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2020 Cadillac CT5 // Should Audi, BMW and Mercedes Be WORRIED??

2020 Cadillac CT5 // Should Audi, BMW and Mercedes Be WORRIED??

What’s going on YouTube? So about a month ago We brought you guys a review of the hot rod CT6V and now today we’ve got our hands on its all-new younger brother the 2020 CT5 We’ve been excited to drive this CTS an ATS successor So we definitely want to thank our friends at Quantrell Cadillac for making this possible today and Of course if you’re in the market for any new Cadillac make sure you stop by their dealership or visit them via their website Which we provided a link to in the video description So with that said, let’s see if this ct5 captures some of the magic of the now departed ct-6V Alright so getting started here with the exterior of this all-new Cadillac CTS is you’ve got the latest design language This is still the art and science design language but things have been kind of smoothed out compared to the Cadillac CTS and the ATS which are the two vehicles that this basically replaces Now as far as your grille options, all the models will mostly come with a grille that looks like this But you will notice there’s a little bit of a difference between the sport and the premium luxury. You have these metallic finishes This will be deleted when you go for the sport model for a full black look And then your lower fascia would also be slightly different more aggressive when you go for that sport model Now turning over here to the headlights You do have the standard full LED headlights With all the signature Cadillac elements like the daytime running light that runs from the top all the way down to the bottom Got your LED turn signal and we also have the optional cornering lamps Now as far as our various wheel options just like every luxury car. You’ve got a lot of different choices Standard on the ct5 is going to be an 18-inch alloy until you go to the sport trim. Where will be a 19 inch alloy But you’re probably noticing on this model. We’ve got some upgraded diamond-cut 19 inch alloys that’s available as an option for $1,100 I Mean as far as your mirrors You do have the standard heating blind spot monitoring comes on premium luxury and sport trims and then you can also get driver side auto dimming and Power folding when you go for the parking package So here at the side of the all-new ct5 you’re gonna have that aggressive sport sedan Look, I mean a few things to point out here Is that here on this premium luxury model, you are gonna have the silver trim around the windows That would be swapped out for black on the sport model and heading around to the rear design You’re gonna have their newest design language that looks a lot like the CT6 And you’re gonna have the signature Cadillac full LED tail lights. Your reverse light is down here at the bottom And as far as the sport differences here You’re gonna find a spoiler on top as well. As this part would be swapped out for body in between the dual exhaust pipes And just to be clear about this 350T badge here This is Cadillacs newest naming scheme that converts a pal feet of torque to Newton meters So you’re gonna find this 350T badge on this 2 liter model don’t be deceived though. This is not the 3 liter twin-turbo v6 Alrighty, and the last thing that we do need to talk about here is the safety Features for the CT 5 so standard equipment across all the CT 5s as we do have standard low speed Ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection And you do have several packages that you can add on top of that So you have the driver assist package which adds full speed braking adaptive cruise We’re Auto braking and then you have the driver awareness Plus package Which adds the lane keeping and Auto high beams The packages are only available on the premium luxury and the sport trims That’s something to keep in mind and supercruise will also be available later this year All right, so walking up to this all-new Cadillac CT5 One of the first things you’re going to notice if this actually has a brand new key fob This is the first Cadillac to introduce this design So as you can see It looks a little bit different and you’ve got the real metal trim along the sides Now as far as the CT5 itself all the models do have intelligent entry as well as remote start Now coming up to the door here this looks like a normal door handle, but it’s actually an electronic door handle So there’s a little button back there. You just press it Alright so checking out the cabin here in this all-new Cadillac CT5 you’ll notice it does have some influence from the ct-6 but really most of the design here actually looks substantially different from other Cadillac models Now as far as your interior material and color options, you do have quite a number as a luxury car shut So standard on the CT5 is leatherette on your luxury and sports trims or when you go for this premium luxury That’s where you get Premium leather and then semi anna leathers available at the platinum package as far as your colors You have jet black or beige and then this model here This will add the maple sugar which is what we have and then with the Platinum package of the additional option of Sedona All right now turning over here to your door trim as