully It’s going to start and drive? for days and days Is the car going to be faster than a turbo Lancer? What year? 2000 Just front wheel drive? Yes. She should be close Close She’ll do her best. Now does it do burnouts? Yes, yes it does. In second even really Yea yea, first to second Wow Now apparently its zero to 100 in eight seconds from the
factory. Is that correct? some horses may have fled the paddock Wow, OK but it’s got a new turbo, so New turbo? Yea yea. Now I do understand how much money do you spend on this
car so far? I’ve put nearly 8 grand into this thing 8. 8 thousand dollars You won’t even notice where it goes. Wow but it’s in there but the turbo alone was 1000 bucks Yea And when was that changed? Ummm Less than 6 months ago. 6 months ago. Wow Yea So Marty’s Lancer is going to get thrashed thats what’s going to happen and Darren give me the key, and see you later Ahh yes there it is. So he is on his way with his car It’s just ahh I just wanted to take a moment to say it doesn’t
matter what he brings nothing will ever chop the Mitsubishi Evo Stancer It just, how could it It’s turbo it’s just heavily… a heavily modified vehicle
that’s what it is like to see a modified vehicle somewhere you go to a car show
you got to like, Autosalon or something is what you gonna see that is what a
modified Mitsubishi Lancer Stancer Evo should be *tyre chirps* Whaaat?! Awwww yess, no you didn’t That’s awesome! you bought an old Saab That’s what i’m talking about dude You’re gonna to get chopped hard, but that is so cool man that is what I’m talking about Martin that is so cool I’ll just turn the key off that is down here in the middle I legitimately looked up these cars the other day The goosebumps are real I looked up these cars the other day cause I saw how cool they were This is a Saab 900 Turbo 16 valve, an
iconic European performance vehicle that features numerous design elements taken
from Saab’s extensive experience with aircraft With a 2L intercooled turbocharged engine
the Saab 900 turbo is capable of reaching speeds of well over 200 kilometers an
hour Ahh I brought it from Byron Bay which is like the hippie marijuana capital of Australia The furthest, I think one of the furthest east most points of the country. Ahh a guy called Darren, he’s a bee keeper, but he plays with lathes for fun Umm so this is a 1993 Saab 900 Turbo 16 valve I’m just going to stop you right there I love it Ohh, do ya? I love it so much Thank you Martin. That colour, anyway sorry I interrupted go on tell me more. Umm, so, umm He is fastidious like he’s absolutely fastidious I can tell it’s been waxed dude He cleaned it before it got here Umm this it the bit that might frighten you Martin Actually I’ll tell you that bit later Let me show you some of the really awesome things inside because there is some really really cool things one of, one of the really rad things is right so normally when you park your car you lock your steering wheel for security right Yea? There is no key So how do you lock your steering wheel Ahh with a bit of wood? Naa, you can’t so instead the car when you turn it off the car goes into reverse and the key
won’t come out until it’s in reverse then you click again and pull the key out, the car is now locked in reverse Ohh, Thats cleaver. so you can move the steering wheel but
your cars in reverse, no matter what. which is pretty cool. ABS, heated seats,
air conditioning, stereo The paint is perfect dude 5 speed manual and look at this big chunkyness, now I’m gonna put the bonnet for you Martin It couldn’t be more different than
mine I know You’ve been dropping all these weird hints I thought you were gonna rock up in a starlet or a mirage or something kinda weird like that Now Martin, I’ll just pop the bonnet for ya mate You just stay there Martin Ahh, so good You ready? Yep. No. Ahahahaha What the hell is that? So in here, ahh 2L turbo charged, 16 valve Ahh, new Garrett turbo, just installed. Umm, it’s had $8000 spend on it so far by it’s owner Umm Intercooled, turbo, fully serviced Wait, I’m going to sound like an absolute newbie, but I know nothing about these cars Yes? That motor is going that way Yep, so the motor is facing backwards, then chain drives down and then reverses and goes back the other way via a chain or something. Is it front or rear wheel drive? Uhh, front. Yea, I know cause thats Except that’s backwards And then it, it it it it goes via a chain and kinda diferential I don’t understand Just because Sweden but it’s backwards This is Sweden right? Ahh yea. some really cleaver things though Marty. like if you if you undo these two bolts here and here that whole thing comes off so I can work on the car eaiser right. Undo these two and drop that out the whole of the front of the card is comes off so you can work on the engine like it’s really smart it’s really cool. So it is two door, look at the fuse box like it;s just everything is really clear
everything you need to know right there even the wiring, even what they wrap the wiring in is that high quality cloth tape it’s just quality man. This is an expensive car back in the day. Very expensive car Now in the boot. I love the paint man, I can’t believe how neat it is You ready for the size, because this blew me away Oh what. Flat pack and the rear seat goes up and down making that completely flat aswell Look at the condition it’s huge man I’m freaking out over the
