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2020 Honda CR-V Touring // Did 7 Days With CR-V Prove it’s BETTER than RAV4??

2020 Honda CR-V Touring // Did 7 Days With CR-V Prove it’s BETTER than RAV4??

What’s going on YouTube? Well guys, it finally happened we have our first ever press car this of course is the 2020 Honda CRV touring and we’ve had it for the past 7 days to really get a good sense of Just how great of a family crossover it is now, of course, we do one especially thank Honda of North America for sending us this CRV and Without further ado let’s go ahead and get into the review! And for this review we’re going to focus mostly on this touring model since we haven’t shown you guys this trim yet Anyways though getting started with the exterior styling you will notice that it is mostly the same as those other trim levels of the CRV You still have the same 2020 updates like the updated fascia And the updated lower areas as well Now there is one difference though for the touring trim. And that’s going to be this chrome accent here that goes around this silver part Just a little touch here that makes it stand out a little bit more on the touring trim Now as far as your headlights the touring does come with the full LED headlights it’s the only trim to have that and it’s kind of got the jewel eye design really reminds me a lot of Acura very premium look and then at the bottom you will also find LED fog lights a lot of the 2020 updates actually focused on Making this touring trend look more expensive and one of the ways they did that was changing out this wheel design and up upping the size here so we now on the Touring have a 19 inch alloy with a design that is not shared with any of the other trim levels which themselves have 18 or 17 inch alloys And then as far as your mirrors they do stay the same this year So you have the LED turn signal indicator, of course, it is heated and you also have blind spot indicators located right in here Now here at the side you will continue to have this nice chrome trim on the lower moldings Which is Touring exclusive and then heading around to the rear design. You do have a very handsome look not too different from the other models on this touring since you do still have the LED taillights with the LED brake light and turn signal and then down here at the bottom This is where you’re going to find the big touring exclusive feature. And that’s the new trapezoidal dual exhaust pipes All of the other models won’t have any exposed exhaust pipe and I think it really gives it a much more Premium look than the other trim levels Now the Honda CRV has always been a very safe vehicle and that continues for this 2020 model year Because Honda has actually added their entire safety suite as standard equipment across all the trim levels So that means they all include forward emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist adaptive cruise control and auto high beam headlights Well guys that sums up all of the exterior features for the CRV touring So let’s go ahead and hop inside and see if there’s anything different in there Now, of course, the touring like almost all CRVs do come with Honda smart entry system as well as a remote start And then getting inside the vehicle itself, all you have to do is reach behind the handle Now checking out the inside of this 2020 touring CRV You’ll notice that the design is mostly the same as the other trim levels, but there are some exclusive touches Which is what I will point out as we go through the review now Just like the EXL trim that we reviewed a couple months ago The touring does also come standard with real leather seating and you have the choice between this black color You also have gray or ivory color choices Now turning over here to your door trim, it is very nicely appointed especially for a vehicle in this class so you have the leather trim, of course on the armrest, but also All this area above it with the double color contrast stitching at the top part is also soft touch and there is some more stitching Detail as well as a faux wood that runs through there You will find two person memory seating of course and your front two windows are OneTouch, Bato up and down Coming down here to your seat. This is the 12 way power adjusting seat with four-way lumbar once again, that’s pretty exceptional for this class of vehicle and Then like I said, this leather is very very nice on high quality and it does have that an attractive stitching design as well Now as far as your cabin materials, there’s not a lot different from the other versions of the CRV So what you will see is a soft touch plastic, of course across your upper parts here And then you do have a leatherette trim with a piano black accent through here as well as a faux wood accent However, what is different for 2020 and exclusive to the touring are these faux wood accents that run across the center Console here, which I do like adds a little bit of classiness to the cabin And then all these other pieces here are hard touch, but everything does fit together, excellently Now, of course press the button to start And when it fires up here you will find the typical CRV gauge cluster This is a seven inch