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3 Cylinder Car Engines – Everything You Need to Know

3 Cylinder Car Engines – Everything You Need to Know

rev up your engines, today I’m starting a
new segment, every Thursday I’m going to answer one of the viewers questions, and
make an entire video on that question and today’s question comes from Charles
737, Charles says Scotty you talk about four-cylinder engines, six-cylinder
engines, and eight solar engines, what about three cylinder engines, well I
know an awful lot about three cylinder engines because I was eyes into
motorcycles, and when I was young in 1969 triumph came out with their Trident
which is the three cylinder motorcycle engine, which kind of revolutionized
things at least for the British, but within a year or so, Honda came out with a 750
four-cylinder engine and that blew away the triumph three cylinder 750, so it’s a
very short-lived amount of speed for triumph, but it’s kind of the end of the
line too, the company soon went bankrupt but decades later, triumph came back and
now 2018 they have the Triumph Speed Triple that’s a three cylinder engine, it
puts out 140 horsepower and for only driving on two wheels and a vehicle
that weighs maybe 500 pounds it’s a lot of power, now in car engines three
cylinder engines in the past got a really bad rap because they didn’t have
much power, the first really big one sold in the United States was the Geo Metro,
that had a three cylinder engine made by Suzuki that was 1.0 litre, but that
little Suzuki engine only put out fifty five horsepower, they could barely get
out of their own way, especially if they had an automatic transmission, and those
Metros they tended to shake at idle because the three cylinder engine isn’t
inherently all that well balanced least the old ones weren’t, but if you’re
talking about modern three cylinder engines, like this Ford EcoSport, it’s got
a three cylinder engine but guess how much horsepower it puts out, and we’re
sitting here in drive and this thing idles really smooth it’s not shaking, you can
see on the tach it’s not wavering the engines not shaking I don’t feel any
vibration in the steering wheel, with modern advancements in metallurgy,
engine design, fuel injection designed these modern 1.0 three cylinder engines
are far cry from that little 55 horsepower washing machine that the Geo Metro’s had in them, now this one that Ford has you can see it’s got three cylinders, one,
two, three, but it also has gasoline direct injection, which makes it have the
most power and burn fuel the most efficiently, plus it has a very advanced
turbocharged system, here’s the intercooler here to cool the air so it
works more efficiently, so it can put out horsepower when you need it, but when you
don’t and the turbo doesn’t kick in, you get a lot better gas mileage, now you
might think hey what do Americans know about three cylinder engines they’re
never that popular here, well check out this Ford three cylinder
engine, as you can see right here, it’s it’s made in Craiova engine plant which is
in Romania, Europeans have been into three cylinder engines for quite some
times, so that thing comes from Europe they need gas savings and they need power,
they’ve been messing with that stuff for a long time so this isn’t just some brand
new thing that Ford came up, with they took an already existing technology and
made it better, with a smaller engine you can fit it into a smaller space, so the
vehicles gonna weigh less, and you’re gonna get better gas mileage and much
better handling, because the less an engine weighs, the less weight it has to
pull itself, as such a three-cylinder engine is fighting against the law of
diminished returns, if you keep making engines bigger they weigh more, then they
need more power to pull themselves, and since this is the Thursday segment where
I answer a viewers question, place your own question on the YouTube comments
below, and I’ll pick the best ones to make a single video to answer your
questions, and where else can you find a guy with 50 years experience of fixing
cars to answer your own question with a video, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. SCOTTY what are your thoughts about one automatic Transmission (like Aisin) being used on several auto brands? Do they work better on a specific type of engine or is all the same?

  3. Is it ok to drive a long non-stop road trip if my engine has a low oil capacity? (4 quarts) Will the oil break down prematurely?

  4. I used to work for Westinghouse Security Systems 30 years ago and our first company vehicles were Geo Metros. We called them the 3 cylinder beer cans of death. You had to get the car up to 80 mph just to be doing 55 mph by the time you got to the top of the IH 45 bridge at Galveston. Thank goodness the next year they were replaced with Ford Rangers.

  5. I watch your videos all the time and you say Hyundai and Kia make bad products. But they have high reliability ratings online. Wouldn’t you say they are getting much better?

  6. The Hyundai i20 Move! has a great little turbocharged 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine that while only having around 100hp still performs well since the whole car while empty weighs just 1050kgs

  7. I'm still confused about changing fluids on a Toyota with 100k miles. Just got it and do I need to think about transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and rear differential on this 4×4 suv?

  8. Hi Scotty I buy a ecosport 1.5 gasoline engine in the Philippines it’s a 2017 model with a manual transmission is it a good buy?

  9. Tell us about 4,5 and 7 cylinder engines ,also what advice would you give to somone who wanted to be an industrialist

  10. Id like to know your opinion on a 98 Plymouth neon pros and cons i have an overheating problem and done just about everything but change the water pump ??? Please let me know

  11. I recently bought one .. Ford Ecosport with a 3 cylinder 1.5 lt naturally aspirated engine….which is assembled in chennai India

  12. 😄 Well my little 89,000 miles 5 speed manual trans 3 cyl 99 Chevy Metro gets 45/50 MPG's and I can tolerate a little shaking up for that fuel cost. And I changed the valve cover gasket and accessory belts with no problem whatsoever. And I am a woman 😻🦋😻 🚙~~~vrooooom vroooom vroooom!!