condition $2700 Martin It’s so neat Let me tell you abit more about the owner and how much of a legend he is. I’ve spent like a total of three minutes with him He just goes “I’ve also just packed for ya a couple of spares” In here we have Another cv joint, it doesn’t even need it done but he needed to do one so he bought two and then left it in there for me in case I need it Oh man, I love car owners like that All of the things the car needs are in here umm in case we need them. Spare parts, documentation, original Saab Toolkit. And look how smart they are, they know that’s going to sit like that so this here I expected it just to fall but no, it is just sitting on a thing like that so you can use that as a tool case, which is awesome this is just unreal and the question
everyone wants to know “is it slow?” from the factory zero to 100 in eight seconds that’s fast, that’s like Golf GTI Isn’t like a corolla like 10 seconds? Yea but it’s heavy too right? Garrett turbos, awesome turbos, plural, but no. Just one In here Martin, how about a complete service history for the last 15 years is that how long he has owned it for? Ahh, no but it was owned by a friend of his Ohh cool and he’s got the whole thing and so he has the whole thing all properly done so much money had been spent on from here he’s owned it for 2 years and in that time he’s spent $8000 on it so why can you only get them for like, why is it $2700 because Saab as a company don’t exist anymore it’s like
it’s not relevant people are not interested in They got brought by GM But I’ve always been interested in them. Never driven one don’t know anything about them everything I’m telling you I learned in the last five minutes before the owner had to hop on a bus and leave Um so there is Martin and
it’s gonna chop your EVO hard isn’t it Do you want to go for a drive? Yea I do, I really really do I love it man I I’m like I’m having like a
nasty thoughts Martin about I’m having two nasty thoughts, one thing just going keep it it’s nice and whatever and the other one is telling me what I’m
actually going to do to it and i said to the owner I said if you want to keep it stock then just don’t sell it to me like if you if it’s going to upset you
cause some people have that feeling and I feel a little bit of
sympathy about what I’m gonna do it or what we gonna put it through and i also have to remember he’s had it for sale for months I think he said 8 months. No one wants it, no one was interested he had people waste his time so I said look I’ll take I’ll give it a life or a death go out with a bang Umm but, umm dude, you got a neat one though. How good is it buying neat cars this is the opposite of my EVO. I mean my EVO is still going to chop you but it’s the opposite experience of my EVO which is just grot this is just nice you know what this is Martin, Ill tell you what it is its Saabstantial Are you ready to feel the Saabstantial Power Do it, do it Revs nicely doesn’t it feels good hey It’s really like really smooth and refined feels like, revs like sake doesn’t it Smooth on the I just remember being really smashed of sake you wouldn’t remember much I reckon back in the day I may not know the actual figures – there is a Golf GTI next to us – I reckon back in the early nineties I reckon these would have pumped Golf GTIs. What do you reckon? well this was considered a fast car like you go back a long time ago back 25 years or something Yea Umm that wouldn’t be slow. What I think is incredible is it’s so quiet exactly and 400,000 Km
400,000Km I wouldn’t believe that. If I couldn’t see that I’d say it had 150 – 200. Like there are some things like wear and tear like roof lining and stuff but overall. Yea and mean I think everything works your electric window works my electric window works It’s your toolbox falling out Saab – “S double A B” – is like Saab aerospace in Swedish. How do you know all this? Dude, I love Saabs Do ya? Ahh, not really the legacy of expensive cars alot of people say I hate Mercedies or BMWs all
these different things I think we have to remember that the R&D that those companies put in they float down down to all the other brands like airbags, like seat belts, I mean these things were not invented by Toyota. it’s like that night I came from someone else that were premium items eventually dribble their way down to all these other cars They are building to a price point, it’s the same as this it wouldn’t have been cheap No way, I mean i don’t know the original price, I’m sure someone out there would but when you getting a car that’s turbo, intercooled, air conditioning, ABS, heated seats like it’s a premium vehicle I think this was
actually kind of Saab’s heyday in a way, like these were really really popular I remember as a kid seeing them everywhere. I mean I guess they have died out You every been in one or driven one? No never been in one It’s not slow when you look on the internet for turbo cars under $3000 that are manual see the fan speed doesn’t control the fan How do you do just face That but that doesn’t make any difference
