24 Hours in a GIANT RV!

24 Hours in a GIANT RV!

– Ah, I’ve been hit, ow. – It’s paper, mom. – All right guys, it’s that time. But, before we get all tucked into bed, Random dance party! (light rhythmic music) (crickets chirping) (lighthearted guitar music) – In today’s vlog, we’ve
spent 24 hours in a giant RV. But, before I get started,
subscribe to our channel and give us a big thumbs up! – Good morning Sodee family. We are going to be spending 24 hours in a giant RV today. Are you ready to spend 24 hours in here? Are you ready to get the kids awake? – I’m not sure (laughs) – It is so peaceful right here, and this bed is so comfortable. But, we need to get kids awake, because we have tons of
fun things planned for 24 hours in a giant RV! Yeah! Parker Parker, it’s time to wake up! Stephen, wake up, time to wake up. Girls. Jordyn, Taylor, Payton, time to wake up! – No. – We’ve got a giant RV
and 24 hours to spare. Let’s get to it! (upbeat techno music) Here’s your breakfast. Before we get ready for
the day and move on to some of the fun activities
that we have planned, we are going to be giving
you guys a little bit of an RV tour so you guys
can see where we are going to be spending our next 24 hours. This is where Steve and I
sit while we are driving to our awesome destination, either camping or the lake, or where else
can we go in this thing? (laughs) Where are we going? – Let’s go to Disneyland! – [Steven] Are we actually
going to Disneyland? – No. – We’re just spending 24 hours in the RV! Yay! – And it’s where Taylor,
Jordyn, and me sleep. – It has a TV up there! – My favorite part is that
I can put my glasses and my diary in this little cubby
and also my reading light. – Little couch. – This couch actually
makes out into a bed, but we haven’t needed it
because we have enough beds in this place for our entire family. But, there’s even more
room for people to sleep, which is really awesome
and Parker likes to sit on the couch and eat her breakfast and watch her favorite shows. What are you eating? – And this is my favorite
place, where I get fed. – And this is my favorite part, the full size fridge! That’s where the treats are. – Hey, hey, hey! – This RV is large enough
to fit a humongous fridge inside of it, and we need
that because we have so many people in our family, that a
tinier fridge just wouldn’t fit all the food that we
need when we go camping and go to all these cool places. – And we even have a fireplace, but it’s way too hot to
have a fireplace, anyway. – It’s summer, people. – But, having an RV like this
means that you can actually take it out when it’s cold
outside and be comfortable and warm, which I really enjoy
because I hate being cold. – Me too. – Parker and I share the bunk bed. And, I’ll show you guys a little secret. Look what I have in my bed. I get it ’cause I’m the oldest. – I have mommy’s phone. – [Narrator From Phone] Extruder
that Marshall drove up to. – All right, so the
kitchen has a microwave, and then tons of storage
to put all of our plates and our cups and everything that we need. – And we have a giant TV! ♪ The Phantom of the Opera is here ♪ – Guys, I still don’t
know why my kids love The Phantom of the Opera so much, but they love it, so
Phantom of the Opera is going in the front room. Parker’s watching something
on my phone in her bed, and Stephen is watching a cartoon in his. It’s insane. And, don’t forget about the
TV in the master bedroom. There’s these awesome
doors so that I can shut all of the noise out,
and I can just relax here on the comfiest bed I have
literally ever been on. Hi guys! So, I have my closet
right there that has all of mine and Steve’s clothes in it, and then we have these drawers right here where I put all of the
kids’ clothes in it. And, don’t forget about all
of the storage right above me. But, the craziest thing
about this giant RV is that there is two whole bathrooms in here! There’s a master bath
with a shower, a toilet, and guys, are you ready for this? A washer and a dryer. What! And, then this is the kids’ bathroom. – All right guys, that’s it for the tour. Now let’s get ready for the day. (upbeat music) – Blake is getting a little ornery, so it’s time for her morning nap. I’m gonna put her back
in the master bedroom. We’ll shut that door so that
she can have a nice rest. (singing) – Uh, enough of that. – All right, guys, so if
you haven’t known already, we took this exact RV on
special vacation with us. If you haven’t seen that
video, go check it out. But, the owners of this
RV that we’re renting have this awesome travel
log, where they want those that are renting it to write
down all the places that you went, and what you did in the RV. So, I’m gonna take some
time to fill that out real quick while baby Blake is sleeping. All right guys, I have some snacks. Who wants ’em? – [Kid] Me! – You cannot spend 24 hours in a giant RV without some licorice! – I love licorice. One licorice, everybody. – All right, guys, here’s a update, guys. Taylor’s at soccer practice. Dad took here there, and
while we wait for her, we’re gonna color. – And then, when they get
back, we’re going to be playing some pretty cool games in this RV. – Hide and Seek! – Maybe. Stephen’s not really into coloring, so he’s gonna be messing around with some paper ninja cutouts. – Look at my ninja star. It’s really dangerous. – Ah, I’ve been hit! Ow! – It’s paper, mom. – Look at the concentration. So much concentration. These girls are some serious colorers. It’s called an artist, mom. – I’m gonna a colors get tiny toys and baby things and build it. – Say what? – Oh my goodness, guys, we
