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2019 Skoda Octavia RS Review | carsales

2019 Skoda Octavia RS Review | carsales

I love that got my money’s worth feel that
you get with a Euro badge, but do you know what I love even more? A good deal. Which brings me to today’s drive, the Skoda
Octavia RS. And before we into it, let me set the tone
for those not familiar with Skoda, because many aren’t. It’s part of the Volkswagen family, whose
members include Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche, to name just a few. The fact is, with good genes come good things. The Octavia is Skoda’s top selling with
the Kodiaq SUV chomping at its heels of course. But the appeal of the Octavia is broad. Its hot hatch underpinnings combined with
the wagon flexibility, make it quite the family car, and far from boring. On the go, the Skoda feels like a weighty,
substantial car, but it never feels cumbersome. That 2L turbo delivers power and fast. Switch to sport mode and use your pedal shifts
for even more fun. Standard tech is good in this vehicle, and
we’ve ticked some options too. The short story is you are not left wanting. There’s a big touchscreen, Apple CarPlay
and Android auto connectivity, wireless phone charging, satellite navigation, a reversing
camera with front and rear sensors, and auto parking. Driver assist technology includes adaptive
cruise control, lane keep assist, and blind spot monitoring. The Octavia RS straddles sporty and family
friendly in a most convincing way, where there are few compromises. The second row is actually a really nice play
to be. You’ve got big, comfy, heated seats, two
USB charge points, you’ve got backseat pockets, heaps of legroom, an armrest with cup holders. And in this car, we’ve got the benefit of
this big glass, dual sunroof, which makes it really quite bright an area out here. Sure, it’s a sign of my life stage that
I get excited about a good boot, but I know I’m not alone. And Skoda is king of the boots. The power tailgate reveals a voluminous boot,
but wait, there’s more. I love the reversible floor mat, carpet or
protective rubber. Genius. Then we have dual blinds. This one can carry up to three kg, while this
one hides the contents of your boot. Plenty of anchor points and clever net systems
make this a very smart book indeed. At the end of the day, I’m hard pressed
to find true fault with the Octavia. And electric park brake would be nice. The hard plastics and common touch points
aren’t quite at Audi levels of tactility, but nor are they priced as such. There’s actually something to be said for
more robust plastics with kids on board. On the flipside, I do worry a little bit about
how the plush alcantara seats will deal with spillages. The Skoda Octavia RS is proof you can have
your cake and eat it too. Sporting credentials and family friendly values
brings something for everyone. It’s a yes from me.

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