you control it with this Oh that’s nice, that’s really nice I don’t understand it Um but yea when you do a search online for turbo manual cars for under $3000 not much comes up It’s one of those things I think now not many people are into them and by not many people I’m talking relative to if you’re into Skylines or Minis or Bugs or any of those cool cars Front wheel drive, imagine if this was rear wheel drive Oh they would be all over the place But it’s hard to get parts in Australia – you have to get them from ebay or you have to get them from overseas there’s a place down in Melbourne that supplies parts for them it’s not easy but also the people that are really really into them and those
three guys have a bit of a monopoly on parts which is probably why this one’s so tidy cause if you’re gonna be into a car that much like, you’re gonna look after it aren’t you? Yeah, that’s right. I mean, it’s one of those things as well you gotta be resourceful, you gotta learn how to fix it yourself and, um, for me, my thing again as usual you know, is I’ve had a mild interest in them and the thing is, it’s so cheap to give people an understanding of, you know, what this is I think, you know, in Australia average wage is what, $700 a week or something like that? Thereabouts. So, you know, save up for a month and you could get one! It’s kind of, you know, they’re cheap – for what they are. But then they’re expensive cause I’m sure upkeep and keeping them running is gonna cost a lot. What I think is hilarious about all this you bought the car I thought I would buy and I bought the car I thought you would buy? Yeah, isn’t that funny? Like, you know what I mean? I was like, I coulda gone on something like this something weird and obscure and like, really nice. But instead I went the complete other direction and got something I’d never buy. Which is good. I’m really happy about it . Well, I also got something that, in a way, I would never buy. Like if we weren’t doing this challenge there’s no way I would’ve bought this. Thing is, I’ll go faster cause everyone I drive past just like, loses their mind and just falls off. Oh wow. Men and women. Everyone I drive past they’re just “OH LOOK!” and there’s just undies flying everywhere. Sex spec man. That’s true. I may win the race but you will definitely get more offers of sex. Isn’t that why you build a sex spec car? I don’t know why they do it. I’m sure they call it sex spec for a reason. I remember at Autosalon a few years ago someone had done a sex spec Hiace van and the inside of it they’d turned into a strip club including a pole. Do you remember that one? I do. We now have the battle of the turbo sex spec Lancer versus Saab 900 Turbo. Like, literally an old man – like a dentist’s car. What a battle. Isn’t that awesome? And, honest, if mine works, like if I actually make mine work cause currently I don’t think it works. Like, it drops its guts and stuff. If I can get just to the point where it works again I think they’ll be – it’ll be very interesting. Very, very evenly matched. So I might have to fix my car. So there it is. That is the mighty Saab. The dominator. The defecator. It is a race car. It has pure European JDM cred. And it is going to destroy Marty: that is the definition of nugget.
Moog: my man’s Evo right here. Marty: and not a nice nugget, a gold nugget
Moog: Oh good. Nuggets are awesome. Marty: that you find in a river, or dig up from the ground.
Moog: we love nuggets. Marty: it’s just an old
Moog: so you’re basically gonna get a thing that’s held together with tek screws Marty: dentist’s
Moog: that doesn’t even work, versus something that is engineered Marty: weirdo car.
Moog: by companies that make jets. Moog: that’s what’s gonna happen Marty: They don’t… they
Moog: ladies and gentleman. You’re gonna have a Marty: failed
Moog: fridge on the ground versus a jet in the sky. Marty: They failed so hard that they
Moog: What would you rather ride on? Marty: that they don’t even exist.
Moog: do you wanna ride on logs or flyup there? Marty: They don’t even exist any more, you can’t even buy one.
Moog: With a couple of nice hostesses, and a good pilot. Marty: How many Mitsubishis can you go and buy these days?
Moog: and off you go. Moog: We could stop talking over each other if you want to listen to me? Marty: I don’t wanna listen to you at all? Marty: I don’t wanna look at your crap, ugly car either.
Moog: So… so there it is. Moog: So there it is, it’s gonna be a Saab vs. an Evo. Isn’t it? Marty: Not really, it’s not a real Evo. Marty: and it’s not a real good car.
Moog: It’s the Saab vs. the Lancer Moog: and the Lancer will get dominated of course Marty: Nah. It won’t. Power to weight,
Moog: Next episode we begin the mods. Marty: JDM, turbo.
Moog: and, um, with minimal budgets for modifications Moog: we’ll pull together what we can find around the place Moog: And there it is, thank you for watching. Moog: It gets real next episode. Martin, thank you very much, your car sucks arse man. Moog: But you’re still a nice guy, I still like you anyway. Marty: Can we go out right now and buy a Saab? Moog: … yeah I just did it. Marty: Can you…
Moog: I just bought one? Marty: can you go buy a brand new Saab?
Moog: You don’t need to. Marty: Ohh, you can’t go and buy a brand new Saab because they went out of business because they’re rubbish. Marty: I’m just going to go to the Mitsubishi dealership
Moog: Nah. Nah nah, it’s cool. Marty: I’m just going to grab myself a new Mitsubishi.
Moog: Have fun with that man. Moog: Yep. Have fun with your fridge. And I’ll be flying in the sky with all the beautiful ladies.