were just having a conversation about how I went to college for design and I learned how to draw
and color and use markers and different things
like that for my degree and the girls were saying that they think I’m a good artist. They’re being so kind to me. And then Parker just blurted out, “I wanna go to college,” and then whatever else she said. Don’t really know. (laughs) Mine’s coming along slowly but surely, but I’m not in a rush,
I have 24 whole hours. How’s yours coming Payton? – Great. – Whoa, who did this? Wasn’t me. – Jordyn’s gonna finish mine for me because I’m getting arm cramps. Take it away, Jordyn. Um, Stephen, you’re not getting very far on your paper ninjas. – It’s hard. – All right, we’re taking
a break from coloring, because it is dinner time,
and then Taylor and Dad should be back and we can
play our awesome game. (upbeat music) How do you like it, guys? Is it good? Parker is still a little
bit of a picky eater, so she got a sandwich instead. – I’m picky. – Guys, baby Blake woke up from her nap. How was your nap in the RV? She loved it. Do you think this bed is as comfy as I do? Okay, so, to pass the
time a little bit more, we’re done with dinner
and we’re still waiting for Taylor to get back so we
can do a few other things. Payton and I are going to
be making some Musical.lies. We have our props here. What’s your prop? – Here it is. – Make sure you guys check
out our to see which one we do. We’re so excited. – It looks questionable to me. (laughs) – It’s fun. Guys, I think Taylor and Dad are back! – I’m back. – Okay, you guys, you’re gonna join us for the second half of our 24 hours. – Now that they’re back, we
can finally get our popcorn. (upbeat music) – Popcorn, popcorn, popcorn. Get it while it’s hot. Get it while it’s hot. (screams) Blake, just so you’re not left out, we got you some puffs. – Oh, she wants ’em, she’s hungry. All right, I’m back, and I have kicked everyone out of the trailer, but only for a second because I have come up with a fun game. I’m gonna hide these
four giant playing cards. They’re all aces, but the person that
finds the ace of clubs, this black card in the front, that is who will be the winner. They don’t know which
card they’re looking for. They’re gonna all be hidden
throughout the trailer, they’re gonna grab ’em, bring ’em to me, and we’re gonna find
out who the winner is. Who do you guys think is
gonna win this competition? (upbeat music) You guys are just gonna
have to wait and see where this one gets hidden. Now that they’re all hidden,
let’s bring on the kids. Good luck, kids. Good luck finding those cards! Taylor already found one! Let’s see. – [Taylor] Guys, I found it in this. – [Steve] Oh, be careful. – Got one! – [Steve] Payton found one. Go outside and wait, Payton. – Dad, you’re bad at hiding these. – Man, they’re finding them fast. Stephen’s looking under the bed. – Found it. – [Stve] Hey, that’s not it. – [Jordyn] This is hard. – There are so many places
you can hide stuff here. – Except, you chose the worst ones. – [Steve] Really, have you found anything? Jordyn, where are you gonna look? – Found one! – Jordyn found one! That leaves one card
left in a huge trailer. Good luck, Stephen. (techno music) What is it gonna be? Whoa, secret compartment behind the TV. Stephen’s talking all this trash and he hasn’t found a single thing, so, that’s interesting. Not gonna be in my underwear drawer. This is taking forever. Stephen’s always the
best at finding stuff. We might have to do hot
and cold with Stephen. Cold. Colder. Colder. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Colder. – I knew it was here. – Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter! Hotter! Hottest, blaze it, he found it! Time to reveal the winner. One card is the card
that makes the winner. Stephen, what do you have? The ace of diamonds. That is the loser. – What, you’re just making
this up, I should’ve won. – [Steve] Jordyn, reveal your card. That is the loser. Payton, reveal your card. (gasps) And that leaves Taylor! Ding, ding, ding, ding! – Since Taylor won the game,
she passes out dessert. And since we’re spending
24 hours in an RV, we try and find the
easiest desert possible. So, you guys get store bought. – [Girls] Thank you Taylor,
you’re the best sister. – Like every other 24 hour video, we are going to be reading some fan mail! Before we put these kids to bed and end our 24 hours in a giant RV. – Thank you for the drawing
and the letter, Emily. You’re an artist! – Audrey sent us a letter. She said, “Dear Shot at
the Yeager’s, you rock! “Taylor, you are awesome. “Jordyn, you are so cute, “I wanna be just like you guys and “I can build a blanket
fort just like you.” Thank you, Audrey! – Thank you for the letter, Jocelyn. – Four year old Sophia wrote us, and she said, “Yeager
family, I love your videos. “My favorite video is
the No Hand Challenge. “I watch y’all every day,
I wished I lived in Utah “so I could meet you, love, Sophia.” – Thank you for the letter, Katie. – Thank you Bridgett for the letter. – Thank you for the drawing, Meveah. (laughing) All right, guys, it’s that time. But, before we get all tucked into bed, random dance party! (light rhythmic music) (crickets chirping) All right, well, Dad killed the mood. Let’s go to bed. – The question for the day is, where should my dad have hidden the cards? – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give the big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye! (lighthearted guitar music)

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