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2019 Porsche Macan S Review | carsales

2019 Porsche Macan S Review | carsales

Porsche likes to call the Macan the sports
car of SUVs and there’s no doubt that when it first arrived in 2014 it stood out from
pretty ordinary competition as a great drive. But now five years on the competition has
definitely lifted and the question is has Porsche done enough with this facelift to
keep Macan in the lead pack let alone at the head of it. The Macan is Porsche’s most popular model
in Australia. The five seat, all-wheel drive SUV accounts
for more than 50% of local sales. This is its first facelift and in all reality,
it’s not that big a deal. The diesel has gone in accordance with Porsche’s
global policy which leaves us for now with the entry-level two-litre four cylinder and
the version we’re driving here. The three-litre V6 Macan S.
There’s a new slightly more powerful and cleaner turbocharged engine borrowed from
Audi that bodes pretty well and there’s no doubt its got some brawn. But for all the impressive stats the engine
just does not feel Porsche like. It revs pretty slowly and just does not have
that free wheeling zing you expect. But Porsche has invested in other areas of
the Macan too with more noticeable impact. If you’re used to travelling in Porsche’s
like the legendary 911 sports car then prepare yourself for a very different experience. Here by Porsche’s standards the Macan is
too quiet. But plenty stays the same and in some ways
that’s a good thing. One thing the Macan continues to do is get
around corners at speed in control and enjoyable. Hey it wouldn’t be a Porsche if it couldn’t
do that. The downside of that is a firm ride even in
the most supple normal setting but it’s a trade-off plenty of people will accept. It’s such a good drive it’s hard to believe
the Macan is actually an Audi Q5 Porsche has reworked. Its certainly achieved something special. Inside the big improvement is a much larger
media screen with heaps of added functionality. Not so impressive is the fact the Macan still
doesn’t feature standard autonomous emergency braking. The Macan is not the most generous car for
rear seat passengers either but we already knew that. It won’t be until the next generation arrives
in the early 2020’s before such fundamentals can be addressed. This is a worthy update of a high performance
quality SUV but you know what the competition has closed the gap and the Macan no longer
stands head and shoulders above the rest. But it’s still good. It’s still in the lead pack and it’s still
a Porsche and that guarantees there’s going to be plenty of buyers queuing up for the
new Macan.

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  1. I think I have tried that same Miami blue one before .haha . Still waiting for mine to be delivered

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