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100 thoughts on “$3000 Turbo Car Challenge – Moog’s Car

  1. I was pretty impressed with the Saab, never been in one, not Just how nice it was but how much thought went into building, like that took box in the spare compartment was awesome

  2. Ahhhh Saab!!! That is a timeless beauty. Please be gentle to her. I love Saabs. Wife and I have 3 and I want more Saabs. Hehe. You just be came cooler but will see what you do to her if you remain cool. Mmmmsexy

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  4. i grw up in the back seat of a 1993 Saab 900 turbo now I drive a 1977 Saab 99. I think the one my mom had was that color even. and I remember that arm rest in the back seat

  5. Damn! My jaw still hurts from hitting the floor so hard when that Saab entered the room. I was so NOT expecting that. Big creds to Moog!

  6. As a swede, I can't really understand the excitement over a – 90s Saab 900. There are about 9million of those here in Sweden. I've owned 2 of them myself. Saab did more or less invent the modern car turbocharger. So i guess It's a fitting car for a turbocar challenge.

  7. Our canadian currency (currently 1 Canadian Dollar equals
    1.02 Australian Dollars) is also a polymer, water-proof, which is good if it goes through the wash with your clothes BUT not for the dryer!!
    Plasic + melting = a wrinkled mess worth $0

  8. Marty I don't know what you thinking you can't chop that wasabi 9000 turbo stop saying Evo it is a Mitsubishi Lancer

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    900 Turbo's are really sweet cars. Ugly AF tho :P.
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  13. Amazing engines here in England there is a big following of Saab converted vauxhalls. ARP head bolts Chicky turbo and a remap you have a 300bhp car.

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  15. My Chrysler 300m has a chain driven output from the engine just like this Saab. Longitudinal V6, but FWD. The power goes down before turning a corner to get to the wheels.

  16. Saab's are so underrated, I have had a few and just rebuilt my 9-5 engine 2.3 turbo, awesome cars for the price only paid $1200 NZD for it.

  17. Lol, The whole Saab Aerospace having affect on the car design was always just an advertising myth. They shared no engineering staff and really only share the name while being completely separate entities. They were never really "performance" cars I thought. The turbos are low pressure jobs designed for drivability rather than power numbers. Apparently they were 'the' Architect car so I don't know what they drive now.

  18. Idk if my dad should buy a Saab 2008 9-3 fully loaded but it’s rebuild title no one knows why tho we have a Saab low pressure 1999 9-5 se we trying to find a aero there is a 9-3 x but it is 8k and it no dealer it has to be cash so yuh

  19. You guys buy some cool cars, that was my era
    My first Turbo Car was a Renault Turbo 5 after my Geography teacher showed us his at school…
    Then went to Italy in the 1990's and brought home a Lancia Delta Integrale HF
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