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2019 Mercedes-Benz X-Class EXY Urban Review | carsales

2019 Mercedes-Benz X-Class EXY Urban Review | carsales

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class ute might have the
right badge, but in terms of visuals, it’s a disappointment. Until now. This is a triple X-rated X-Class. More concept car than trader ute, the big
black cruiser will turn more heads than a slammed Mustang, and is about as conventional
as a truffle toastie. Dubbed the X-Class EXY Urban ute, it is the
work of European studio pickup design. EXY by name, EXY by nature. This set-up will add another $36,000 to the
price of the X-Class ute. You’re basically playing at the top end of
the market. This is for somebody who obviously wants the
best, doesn’t want to settle for anything else. And that’s why we’ve gone to the detail we
have. The EXY Urban ute adds loads of visual flair. From that composite front bumper, the pumped
wheel arches, and that massive rear sail plane, and even a rear spoiler. It’s got custom padded [?] suspension that
bring it 30mm lower to the ground, and massive 20″ wheels that fill out the wheel arches
very nicely. It’s almost like the answer to a question
nobody asked. Utes, by their nature, are utilitarian. But this vehicle has a slightly lower ride
height. And that rear sports bar reduces practically
just a little bit. But when was an HSV Maloo or FPV Super Pursuit
ute practical? With those local heroes gone, utes like this
stand out in an ocean of same-same vehicles. The stiffer springs and strut bars actually
make this car a lot more fun to drive than the standard X-Class. It sits a bit flatter through corners, and
it’s just got a bit more attitude. I’ve actually had quite a lot of fun pushing
this around some very twisty roads. This X-Class is the 250d model, running at
2.3L turbo diesel. And it’s got more than enough grunt to move
with purpose. That said, if I was going to drop crazy amounts
of coin on a ute like this, it’d have to be the bigger, beefier V6 engine. It’s just got a lot more mambo. The 1980s lighting blots may only appeal to
Bon Jovi fans, but the quality of the leather is much better than the standard seats in
the X-Class. Made in Europe and backed by a warranty, this
conversion kit turns the X-Class into something unique. This is not some sketchy add-on you’d get
from e-Bay. Okay, so it won’t be for everyone. But the market for $100,000 utes continues
to grow, especially as the big US pickups build momentum. As that happens, vehicles like this will continue
to find favour with customers. In a world where utes are quickly becoming
a dominant force in the new car market, X-rated conversions like this could be the tip of
the iceberg.

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