you see is very nicely appointed You have the maple sugar leather that runs all through here as well as above it We have some open pour wood which looks very nice and it is soft touch along the top Memory seating that’s included on the sport and premium luxury trims and we also have one touch automatic windows for all for Coming down here to your seats. This is the 14 way power adjusting seat you also have 12 way power as standard and 18 way with massaging and when you go for the highest end models and Then like I was saying this is real leather Beautiful maple sugar color scheme and you get the typical Cadillac design which looks aesthetically pleasing Now one of the things I have to say I’m liking right off the bat here is that material quality does not seem to be Downgraded really at all From that flagship ct-6 that I was in about a month ago So across your upper – here we do have a soft touch plastic with a double stitching detail That does carry on over to this area as well And then as you drop down we have more of this really really nice open for wood trim That wood trim does carry on down here to your lower areas All this is covered in a leather wrap material with stitching through here as well And then we have the maple sugar color Center console and then as you can probably tell by looking at it everything in here fits together extremely Well, I don’t notice any panel gaps or anything like that Now standard on every ct5, of course you have push-button start Now the engine itself doesn’t really make much noise at all What what you probably noticed is that we have a new start up tone here on the CT 5 This is the first Cadillac model to get it I assume it will roll out to the other Cadillac models But that’s definitely a welcome change from that same general motorist tone now that they’ve been using for a long time now as far as the gauges here what you’re looking at is Analog tachometer and speedometer and then we’ve got the upgraded 8 inch display here in the middle This does work You know in your typical way you squeeze the steering wheel-mounted buttons here to scroll through a lot of different types of information And in addition to that our model comes equipped with the optional head-up display This is a very big and vivid head-up display as you can tell it’s full-color So you have a lot of different colors on there and then you can press the info button to cycle through other types of information That right. There is kind of the coolest one the sport display Then coming back to the steering wheel of course, it is leather-wrapped and has the newest cadillac design We also have the optional heating that comes in the climate package and then our steering wheel is manual tilt and telescoping But you can get a power adjusting one if you go for the parking package And then finally, he also have rain sensing wipers. Those are standard across all of the CT5s Let’s go ahead and move into interior storage then ct5 definitely does better than a lot of the rivals in this segment So to start out with we open up the center console. This is actually very large For this type of vehicle and it is really nicely filled lined inside of here You also a regular USB a USB type-c and a 12-volt outlet Like a lot of Cadillacs, you’ve got another little storage area here just slide your phone but unlike most Cadillac models This is not your wireless phone charger. The arraylist phone charger is actually this area right here And and this does come on the premium luxury and the sport We also have a little bit more storage here and then your two cupholders right underneath of this pan As far as the shifter this has the latest electronic shifter design the revised version from the XT6 So you just pull back for drive You can bump back one more time to activate manual mode where you can shift with these standard paddle shifters So all the models have paddle shifters, but if you go for the sport that we replaced with larger magnesium ones For reverse or this click all the way up to the top And when you do you will see a standard backup camera fire up As you can see, this is just the standard version with active trajectory. There is a 360 degree option available But for that you’re gonna have to go for the parking package, we don’t have that on this specific model And therefore park all you gotta do is just press the P and in electronic parking brake will automatically engage as well Now back behind the shifter you have a panel of controls This is for your cue system so you can use it with both this knob or via touch We’ll get into that a little later in the video down here We also have the volume knob so let’s go ahead and sample this models 15 speaker Bose Performance Series sound system What’s on the second volume knob up here as well if you prefer this one Um, but overall sound quality of this system is phenomenal really really excellent sounding all around Okay, so let’s continue up through this area up here we’ve got our driver mode controller So if you press that you have an individual mode a touring mode a sport mode and a snow and ice mode And then right above that we have our climate controls now these look very very similar to these ct-6 So you’ve basically got a row of metal buttons here. You can just make adjustments like so All the