  13. Ford making cars:
    Step 1.) find a good engine somone else produced and mastered.
    Step 2. Make a sleek and simple enterior
    Step 3. Sell that car for a reasanoble price

    I personally own 2 ford fiesta 6 1.4TDCI that actually use Peugeot/Citroen 1.4 HDI endgine but with Bosch Diesel Injectors instead of Siemens thats found on citroen

    I am so happy to own these cars 5.2l while city driving and 4l on the open road

  14. What’s your opinion on newer fords? Wife was think about getting a new or one owner explorer. I had 3 mercs all new all junk.. lol 97-2003 I bought the new style cougar back in 02, had recall after recall.. then I bought 03 eclipse on 03, I beat that car to the ground had 124 k when I sold it.. car was solid never broke down or had any issue other then motor mounts kept breaking but like I mentioned I drive my cars hard.. now I got 2010 cts 80k on it. I’ve been having trouble with the lights staying on in the winter months then wake up to dead batter, maybe door latch? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated and seeing my really good friend from high school inherited his family business aka their own garage, unfortunately he died couple years back. I don’t let no one work on my cars I try to do as much as I can cs quite frankly I don’t trust no garage! Thanks for the videos, you have helped me out allot!

  15. Daihatsu charade had 3 cylinder already 30 years ago i drove that from miami to san francisco back in the day on $63 yes the ford idles smooth only because the idle rpm is at 1100 othervise it would shake the car apart

  16. No… really… these engines durability is totally garbage compared to 4+ cylinder engines. But well… every modern engine is made "eco" so they're not durable at all – made of garbage parts, everything is thiner so it can work more smoothly… but for shorter period of time. Don't hate engines – hate eco-constructors.

  17. Scotty, I never hear you talk about Electric cars. What is your opinion about them and do you think they are going to be the future of transportation anytime soon?

  18. nice video Scotty. is the 2015 1.0 focus a bad year? it was the first year only offered in manual. i bought it new and have over 60k on it.

  19. 12 more valves, 3 more cylinders, 2 more camshafts and liters, and 1 more cylinder head and turbocharger, it will be a nice all rounder engine that is fuel efficient and has plenty of power to vent your frustration with bad drivers.

  20. And in a different video, Scotty tells you they suck and not to buy one. They are throwaway engines, and the engine costs more than the car is worth.

  21. Late 70s i had a Wartburg 3cyl 2 stroke and when it started up there was smoke and the engine sounded like ping ping ping ,did 50 mpg because it was fitted with a free wheel gearbox doubled up as a semi auto use the clutch for 1st gear get moving then drop the revs and change to second gear the clutches lasted for tens of thousands miles ,then the EU biodegradable lead free non violent veganterian laws came in and that was the end of that
    But at least it did not tons of black plastic moldings all around it or the 20+ sensors you get today , and you could get to all aspects of the engine & transmission with ease and no special tools /equipment ! /UK

  22. !950s /60s Isetta the french one with the split single engine would be a good one to do as most Americans have never heard or seen that engine ! /UK

  23. I don't believe these complicated 3 cylinder, turbo/supercharged, gdi things can outlast a small basic naturally aspirated Japanese timing chain 4 cylinder from the mid 1990's. And mpg claims are exaggerated.

  24. Wow earlier you said 3cyl were terrible there gona wear out and don't buy one, now you sound in love with it. So what is it.

  25. I find it funny how the old Chevy 3 cylinder gets a bad rap. I owned a 85 Chevy Sprint with the 3 cylinder and a 5 speed. It was pretty peppy. Great MPG as well. My only slightly complaint was the rears we're pretty high geared and would put in 3rd if you weren't doing at least 35. Maybe that's the 50 hp at play there. But the acceleration wasn't that bad. Could bark the tires in second hear if you weren't paying attention. I did that once at a traffic light. Was down shifting for a red light. The light turned green before I got stopped so I stepped on it. Tires barked and my passenger couldn't believe that I was in 2nd lol. It wasn't the coolest thing on wheels but on the hwy it could hold it's own while saving lots of fuel. I kinda miss that little stinkbug looking thing

  26. but scotty the geo metros got 40 to 50 miles to the gallon, how do you explain how the newer 3 cylinders are better than the older ones cause the older one get better gas mileage than the newer ones do

  27. I really getting very low mileage 10.2 Avg. What could be an issue? But, the company says 18 Kmpl. I follow all the rules for better mileage. Please help me out.

  28. Hey Scotty i got toyota yaris petrol 3-cylinder 2009 70 hp what u think about cars did u got alot of problem because it is 3-cylinder engine ?

  29. Scotty great video as always. I keep telling people, 'you've gotta watch Scotty'. So what do you think of a 3 cylinder in a bigger Ford Escape? They put one in, saying 180 HP, but wondering if this is really going to be a good engine for the size. Would love your input. It may save me from buying it or put me at ease to buy it. Buying an SUV today can be a long journey and you still don't know what you'll get, right?

  30. Hello and, In Malaysia also quite famous with 3 cylinder engine from year 2000, along the way moved to 1.0 vvt ej-ve 2009-2014 then to current one 1.0 vvti kr-Ve(its actually I do know it is quite similar to engine 1.0 toyota aygo/Citroen C1). Here we called it Perodua Axia, weight for this car approx. 850kg.Different this engine is without EGR system.

  31. …again I had a 3-cylinder but it twas supposed to be a 6! 1976 Mustang II original engine was a 4 popper, anyway, had a 6 dropped in and all of the sudden the transmission blows up!, what? put a beefer trans in and wa-la, screech-n n 3rd!
    oh ya, that did-nt last as you al-ready knew, im too em-barrassed to tell you how I ruined the engine, but I was only 19; so ya know. … … . . ..forgive and forget or something. .. .. peace, thanks for the awesome CAR vijeos. you rock!

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