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2019 Suzuki Jimny Review | carsales

2019 Suzuki Jimny Review | carsales

Jiminy willikers. I had to say that, sorry. What is it about the Suzuki Jimny that has
everybody buzzing? Look at the car objectively and apart from
its ladder frame chassis and go anywhere capability, well, it’s a flawed machine. It has a poor three star safety rating. There’s precious little room for mountain
bikes, camping gear or even other passengers. And the engine, well it’s best described as
a gutless anachronism. However, take the Jimny for what it is, a
nostalgic toy that encourages adventure, and it starts to make a lot more sense. And it looks undeniably cool, equal parts
retro and rugged. The new Jimny is like a micro version of the
Teutonic Mercedes G-Wagon. The cubist aesthetic, boxy proportions and
simple circular headlights are an up-yours to modern day curves and dramatic design flourishes. It not only pays homage to the past three
generations of Jimny, it does it in a way that will turn heads for the right reasons. Check out the interior too. I really like the grab-handle here for the
passenger. You’ve got these rubber mats, easy to clean. I love the square set instrument dials. It’s a nice little retro touch. Rear seat room is actually not bad, even for
taller passengers, but there is virtually no boot space unless you fold down the rear
seats. The new Jimny gets a lot more standard features
than before. We are talking a new seven inch touchscreen
with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a reversing camera. Even satellite navigation is standard along
with climate control, cruise control and even hill descent control. But most importantly it gets one of these,
a low range transfer gearbox. Flip it from two high to four high and you’ll
get full drive grip. Whack it into four low and you’ll go places
that most SUVs can only dream of. Okay, so the engine has as much mumbo as a
wind-up toy but the Jimny is so light it can scramble up almost any slope. The ladder frame chassis gives it real world
ruggedness plus there’s loads of ground clearance. Wheel articulation is surprisingly good as
are the approach, departure and ramp over angles. Five speed manual and four speed automatic
transmissions are available, both of which cope well with the off-road punishment. The suspension is three-link rigid axle and
is tailor-made for hardcore bush-bashing. The tiny tackers, slab-sided windows and elevated
driving position allow you to see every extremity of the car which comes in real handy when
tackling tight challenging passes. The breadth of capability off-road is astonishing. In bigger heavier vehicles like utes or land-cruisers,
you need to be judicious about your line. Not in this. Just point and shoot. This is so much fun. Pulse pounding action at five kilometres an
hour, you’d better believe it. It’s not surprising that Suzuki only let us
drive the car off-road because even with cruise control, that reversing camera, autonomous
emergency braking is standard, it’s likely to be pretty rough and agricultural around
town. But really I don’t think buyers will care
if there are compromises and to be honest, I bloody love this car. It’s just so engaging and has such a charming
personality that it doesn’t have to be all things to all people. It’s a vehicle that provokes you to take control,
to head off-road, to explore and go beyond your comfort zone. It’s an affordable, capable and intrepid travel
buddy that will have you grinning long after you lock it and walk away.

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23 thoughts on “2019 Suzuki Jimny Review | carsales

  1. I really like the bright yellow colourway, modern retro design combines the old and new elements, very nice to see more small 4WD.

  2. Saw one here in Fiji a month ago I think or this month just being imported and I saw the Suzuki badge and I suddenly knew this is the new Jimny !! Always admired this little beast! Aunt use to have one and she would go anywhere other vehicles can't go!
    This one is a beauty! 😍😍 Thank you Suzuki! Long live the all mighty Jimny!

    The Americans still got a ban on this ?
    They don't know what they been missing out on hope they lift the ban on this new one!

  3. Prices are incorrect the are 27990 drive away not 24 please correct and confirm as i have put a deposit on one and your prices are before onroad costs

  4. Looks like a Mercedes-Benz G Wagen??? Have you not ever seen a modern Jeep Wrangler? This Suzuki shuld be called a 3/4 size Jeep REPLICA. The roof colour and lines, the colour and shape of plastic fenders, the overall shape of the vehicle, the mirrors, the black side step moulding, the vertical slot grille with 7" round lights, the body-on-chassis and live axles, the steering wheel and general dash layout are ALL straight out of the Jeep JK/JL design playbook. Embarrassingly so.

    I'm thinking of buying one of these baby Jeeps for my daughter next year but I'm not going to pretend it isn't a Japanese Jeep Replica

  5. My wife likes the OH SHIT grab bar on passenger side.
    I like the it has roof gutters. When you open door when raining won’t get a lap full of water.
    I have the previous model.

  6. Yep, the more reviews I watch the closer I get to the dealership. I will however restrain myself until the hype falls away and demand becomes more realistic. Buy now and prepare to be stung by the dealerships that will sell their mothers to get more stock… 👍

  7. It's called "fit for purpose". Its exactly what it needs to be for its intended use.
    A torquey diesel and a soft top and I'm happy

  8. A good 4wd except it's a pitty the wading depth isn't a bit deeper than the 35cm or so… Landcruiser, Hilux etc usually do 70cm

  9. The engine is not an anachronism. It is one of the very few brand new blank sheet designs in 2018. And it is EURO6d emissions-compatible without start stop system or cylinder deactivation or particle filter.

  10. A 1.5 litre is perfect power to weight for this vehicle but the dork testing it wants a 7.3 V8 diesel.Next time get an expert,not a boy racer.

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