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2018 Ford Mustang GT Active Exhaust Mode Comparison & Explanation 💨

2018 Ford Mustang GT Active Exhaust Mode Comparison & Explanation 💨

Hey, guys. Welcome to this video, which is gonna be totally
dedicated to the 2018 Mustang GT. We’re gonna go over the Active Exhaust in
full detail. And of course, to show you what it’s to sound
like in all four of the modes. What’s a little bit different though, is I’m
gonna have a loudness meter with me, and we’ll get to see firsthand how different each setting
is. It’s easier to call out numbers like 70 decibels,
but what exactly does that sound like? And how much of a difference is each mode
gonna have? Sometimes it can be hard to gauge through
just a sound clip alone, so that’s why we’re gonna show you both the sound clip and the
loudness reading. Of course, I’ve got to say, make sure you
subscribe to our YouTube if you haven’t already done so, just to keep up to date with everything
we have going on here at AM. But, right now, let’s talk about the Active
Exhaust. So, active exhaust in and of itself isn’t
exactly a brand-new concept. We’ve seen it on performance cars in the past,
and there are even axle backs and cat backs that are available that you can purchase. But they give you something very close to
the active exhaust. They won’t be nearly as integrated into the
car as an active exhaust from the factory is, but they’re really close. And I’m talking about the X-Force Varex, the
ROUSH, or the BBK Varitune. But what’s obviously new and very different
in this picture, is having an active exhaust as an option for the GT Mustang that will
come with a standard Quad tech design. And that is something that’s really different
in the Mustang world. This is gonna bring up questions about upgrading
exhaust and either keeping the active exhaust or dropping it. The active exhaust is an option that cost
right about $900 as it is, so, are you guys really gonna wanna opt for the active exhaust
from the factory, if you plan on operating down the road and losing the active ability? Exhaust is usually one of the first mods that
people look into. Questions like, “What is it gonna cost to
upgrade and keep the active exhaust feature?” come in the mind. And I think it’s safe to guess that going
with an aftermarket system that will keep the active exhaust will be a little bit more
expensive than a standard axle back or cat back that would be. Ford’s Active Performance Valve Exhaust will
let you choose between four different modes. Normal, Quiet, Sport, and Track modes. You can use the steering wheel mounted controls
and toggle through the menu in the instrument cluster to select your mode. By changing the mode you’re changing the valving
in the mufflers. The mufflers have valves that open and close
for each mode, which is how you’re gonna get changes in exhaust notes. Basically, what you’re doing is changing the
tuning of the mufflers. And to understand the tuning, we have to look
really specifically at things. Each of the mufflers has a valve on the outlets
and those are continuously variable based off of RPM, load on the car, and pedal response. So, this really is an active exhaust in the
true sense of the words. Ford tuned all of these together to make sure
you still get the sound of the Mustang, but that you have the ability to change the sound
at the same time. So, there’s a lot more involved here than
just changing the valves in the mufflers. The sound of the car is gonna change, depending
on pedal position, load on the car, RPM, and the selected mode, hence the tuning of the
mufflers. But, at the same time, that makes it a little
bit harder for us to give you guys a good idea of how the car sounds, because it is
gonna change, depending on those few noted factors, like a real active exhaust would. So, free runs just aren’t gonna cut it. They’re not gonna give you enough of an idea,
but we’re gonna tackle all of that in a second. Active exhaust on the Mustang is cool enough,
but what will make it even cooler is the quiet start programming or the good-neighbor mode,
as Ford calls it. This is something that’s new across the board
and it’s an industry first. If you haven’t seen the ad, or you don’t know
about it, Ford lets you schedule time to keep your car in quiet mode. So, whenever you start your car in the timeframe
that you guys set, it will automatically start in quiet mode so you’ll be gathering any unwanted
attention. Is a pretty cool feature if you ask me? Okay. So, enough talking about it, let’s get this
car outside and show you guys what it sounds like and give you loudness meter readings
too. And we won’t just be doing for your rise. We’re gonna give you a driveway too, just
so you guys can get the full effect of each mode. All right, guys, so, the first mode we’re
gonna be looking at is Normal mode. And I have my meter here. I’m gonna be about say, 8 to 10 feet back
away from the car, just for your reference. I don’t think it’s gonna be accurate if I’m
actually holding it right at the exhaust tip. And I have this thing set on the mark, so
we’ll be showing you the highest point at which it hits on the Normal mode. So, for Normal mode, we hit 111.9. And guys, I will say right now we are battling
some wind and some other noise out here, so that’s why you’re not seeing this meter start
from 0.00. But either way, 111.9 for Normal mode. Next, we’re gonna be looking at Quiet mode
and let’s see just how much quieter it is. So, Quiet mode hit 100.7 decibels. And I have to say it definitely was a lot
quieter. Eleven decibels makes for a big change, and
this is why I wanted to do this, guys. Like I said, it’s easy to throw numbers out
there, but what does that mean in terms of sound? So, hopefully, this is helping you guys out
there too, to understand the differences between the modes. Next up we have Sport mode and now it’s gonna
be, kind of, like you’re in between Normal and Track mode. So, I’m expecting that to be obviously louder
than Normal, but not as loud as the car is gonna get. Okay. So, Sport mode gave us a max reading of 113.4,
which is about 2 decibels higher than Normal. Like I said, I expect it to be in between
of Normal and Track mode. Next up, we have Track mode, and I’m wondering
just how much louder this thing’s gonna get. Hi, guys. So, final reading for Track mode is 114.3,
definitely louder than Sport mode, and a lot louder than Quiet mode, obviously. Hopefully this video, and seeing these readings,
help you guys determine, a little bit better, the difference between the modes. I can tell you right now there is definitely
an audible difference between every single mode. It is a little bit hard to tell differences
between Sport and Track mode, but it’s definitely loudest in Track mode, and you hear a big
difference in some of those other modes too. One thing that I didn’t really notice, and
something that really stands out to me, is the active exhaust that got audibly heard
in the active exhaust, and you guys can probably hear it most in Quiet mode. The car was in Quiet mode, and when we did
the takeoff and drive away, you could definitely hear the exhaust open up a lot more than it
did it in the free runs and a lot more than it did on the initial take off. So, once the car had some load, and some good
RPMs underneath of it, you heard it just completely open up. And that’s what I was talking about earlier
with those other factors, like pedal position, load, and RPM actually affecting the node
of the exhaust. And it was pretty cool to hear firsthand. Guys, I gotta say, this thing sounds great
from the factory, but I know we all wanna know what it sounds like with a resonator
to it. And I can tell you right now we definitely
have something in the works for you. So, keep your eyes out for that. If you haven’t done so already, make sure
you subscribe to our YouTube channel. And for all things Mustang, keep it right
here at

