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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE Review | carsales

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE Review | carsales

When they said, go and test the new Geely,
I thought, cool, another cheap and cheerful Chinese club trap to burn around in. Turns out Aussies slur their words. This is actually the Mercedes-Benz GLE. And you know what, it’s actually very cool. Although prices have gone up for the new large
SVU, it comes with loads more equipment as standard, plus more efficient engines and
loads more cabin space. Speaking of which, Benz has nailed the interior
design and ergonomics. The steering wheel controls are nicely laid
out. These twin 12.3-inch screens display oodles
of information in crisp high definition. And there’s a massive head-up display too. It also comes with the MBUX operating system
which has a very cool feature. Check this out. Hey, Mercedes. [CAR] How can I help you? Open the sunroof please. [CAR]I’m opening the roller sun-blind on
the sliding sunroof. Yes. Most of the car’s main touch points are
sensibly arranged. You’ve got ride height adjust, drive model
selection, wireless phone charging, And these cup holders are bigger than Texas. No surprises for guessing this SUV was built
in the USA. There are a total of seven USB-C ports covering
all three seat rows. But you’ll need adaptors for regular USB
plugs. The Artico fake leather maybe vegan-friendly,
but it doesn’t look or feel quite as supple as traditional leather. The indicator stalks feel a bit cheap too,
and they’re the same ones used in the A-Class, a car which costs less than half as much as
the GLE. And there’s some average dash plastics in
use too. Front seat space is comparable to its rivals. But the backseat is massive, bigger than the
BMW X5. And it you option the third row you get electric
sliding second row, which gives you loads of legroom. The optional third row seat provides enough
room for kids, or, at a pinch, adults on short journeys. It’s also the first time third-row seats
have been offered since the SUV was called the Mercedes ML. You can option a tow pack and tow up to 3,500
kilos. And inside the power-operated boot you get
all the usuals, including tie-down hooks and shopping bag hooks. And, again, there is more space here than
you get in the BMW X5. The first thing I noticed when jumping in
this car is how quiet it is, and there’s a good reason for that. Mercedes has worked really hard at making
this one of the most aerodynamic cars in its class. That means it cuts through the air with a
minimum of fuss. Throw in a whole bunch of sound-dimming materials
and you’ve got a very quiet car. Even though this is a big car, and it’s
grown bigger since the last one, the turning circle’s actually pretty good, and the light
steering makes it really easy to manoeuvre. It doesn’t feel like a big, ungainly Leviathan. While handling dynamics have improved over
its predecessor, it’s not as engaging as the X5. We’re driving the 300d model, which is a
2-litre, turbocharged diesel. Now, that may sound like a teeny, tiny engine,
and it kind of is. But it actually feels really good in this
application. I’d almost argue that there’d be no point
buying any of the other engines and spending 10,000 or 20,000 more, because this one really
does it all. The new GLE puts on a very impressive show. It’s loaded with features and tech. it’s
super-roomy, easy to drive, and has a lovely engine. And with that badge on the bonnet, it’s
unlikely to be mistaken for a Geely.

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