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2019 Best Dual-Cab 4WD Ute for Towing | carsales

2019 Best Dual-Cab 4WD Ute for Towing | carsales

In theory, our best utes are all ready to
tow. But once they’re hitched up, there can only
be one winner. On the towing front, the majority of the field
offer a 3.5-tonne towing capacity. The Mitsubishi Triton and Toyota Hilux fall
short however with a towing capacity of just over 3 tonnes, more than enough for our 3-tonne
caravan. To ensure the test is fair, our best utes
towed in accordance with their manufacturer’s guidelines. So I never tow-tested the Musso before but
it did a lot better than we thought with the 3-tonne caravan behind it. Nissan had three goes at setting up a suspension
at the back of the Navarra but it still wasn’t quite right for towing. With a heavy caravan behind it at freeway
speeds, it’s not as stable as it should be. So the Ranger has always been a great tow
vehicle but now with a new twin-turbo 2-litre engine, it’s even better. If we had to pick a dual cab used for heavy
duty towing, this will be it. Which means the Ford Ranger is the most capable
tow vehicle in the very conditions on test. Our judges praised the Ford’s on-road stability
and driveline performance saying it gave the Ranger a clear advantage over the nine other
rivals assembled on test. To find out how our field handled payload
and off-road duties, see which one has the most comfortable cabin or to watch this comparison
in full, simply click on the links below.

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