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2019 Best Dual-Cab 4WD Ute for Payload | carsales

2019 Best Dual-Cab 4WD Ute for Payload | carsales

They are all designed to cart a load but exactly
how much can our best ute carry? When it comes to payload, our judges were
focused as much on the manufacturers’ claims as they were with the ute’s ability to haul
a load with confidence. Depending on brand, the utes are able to carry
between 790 and 1039 kilograms. And for this test, we’ve placed 650 kilos
on the back of each ute. Now the Mercedes Benz X Class was a real surprise
because it’s set up as a road car. It’s meant to go around corners and things
and putting that 650 kilograms at the back of it, pointed the nose skywards. It was like flying a plane. You were coming in to land all the time it
was up so high. It needs a drop nose like a Concorde. Well at least the Triton has value on its
side. I have to say, I’ve been a little bit disappointed
with the overall performance of the Triton. It’s the newest vehicle here. And with Mitsubishi having such a history
in development of vehicles like this, it’s not the most refined in this set. The SsangYong is though when we loaded it
up with the 650 kilograms it really stayed in the back. It was actually sitting on the bump stops
the whole time around the loop but it made it handle like a sports car. It was really surprising because it’s got
a rowdy engine. One of the vehicles on test that offers a
great all-round package is the Navara. Now this is the black edition which comes
with an all-terrain tyre, but it’s not too compromised in on-road driving. And in a paddock of show ponies, well, the
Isuzu D Max is definitely a workhorse. It’s tradey tough, one for the farmers and
still has plenty of grunt. One of the vehicles that best managed that
polo challenge was the Ford Ranger. The weight distribution was very even across
the car, and on road, we had to ask ourselves whether we were actually carrying much weight
at all. After much discussion, our experts decided
the most capable load lugger here is the Ford Ranger. Our judges praised the Ford’s on road composure
and driveline performance saying it gave the Ranger an edge over the nine other rivals
gathered on test. To see how the field handled towing and off-road
duties, see which one had the most comfortable cabin or to watch this comparison in full,
simply click on the links below.

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