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Mercedes-Benz is progressively launching the
A-Class sedan for 2019, kicking off in Australia with this A200 for just under $50,000. And that’s pretty affordable for a sedan
with the three-pointed star on the boot. If you were thinking that maybe the A 200
is just an A-Class with a boot, think again. With an aerodynamic coefficient of drag measuring
just 0.22, the A 200 sedan is a record-breaker. That makes the A 200 both fuel efficient and
quiet for open-road touring. During the drive program for the local launch
of the new sedan, the A 200 was posting a fuel consumption figure of just 6.8L/100km
It’s not just the slippery aero styling that keeps the A 200 frugal, of course; it’s also
the downsized turbo four-cylinder engine – just 1.3 litres in capacity. Despite its fuel-sipping qualities, the engine
is quite lively and delivers decent performance around town, although it does struggle providing
performance for overtaking on a hill, as an example. The engine drives through the front wheels
via a smooth-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. For those who enjoy swapping cogs manually,
the A-Class sedan comes as standard with shift paddles. With its standard Dynamic Select system, the
A 200 allows the driver to choose different operating modes. In comfort mode the suspension favours ride
comfort over handling. The Sport mode is a better choice for cornering,
but comes at the expense of that supple ride on Aussie country roads. Inside the A 200, the packaging reflects the
shared design parameters of the A-Class hatch, although the front seats feature adjustable
headrests and recontoured bolsters. The driving position in the A200 is generally
good, although I find the accelerator pedal is too high, and the seat base cushioning
is quite firm. And the A 200 sedan does share the hatchback’s
rear-seat accommodation issues that have earned the small Mercedes criticism in some quarters
for stingy legroom, headroom and access. The A 200 tested came with an optional sunroof,
which encroached further on the available headroom. In terms of packaging and touring ability
then, the A 200 sedan comes with its own set of limitations. However, most buyers will likely choose the
A 200 sedan over its competitors because it’s a practical proposition for a family with
a couple of young kids, rarely venturing beyond the outer suburbs. There’s more than enough room in the boot
for a couple of pushers or a larger pram and a portacot The A 200 is also stylish in the
bespoke Benz way, but the A 200 sedan’s qualities don’t end there. Refined, well equipped and offering 430 litres
of boot space, the A200 is a classy product for fans of small sedans.

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