reconfigurable display right here in the middle and you just use this button right here on the steering wheel labeled with the eye and that Can cycle you through all different types of information including things with navigation you’re always drive system as well as some of your safety systems and Then coming back to the steering wheel itself Of course It is nicely leather wrapped But one 2020 change that impacts just the touring trim is that we now have steering wheel heating This is something that the American CRV was missing until just this year Of course, the steering wheel itself does manually tilt and telescoping and then touring also throws in rain sensing wipers All right, so now let’s go ahead and talk about storage Which you thought it couldn’t get any better than it was but they’ve somehow managed to make this even better for 2020 So basically this whole area here this can change into like a ton of different forms first of all Your arm this does adjust you can flip this up like so and you have all this area right through here now you can slide this out of the way and you’ll notice a really deep bin and Then furthermore this can flip out of the way. So you have all of this area right here You can keep that down. You can still access all of this space with a 12-volt outlet inside Front of that, you have two deep cupholders and then the Touring exclusively throws in this Qi wireless phone charger Of course all the CRVs though have relocated USB ports right up here Now unlike the upcoming hybrid model the gas models including the Touring to keep these traditional physical shifter here Is obviously you just pull back for drive. There is a sport mode in a low mode, but you’ll never be any paddle shifters and Then when we go into reverse there is a standard backup camera with active trajectory You do also have three different views But as of now the Touring does not have a 360 degree camera system like some of the other rivals offer As far as your buttons off to the side of that you have your electronic parking brake brake hold auto start/stop defeat and your econ button Now moving on to your climate controls these are these same as and all the other cr-v models so you do have dual zone automatic To easy knobs to use most of your controls are here But just like in the other CRV some of them are located in the screen when you press the climate button Of course the Touring does also throw in three stage C heating but unlike the rav4 there is not seat ventilation offered on the CRV at this trim Now of course as you would expect as far as the audio system Touring does throw in the highest caliber audio system in the CRV lineup in this case. It does have nine speakers So let’s go ahead and take a sample of it Some quality of this system is definitely very good All right, so now that brings us up here to our hondalink system with the 7 inch display that the majority of the CRV lineup does have Now I will save my opinions for the upcoming 5 likes and dislikes video Mostly, but I do want to mention that this is the older style Honda link system so they did not Update the software as you can tell to that newest setup or enlarge the screen for 2020 as part of this refresh Nevertheless, it does operate mostly the same way as the new Honda link system. You just have a little bit slower performance and some older style graphics Obviously on the touring trim you do have standard navigation And this is the Garmin style setup You will also find of course Android auto and apple carplay If you prefer to use those systems and you just plug into that conveniently relocated USB port that I pointed out earlier And then moving on up here the last things to point out or your auto dimming mirror with the home link universal remotes located right here and Then of course being the top-end model, we do have a standard moonroof Unlike in some other markets in the in the US. We only have the standard size We do not have a panoramic one offered at this time So overall, I have to say the cabin of this CRV remains an incredibly comfortable place And I definitely like the upgrades that Honda made to the touring tram for 2020 Now hopping back to the Touring’s rear seat you actually aren’t gonna find any exclusive features for the touring model However, that is to say that it’s not to say that’s not nicely equipped because you still do have rear vents as well as to smart charging USB ports back here However, when you know thing I would have just liked to have seen was maybe heated rear seats some in the class do offer that The Accord touring actually has that as well So it would have been nice for Honda to throw that in But really the space where the CRV shines is here in terms of the rear legroom Over the course of the week. We’ve actually had five adults in the vehicle and nobody has complained about the space they’ve actually really complimented it on how much space it has back here its technical measurement is forty point four inches of rear legroom and Thirty-nine inches of rear headroom, which is over three inches larger than the Toyota rav4 So you’re gonna have a massive amount of space back here and that shows behind your seating position I can fully stretch out my feet have a