buttons are located physically right here. It is dual zone automatic across all the ct5 And then below that you also find your seat controls Three-stage seat heating that is optional on all the models and in three stage Ventilation is also optional but you have to have it to the premium luxury or the sport trims to even add it at all All right, so now that brings us up here to our CUE system As far as the display, this is a 10 inch display This is standard on all the models now as far as the software This is exactly the same as what you see in an other Cadillac and General Motors models So you just have applications as well as a home screen On the premium luxury you can option on navigation which is what our model has done usually packaged with the audio system All the models also have standard apple carplay and android auto I’m not going to dig any deeper into this because we do have a dedicated tech I’ll video if you want to learn more about it Now heading on up here we have a frameless auto dimming mirror You can get the rear camera mirror if you go for the parking package And then above that you will also notice a very nice feature we have the dual panel panoramic moonroof this is an option for about $1500 obviously, I’m not going to open it up since it is pouring rain, but you do have front and rear screens as well All right, so that’s going to sum up everything to look at in the front areas of this all-new ct5 So now go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason. We’ll check out all the back areas All righty So in the back of the ct-5s seat You’re gonna find a very luxurious one as you would with pretty much anything in this class and as far as the features are concerned, you’re gonna have standard rear vents back here as Well as a 12-volt power outlet a smart charging USB type-c here however One thing that I have noticed that is missing is the option of heated rear seats Most of them in this class do have that so that would be a nice feature to have And folding down the armrest. We do have cup holders inside a leather wrapped one And I’m also a big fan of how this panoramic moonroof really helps to air out the rear back here And as far as the space is concerned in the ct5 You are gonna find a larger amount of space than you would in most of its biggest rivals You’re gonna find 38 inches of rear legroom and 37 inches of rear headroom And as you can see behind the seat scooted most mostly back I have about I’d say 8 to 10 inches of rear legroom My feet have room up underneath the seat. So you’re definitely going to find a good amount of space back here It is worth noting that that’s larger than the BMW 3 Series and Audi a4. So heading around to the trunk You do have a hands-free option. This particular tester does not have that so in order to open it just push the button under the lid and Once inside of the trunk you are gonna find 11.9 cubic feet of space back here which is worth noting that’s quite a bit behind most of its main rivals like the BMW 3 Series and Audi a4 So you’re gonna have a little bit more of a compact space back here But Cadillac does finish it well back here and underneath of the floor You do have a little bit of storage if you’re in a pinch and need additional storage and the seats can also fold So here at the passenger seat you do have a standard power one it looks to be the same adjustments as the driver and it is also worth noting that massaging is available and From the passenger here you do. Have a good sized glovebox It is felt lined does have LED illumination and up top. We have a Sun Visor with LED light mirror Does also detach and extend But anyway guys that sums up all of the really practical stuff about the CT5 and I’m really excited to take this out and see how it performs compared to its biggest rivals like the BMW 3 Series and Audi a4 All right, so that was a first acceleration in the all-new 2020 ct5 How it feels pretty good yeah It gets up to speed reasonably. Well, as far as the actual power number is 237 horsepower so does put it a little bit of a disadvantage compared to some of the main competition like the Germans usually are in the range of 250 a little of That being said it definitely feels more than adequate It’s really rev happy as well. I give just shoots off You know, I was asking Mason earlier, but right before the we just started the clip here You know if it was in the sport mode because it definitely revs up real aggressively even in this standard Drive moon And that really does help it to get the best out of its 237 horsepower Because like I said, it is operating at a disadvantage, but you are going to have that free rein Now it is worth noting that if that 237 horsepower isn’t enough for you there will be a three liter twin-turbo v6 Coming later. It’s not available right now, but will be coming later as an option on the premium luxury only and then the V Series Wausau for the same engine those were coming later in the year Yeah, really honestly just feels like is is really itching to go like I can tell right off the back what kind of lack had in mind and they’re definitely going for More sporty characteristic as far as how they tuned this powertrain because this was ready. It’s ready to go I was not accelerating hard at all and it’s ready just to kick