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Well it’s been 40 years since Mitsubishi
first launched its light commercial Ute and now almost five million units later, this
is the all new Triton. We’re going to go and put it through its
paces in rugged Tasmania to see if its lost any of that tough truck goodness. More than most competitors, the Triton brings
go anywhere off-road ability to the one-ton Ute market. It’s the only Ute on the market to offer
centre and rear diff locks and with improved geometry and clearance this time round is
even more capable of getting in and out of the places the others can’t. Payload and towing capacities remain unchanged
but importantly the Triton adds more safety equipment. Ball bar compatible emergency braking, rear
cross traffic alert and lane keeping assist now elevating the Triton above even the most
expensive Ute’s in the class. Well if you’ve been inside a Triton before
you’ll probably jump in the new one and say hey there’s a lot that’s familiar
and that’s not a bad thing. But the small changes Mitsubishi have made
are certainly worthwhile. Ventilation, grab handles and USB ports are
now offered to the backseats while upfront added padding and premium garnishes give the
Triton a bit of a lift. Engine choices remain unchanged, but turbo
diesel models score a new six speed auto to improve drivability. The engine is still a little noisy however
and fuel consumption actually increases but overall the Triton performs well and is quite
car like to drive. What isn’t car like though is the Triton’s
ride quality. More than some competitors the Mitsubishi
is jittery when driven without a load in the back. The uprated springs and dampers firmer than
the set up they replace. Triton pricing jumps $3,000 at the top end
of town. The new GLS premium variant breaking the $50,000
mark for the first time. That aside a long warranty and cap priced
servicing add to the Triton’s value equation and give Mitsubishi a much-needed edge over
its competition.

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