place up under the seat and I probably have at least 10 to 12 inches of rear legroom. and I did almost forget to compliment it on having a material Quality that follows through with the leather read all through this area and the door trim really helps this have a premium vibe back here Now walking up to the tailgate of the CRV touring you are going to find one of the exclusive features for this model And that’s the hands-free power tailgate. So just wave your foot under the bumper to open it up And once inside the CRVs cargo area This is another area where it really shines Because you’re gonna find going to find thirty nine cubic feet of space behind the second row seat And that expands to seventy six cubic feet with all the seats folded. It is worth noting that that’s a massive amount of space That’s over ten cubic feet larger than the Toyota rav4 So you’re really not gonna have any issues in terms of space back here And as far as how they finished it We do have a nice cargo cover as well as some lighting on both sides and up underneath of the floor here We do have a spare tire as well as a little bit of a storage cubby on each side The passenger seat on the touring is four-way power adjusting and in front of the passenger Your glove box is good-sized. It’s pretty deep and Up top, we do have a large Sun Visor at the mirror and light and it does also detach as well as extend Well guys that sums up all the rear areas nuts go ahead and take it out on the road All right So first taking off here in this 2020 CRV touring The touring model has the same engine as The rest of the CRV lineup so as you know, that’s a familiar 1.5 liter turbo four-cylinder with 190 horsepower and 178 lb. feet of torque And as you can see Acceleration, it’s pretty good. I don’t think that it’s something that the majority of people at buying this class would complain about per se Although I will mention The fact that during this week or a little bit longer than a week We actually have driven the rav4 hybrid and the Mazda cx-5 So those are actually both direct competitors to this and I would say that they do feel a bit faster than this And also one thing to note about this engine is that you know, when compared to some of its rivals like the rav4 specifically This is going to be a lot more quiet and a lot more refined in terms of its Engine sound and that type of noise penetrating into the cabin. I mean that’s honestly something that you can definitely appreciate Over the course of a week with the view, right It was very noticeable going back and forth between the rav4 and this because we drove This to review the rav4 hybrid and then drove that got right back into this and there is definitely a noticeable difference Now I can already hear the comments already You know, you’re probably breaking your fingers up right now to talk about the 1.5 liters Problems with the oil dilution and I do want to you know Kind of mention this because you know when we mentioned that we were gonna have the CRV for a week one of the top Comments that people wanted to know about was this oil dilution problem that the CRV had back in the past And we actually are going to make a video discussing that specifically so be sure to you know Follow the link in the description to find that video And kind of educate yourself about that situation as opposed to just hearing about all the rumors and stuff like that But beyond the power of figures what I was really looking for the CRV to a deliverer was just being a supremely Comfortable vehicle I think that’s the most important characteristic of something in this class I have to say it really has delivered over the course of this week We have gotten the chance, of course we’ve been driving every day we’ve also gone on a road trip for a 200 or 300 mile road trip and You just eats up the miles. I mean, this is just such a comfortable vehicle. You just cruise down the highway You’ve got a really nice and comfortable suspension. Of course Also, these seats got to commend them on the United State. I mean when you get the rive at your destination You know, you’re not tired or sore or anything, you know, and that’s more than you can save a lot of cars. I Mean, yeah, and the passengers that we did have in here that was honestly one of the first things that they mentioned was just how spacious that was in the rear and Also, just how comfortable the seats were You know, they were familiar with the rav4 and they’re like wow This is this seats way more comfortable than the rav4 and it really just does have that extremely extremely comfortable Ride quality and it’s something that you can easily get used to I’m sure as you have noticed by this point the review This does have a continuously variable transmission But this is one of the better CVT’s that I have ever sampled No Honda they focus on getting the operation of the CVT, right And they don’t really focus on like any extra tricks or anything like that So what you won’t find here is like shift simulation stuff like that But what you will find is a CVT that’s willing to go it is responsive You know when you change throttle application? It responds. There’s not this latency. There’s lag, you know so I can put my foot down right here