down Propel you forward, you know And that also has to do with you know, of course the way they tuned the 10 speed automatic transmission That’s their newest transmission standard across all the CT5 And and it’s extremely quick responding just a slight change in application and the throttle and you’ll drop several years Without any type of hesitation without a jerkiness or anything like that So really at the smooth action and you really can’t feel the chefs at all I mean under normal acceleration and deceleration. You don’t ever feel much is shifting And you know just kind of cruising along here at 40 miles an hour I do want to discuss the ride quality of this vehicle. Now a lot of cars in this class Namely stuff like the BMW 3-series a lot of the Germans Definitely have sport that it’s you know highest tier of Priorities here and you are going to have the best of both worlds here with this 85 I think that the 3-series kind of goes a little bit overboard on the sportiness on some of their models to that So don’t be expecting it to be super hard edged in this premium luxury trim But one thing that I do want to note is That right there. That is a difference I don’t know if you like that or not But you are going to have quite a bit of engine noise engine noise that comes into the cabin Because that engine is all ready to go and it’s so free revving You are going to definitely have quite a bit of engine noise inside Yeah, and Cadillac has talked about they have different terminal experiences between the different trim levels As far as like how much sound comes into the cabin what it sounds like now as far as your drivetrain Of course, it is rear-wheel drive based. So we were drive is standard and you do have optional all-wheel drive And as far as the fuel economy is concerned to go along with that You are gonna find it a little bit less fuel economy than your worst fuel economy than you would and some of this competition So for the rear-wheel drive model You’re going to come in at 23 City 32 highway 26 combined and all-wheel drive is going to lose 1 MPG combined on that So you are going to be expecting a little bit behind the Audi a4 and BMW 3-series As you can see this is not really a curvy road but you know just kind of going around there very very little body roll It does give a plant, you know, you turn the steering wheel very little jesusí just responds really quickly One of the better of steering setups in the class now. This isn’t necessarily a big deal to a lot of you guys but listen to that different tone for the Turn signal this officially start up things, you know. Yeah, I mean a Lot of people talk about that on our YouTube videos in the comments about Cadillacs You know, why does this sound the same as you know? that chevy sonic over there and Now it doesn’t hopefully they’ll go ahead and put that throughout the whole lineup But overall I have to say I’ve really enjoyed the way that this ct5 drives now I always enjoy driving something that’s on the sporty or side and this is on the sporty or side of the segment and Cadillac has definitely tune things to you know be fun And while this premium luxury is still very comfortable and stuff It definitely has a nice touch of athleticism that makes it very enjoyable to drive Already and now that you’ve seen the new ct5. Let’s talk a little bit about the pricing So for they vary based luxury model, that’s gonna start at thirty six thousand eight hundred and ninety five dollars And keep in mind that these MSRP s are for the rear wheel drive model, not the all-wheel drive And then you go up one more rung, you know it’s signature Cadillac signature Y thing so they have premium luxury and sport trans which Cost basically the same you kind of just pick whichever route you want to go we’ve went with the premium luxury Which is forty thousand six hundred ninety five And then you have this sport which is forty one thousand six hundred ninety five and then looking at the sticker here we do have Quite a few different options. This one’s pretty fully pretty well-equipped So we do have all-wheel drive which is a two thousand dollar option the panoramic moonroof for 1450 Navigation with the Bose premium audio system for 1350 the driver is awareness plus package for thirteen hundred crystal, white paint for 1225 19-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels for eleven hundred the climate package for 1090 the lighting package for six hundred and then finally you add in the destination charge of nine ninety five to get this Particular models as tested price of fifty one thousand 805 Which you know I have to say is a pretty good price point for this vehicle. It’s right in line with most of the German competition And you know, you can get fully loaded. You can get it around sixty thousand which you know once again is pretty young Come you know with the German disciple. So yeah as equipped here We already have virtually every option just a few fancies with like the Platinum package service here Well guys we enjoyed watching the first in-depth look at the 2020 Cadillac CT5 premium luxury Please hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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69 thoughts on “2020 Cadillac CT5 // Should Audi, BMW and Mercedes Be WORRIED??

