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2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupé Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupé Singapore | sgCarMart Reviews

So what we have here is the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe And it has over $100,000 worth of options on it Including this colour What are we gonna do, man? Let’s drive this thing So today, we are in the Porsche Cayenne Coupe That’s right. And I think you have the performance figures But first, the price The basic model starts off at $360,000 without COE $360,000 without COE? Okay Do you like this orange? Yes, I do actually It’s kinda nice It’s going to set you back $9,600 But, for $360,000 You get a 3L turbocharged V6 engine that produces 340 brake horsepower and 450 newton metres of torque 0 – 100 is in 6 seconds Well, the steering wheel looks like a (Porsche) 911 to me it comes with (alcantara leather) I’m pretty sure this is an option also Yes it is an option Probably $5,000 option Incidentally, the Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel comes with the lightweight package option That goes for $53,000 $53,000?! How much weight Are you saving? An Mitsubishi Attrage? Do you have like one whole… Mitsubishi Attrage (is) $58,000 $53,000?! But what you get Instead of a sunroof the whole roof is now carbon fibre Instead of 20″ alloy wheels you get 22″ GT wheels So bigger wheels are lighter? Each wheel is 2kg lighter All in all, you safe around 22kg 22kg?! 22kg for $53,000?! Is that normal? I don’t think so That’s a full Mitsubishi Attrage they have removed from the car but not the weight added to the car rather With the lightweight package your 0 – 100 drops from 6 seconds to 5.9 Wow Of course, the interior, I think, is wonderful I really love the analog and digital dials It’s a beautiful mix Nowadays, new cars Every new car that you step inside Actually, all the car’s I’ve tested Are all digital This is a mix of both And I think It feels more expensive than having a pure digital display like fanciful displays and stuff like that The infotainment display you found it a bit complicated, right? I think it’s a bit complicated too Yeah, you really need some time to familiarise yourself with all the options Something as simple as getting Apple CarPlay Ok, Apple CarPlay is available on this wirelessly So that’s a plus But For me to get to pair the phone with the car It took me quite a bit of trial and error Clicking around, trying to find the right option That’s not what you want to do in a car You don’t want to fiddle around with this touch screen And be lost There are sort of Physical, yet not physical buttons right at the bottom here on the centre console to control some of the functions But Again Again, it is a bit hard to navigate it is not physical, you see You might miss it Yeah, that’s the thing, it’s one whole big stretch So if you press a button, it’s like “argh” Like, if I’m driving and I’m in a Porsche and I’m going through corners and I’m a fast driver And I wanna go into Nav and then I just like “ahhhh” It’s not easy Yeah, it’s not easy at all But I do like some other things about the car The buttons here for the air-conditioning They’re very nice. They feel great But the actual air Yeah I must say I’m sweating I’m sweating in my seat I’ll show you how loud it gets This is how loud it gets But the air flow doesn’t seem to be a lot You’re right And you wouldn’t want to be in a Porsche where all you hear is the aircon noise You want to hear the engine You want to hear the exhaust You don’t want to hear the aircon so It’s not very powerful – the aircon, I must say And this is a pity because Some people like Toyota can get it right in their base models What are you doing, Porsche? But the design of the buttons and the aircon vents is great Beautiful, great design. I love it Everything else in the car feels expensive All the buttons here, the paddles – not some plastic pieces Feels good Everything feels good I have to agree with that Every single corner where you try and question whether it’s good Even if you put your hand in the cubby holes here, you feel that there’s a bit of felt Everything – all the way to the bottom, it feels good There are two options for the backseats Regular bench for three Or a 2-seater option And I think the 2-seater option is the default Carries two people behind perfectly For three, I think the person in the middle seat won’t be too comfortable But here’s the thing, because it’s a coupe You’d expect the headroom to be less But Porsche has designed the backseat to be about 3cm lower So you don’t actually sacrifice on head space Shaz, your head space? Look at that, that’s a lot And also the boot The boot is quite big 640L Yeah that’s big, man And I would say not as practical as some boxy SUVs but it can hold a lot of things it’s quite deep and there’s an electric tailgate with kick sensors so those are great creature comforts to have And the thing is, let’s not forget that this is a coupe Usually when manufacturers do a coupe version of their sedans or SUVs they sacrifice a lot on their practicality but this doesn’t and this is Porsche You would think Porsche would be like “Ah never mind, just cut the roof” “Don’t care about the rear passengers” But they’ve actually made the rear quite practical And with the big boot it actually brings the family around very well Let’s talk about how this thing looks Yeah, it looks pretty good, doesn’t it? I mean, outside, aside from the $9,000 paint job The shape of it, I think, is very nice The roof line is nice and sloping and it doesn’t really force the whole coupe look too much You know if you look at the (BMW) X6 It’s like “I am a coupe!” “I am a SUV and I have a sloping roofline” “I am here” But that’s what you’re paying for But this (Cayenne Coupe), I think, is more fluid It’s more balanced Honestly, if you look at it you put a normal Cayenne and this Cayenne Coupe beside it you won’t really tell the difference You just know that “oh this looks nicer” And I think that’s a very big win for Porsche But the thing I find a bit strange is that this has a badge