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3천만 원짜리 캠핑카를 직접 만들어버리는 남자┃Camping Car Worth 30M Won, Made By Hand!

3천만 원짜리 캠핑카를 직접 만들어버리는 남자┃Camping Car Worth 30M Won, Made By Hand!

Stunning Camping Car I guess y’all have dreamt of owning one automatic stairs=I made it automatic terrace=I made it EVERYTHING MADE BY ME Wow… for real??? I just envy him :’) A camping car driving along the beautiful coast of East Sea We’re staying here today Production Crew: Here?
(Yeah) A random tourist Woah… I made this by myself What?!!!! (his soul’s taken)
Can we take a look? Wow, it’s just like a house Going speechless… OMG It’s stunning. I just envy that you could actually do this Online Open House – Handmade Camping Car It’s stairs Just wait till it touches the ground… then! Tadahh stairs for ya Press a button then you see a terrace 😉 Your private café for bougie camping there’s more to show ya Guaranteed precious tea time!
(no sunshine/ rain/ snow) After setting a table, Perfect day to love you Time to go inside! I’m so excited! Specious and cozy interior Cypress-wood-made! I put sandwich panel, added 50mm of Styrofoam, and placed this cypress wood Spacious shower room! Production Crew: water pressure is powerful, too! both hot & cold water are available His wife’s favorite place
(Even fan’s available) A refrigerator Full of provisions! Production Crew: You got electricity here? I got a solar energy generator on the roof eco-friendly & cheap Solar energy generator! 1kW is produced 1kW is more than enough to run the whole parts of this camping car (Electric installation) (Heater) (water supply) (Battery for solar energy) Heater’s working well Wasn’t it expensive to make all of these? I spent about 12M won Finished product would be about 30 M won The key for the cost-effectiveness is… to make everything by own it’s not hard
(it’s fun) Then! What are you making? Barbeque grill I don’t understand his passion I don’t like the smell of welding But no one can stop him LOL His house’s electric work, heater, and interior were all done by him Finally Barbeque grill done! grill’s going up..? (she likes it despite the past nagging)
I like this part (This is the point)
It will prevent meat from getting burnt How did he start building his own camping car? He wasn’t satisfied with the tent He made his first camping car 9 years ago He upgraded the car as time goes They became happier as they travelled together They have new goal After closing my business I traveled countryside and noticed that only the elders live there Even when the electricity’s not working it’s hard for them to fix it I want to help them Production Crew: By riding that camping car? Sudden travel to the seaside If I feel like sea I drive (woah simple!) I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants this life In 2020, let’s live a healthy and happy life while travelling and helping ppl out Sure Hope your wish comes true

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100 thoughts on “3천만 원짜리 캠핑카를 직접 만들어버리는 남자┃Camping Car Worth 30M Won, Made By Hand!

  1. 난 저런거 만드는 사람이 부럽다…ㅈㄴ금손아니냐 난 똥손 오브 똥손이라 꿈도 못꾸는데ㅠㅠ

  2. 부럽습니다 다이아손이시네요 지금까지본 캠퍼중에 최고입니다ㆍ시제품보다 훨신좋네요 업자들은좀많이배워야할듯ㆍ

  3. 손재주도 좋으시고 시골에 노인분들 열악한 상황도 걱정하셔서 봉사 계획도 있으시구 너무 멋지시네요 짱 이십니다!!점점 나밖에 모르는 세상에서 정말 따듯해 지네요~~

  4. I totally could relate to that tourist.. I would totally envy and admire that camping car if I were there.. I would love to have one if I have money and time one day.. It would be really nice to travel with camping car either alone or with your love one

  5. 居心地良さが伝わりました😊

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