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    Cadillac: 12% Mexico, 20% China, 3% Indonesia, 35% Uganda, 8% Libya, 2% Venezuela, 15% Nicaragua, 4% Old duck tape, 1% Chewing gum to keep this bolt from falling off.

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  5. Thumbs down for reviewing a 4 cylinder I could tell when you drove it. People who buy luxury was power. Sad that GM hasn't figured that out yet. Lincoln doesn't care about MPG's because it's customers don't care. It's all ab out power and the sound it puts out. I love Tesla mind you but ALL LUXURY ice need at least a V6 as standard those small 4 cylinders won't last they are over worked Honda is finding ths t out already with its 1.5 liter turbo and 2 liter Turbo

  6. I noticed that you actually showed your body in the review. I'm not against it, actually, I think it adds a sense of something good in the review. Great as always.

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  8. Another mediocre product from General Motors. If you are interested in buying a Cadillac, perhaps one of your grandchildren can drive you over to the dealership

  9. I think GM got it right on the CT5 exterior styling looks great, interior quality seems to be improved and the price point is much more competitive. Hey Drew and Mason I love the new format! 👍

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  11. As a car it’s nice. As a Cadillac not so much. Did they just rebadge a Buick Lactosse and give it a Sonata shaped trunk? 4cyl turbo, with start/stop, so as to ensure coking inside the turbo housing? Confusing (deceptive?) badging? At least I knew what V8-6-4 meant, even if it was a disaster. To me, each new Cadillac appears more and more generic. Feels to me like GM doesn’t have clear designs in mind, they just make it more generic and redesign the lights. If Cadillac was doing well, I don’t think they would discontinue/introduce/rename models so often. Oh yes the chime. I remember not long ago when Cadillac had a mechanical chime as a seat belt warning-you could hear it thump in the dash as it rang. It meant something. The new chime does nothing for me. Please give me one reason to buy this instead of a Camry TRD.

  12. Cadillac has knocked this completely out of the park in my opinion. This is better designed, packaged, and more technologically advanced than most it’s competitors like the Genesis G70, Infiniti Q50, Acura ILX, and Lexus IS. A lot of them look the same from afar whereas this has a very uniquely designed exterior and interior. This will also run circles around the competition on the track. Standard 10-inch infotainment system, standard Bose premium audio system, standard 10-speed automatic transmission…this is a MAJOR step up from the base model Cadillac CTS! Love the new premium key fob also. People love to point out GM’s cost-cutting but it’s really non-existing here. I love the new metal speaker covers too. I see Cadillac is serious this time around about their sedans and anyone familiar with a base CTS will easily see the obvious improvements too! Beautiful car, gorgeous design! Great job, Cadillac! Waiting for the
    B E A S T L Y CT5-V and the new Escalade to drop! 🔥

  13. Boys, you fucking killed it. Not much else for me to say. What an awesome car to come back to the channel and see as well, this one's been towards the top of the list to replace my Stinger and I look forward to finishing my review and having a better idea of a decision for this car!

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  16. Early reviews from C&D and Motor Trend on the CT5 are pretty sobering…that the only true great thing about the ATS/CTS is stripped from the CT5…that this new model – to the horror of nearly everyone – loses the world-class handling and chassis development of the original Alpha platform siblings. If this is true, I think this finally confirms that GM has absolutely no idea what they’re doing with Cadillac. I suppose there’s the outside chance that the CT-5 V proves everyone wrong.

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    No V8 option
    No rear seat shades
    No rear window shades
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    We’re big shoes to fill.

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