delete You have to pay for the badge delete Yes, and the thing is, without the badges at the rear it looks kinda naked It’s supposed to say “Cayenne” But I do like the Porsche logo behind encased in plastic I think it’s very tasteful That’s beautiful to be honest And at night if you turn the lights on it’s a whole red light strip which crosses across the car That’s beautiful Now, both of us love this car Let’s be honest So when it comes to performance, I think you should experience it yourself And get in the driver seat So you up for that? Let’s go, man So it’s a Porsche, so it should be quick Let’s see Yeah that’s not too bad, I have the slight euphoric feeling in me Okay, it’s quick Yeah, but I must say that there is that slight delay in the throttle Is it? Do you feel that? When you want to overtake Some times you just want the throttle to respond immediately because you’re impatient you just want to cut in straight away But there’s a little secret button over there Let’s see that button (being pressed) Ok that’s quick I think you scared yourself a little I could feel your hesitation like you throttle then the thing like went, then you went like “oh” We’re on a regular road where the speed limit is 70 So I had to keep it at 70 But yeah, the Sport Response button is lovely Yeah that’s nice. That’s like an all-attack mode That’s like scramble boost Yeah, like right now, we’re going at 70 our RPM is 1.1k Once you press the Sport Response Straightaway to 5,000 (RPM) And then there’s this lovely countdown timer to tell you that you have 20 seconds to play with this thing and then you switch it off So like after 20 seconds it blows up? According to the Porsche media release you can keep on pressing it So it’s like a manual even sportier mode toggle You might break the sound barrier if you keep pressing it I need to go faster Imagine you’re driving to KL And you’re just like “I need this” just like pressing it all the way People will think that you’re mad But it’s fun. It’s proper fun Yeah, I like that That’s fun. I agree As always we have Will Buy Won’t buy Go Try You have what you want? I do I have my answer man All right Ok in 3, 2, 1 Will buy? Will buy for you also? Yes What’s the reason, man? Why do you want to buy this car? I think purely because of the drive experience The engine, even though this is the base model 340 horse power is seductive And it is addictive And I like the (Sport) Response button where your revs just goes up and power is available whenever you tap your foot on the throttle I like how Porsche has designed this SUV to not really feel like an SUV round the bends It feels very planted. It feels very sports-car like – you’re not in a super tall vehicle with a lot of body roll And that drive experience is just addictive You see gaps on the road that you normally wouldn’t go for but in this Cayenne it just encourages you to do it And do it in style In Lava Orange style In Lava Orange and the $1,000 Porsche (sticker) In style and actually with assurance I feel very assured in this car It steers well, it accelerates when I want it to and it brakes perfectly For me, honestly, before I got into this car I was like “I will never buy a Porsche Cayenne” whatever the spec be it Turbo or the S or this base one I thought it is a ridiculous car If I really wanted an SUV, I would go for – like a fast SUV – F Pace SVR That’s so much cheaper But when I got into it and I drove it I realised Porsche actually took a lot of effort to make the SUV good And after driving it This is the base model and I like the base model Which I think is a big win for Porsche especially when you have to option a lot of things I mean, I can see past the colour I can see past the Alcantara steering wheel The engine, the gearbox driving feel, is there for what is an SUV And that That’s such a big win – the analog and the digital It’s so beautiful The interior feels good Just that But the thing is, if you end up at Porsche you might just start ticking stuff you just tick “I don’t want a badge at the back” “I want the stickers” “I want the colour” And then you’re basically A Hyundai Avante (equivalent in option costs) into the Porsche I think it’s absolutely great, this car I think you could do away with some options like the lightweight option You don’t need to spend $53,000 for the carbon (fibre) roof I’m not gonna spend $53,000, man I’ll buy another car I won’t option the car In total, there’s already $100,000 worth of options But in itself it’s really nice I’ll option for the air suspension Maybe adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist Those things And the most important thing you forgot What? Ventilated seats Yeah it’s a little bit wet Yeah, we’re sweating into the seats Sorry Porsche So that’s it for our Porsche Cayenne Coupe review Before we go why don’t we read some comments I have the comments here Owshua, sorry if I butchered your name He says or she says You see the reality is we don’t have speed limits above 100km/h We only have 90s It’s slightly illegal I mean if you stop A complete stop on the expressway is also a bit of an issue We would love to do it, but we can’t legally You can go to your MP and tell them to make a race track then we will try it there All right, next comment from Ica Elena First of all we have not killed James James still exists I see him every day He’s always in the office He will come back But James is a little bit busy so I fill in the void from time to time James is still around and he will read the comments for you in the future, no worries about that All right that’s about it Don’t forget to subscribe At least 90(70)% of you aren’t subscribed Oh really? Yeah Eh, subscribe ah Subscribe ah If not, we have to depend on the YouTube gods to recommend you the video and actually, with more subscribers we can reach out to more people and it makes it easier for us to find even more exciting cars to review and, of course, it energises us So hit the subcribe button and the bell so you know when our next video comes up Till then, I’ll see you guys next time Till next time

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