And we go forward immediately. There’s nothing holding me back, you know, and that’s really something notable because I was wondering how that would feel Keeping it on the day to day basis to see if there was ever any situations that it felt laggy both the CVT and the fact that you’re talking about a Turbocharged engine as well. There’s two different places there that you could experience lag and I’m happy to report you don’t really And when you come to a stop this does have the auto start/stop system Excuse me You can’t actually control it a little bit like if you put if you really if you’re lightly touching the brake the warning gauge If you push down a little harder it will engage but we’ll go ahead and see how it starts up again It does a Pretty decent job. I wouldn’t say it’s top of the class. There is a little bit of a shutter effect that one was pretty smooth, but it’s a little Intermittent as I found in the week, sometimes there’s like I’m a startling shutter. Sometimes it’s pretty smooth, but it’s not What I would say super consistent All right, so we went ahead and switched driver seats here Since we have been alternating driving duties this whole week kind of back and forth We both spent an extensive time behind the wheel. So we’re going to do the second half of the drive here Basically I I mean it’s not you don’t have yeah, it’s not I mean everything in this class It’s not gonna be a huge difference when you put it into sport mode It’s merely just going to make it More responsive to your acceleration so barely touching on the gas It’s gonna be like more like a half throttle in regular mode or whatever. It’s basically what most Basic cars will end up doing is just making the throttle more touchy in the sport mode Let’s go ahead and talk about the actual fuel economy itself Again this is the Touring all-wheel drive model and we’ve been driving it this week for reference in The regular regular mode pretty much the entire time The EPA rating here is 27 city 32 highway 29 combined. That’s one of the top products in the class As far as what we’ve actually achieved It’s just a touch under 28 miles per gallon We’ve driven it why around 400 miles at this point maybe even a little bit more? Definitely mixed driving. We did some on the highway. We did probably the vast majority of it though in the city Well, maybe about half and half but mixed driving You’re actually getting you know what the EPA is saying if not a little bit higher so That’s something worth noting for some of you guys If you drive kind of light on the throttle Maybe an eco mode or whatnot you might be able to even get 30 miles per gallon You know combined city driving and also on the highway out of you know A crossover like this and this is not a hybrid. There will be a hybrid. We’re excited to see that in March, but This is just a regular model, which is quite impressive to me. Honestly, it’s one of the better fuel economy is in this class And really that just goes for this entire CRV if I’m being honest, you know over the course of these seven days we’ve driven them a lot, you know five hundred miles or so in seven days, you know, that’s a lot of driving and Honestly, it’s just impressive how quickly you get used to the CRV fitting into your lifestyle, you know We’re just normal people. We actually like to drive and stuff like that So this is definitely not like our typical cup of tea But I’ve actually enjoyed driving this car over seven days because you’ve learned to appreciate a lot of the comfort And a ton of space, you know, this really has a lot to offer Even if you are not, you know really if you’re more sport focused or whatever it still has a lot to offer Especially in its segment because people are looking for family-oriented offerings and this really really excels in all of those areas All right, now let’s go ahead and discuss the pricing for this fully loaded touring CRV So it does come standard with two wheel drive and that’s going to start at thirty-three thousand two hundred and fifty bucks But this particular model has opted for the all-wheel drive system Which is an extra fifteen hundred and that brings it to thirty four thousand seven hundred and fifty as a starting price Now like all Honda’s there really aren’t any options to add on to that so we just have the destination charge of one thousand one hundred and twenty and That brings this one’s total to thirty five thousand eight hundred and seventy bucks fully loaded with all-wheel-drive Which I have to say is quite an impressive price point here with the CRV You know the rav4 which is really its main competitor as well over forty thousand fully loaded So you’re going to be seeing quite a bit of savings over most rivals in the class Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2020 Honda CRV touring We really appreciate you watching and if you haven’t subscribed already Be sure to hit those buttons down below and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more at the latest automotive delicacies!

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54 thoughts on “2020 Honda CR-V Touring // Did 7 Days With CR-V Prove it’s BETTER than RAV4??

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