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91 thoughts on “2018 Ford Mustang GT Active Exhaust Mode Comparison & Explanation 💨

  1. Seems as if it had more torque in the quiet mode. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have been working hard and I am tired lol.

  2. I'll be honest, this is a garbage video. The "loudness" is a crap test. The growl and tone changes with each mode whole driving.

    My 2018 has active exhaust, and I do not plan on changing it. No video does it justice because you need to drive it to really hear it.

  3. Omg loved it, i was paying really close attention and thinking about 🤔 and thought to my self

    man i need a chick like her!

  4. A couple of my neighbors are actually ok with my loud exhaust they know when I leave it's time for them to get up for work, a mustang alarm clock….

  5. Sport & Track Modes sound exactly the same to the human ear, but did notice an audible difference between Quiet & Normal. Ford did a great job on the exhaust system from factory, really only needs a resonator delete kit for most Mustang owners who want more volume.

  6. a base model GT exhaust. how does that compare to the 4 modes in the active exhuast?
    is the base model comparable to the Quiet mode? or Normal?

  7. what about muffler valve rattling problem like many new Camaro´s suffer ? normal mode is much to quiet and i´m sure in europe they decrease all that another step 🙁

  8. So do you prefer sport mode/track mode over the character and tone of one of the higher-end brands like Borla or Flowmaster? Follow up question; how do you feel about guys that you can be proud to take home to your mom? Feel free to answer either or both.

  9. I think I would rather have a 2018 Maserati Gran Truismo that starts at 150K. The price difference proves it is a better car for the money over the 2018 Mustang GT with a Roush supercharger. One Maserati GT is a better value than two Roush super charged Mustang GT's for about the same price as one Maserati GT. Anyone with any auto performance intelligence and bang for buck sense knows this. Why have two Mustang GT's when you can one Maserati GT?

  10. for anybody here that is actually considering getting this car, i got mine yesterday with the active exhaust option. and let me tell you that none of the videos on youtube actually do the sound justice. i spent like 3 weeks watching videos over and over again, waiting for my stang to arrive, and it was still louder than i expected. the cold start makes my house shake LITTERALLY. fantastic car, couldnt be more happy

  11. Interesting video and information. But I don't need my car parts and information sexed up by putting a girl in the video just to get dateless losers to watch.

  12. the first thing i would do with an active exhoust is replace it with no cats no mufflers an electic cutouts an diffanty i mean diffanty shave the door handles an windshield wippers has to go

  13. I told my brother not to get this on his 18 GT. He got it. Today we went through the different modes and I’m in disbelief how amazing, loud and deep this exhaust is. My 16GT with muffler delete and magnaflow X pipe sounds quieter than the 18 in normal mode. So basically it’s time for an exhaust change for my car lol. Anyone debating getting this exhaust, trust me it is 100% worth the upgrade from factory

  14. Since many race tracks here in Sweden has a 95db limit, I seriously hope it's possible to run the car in track mode but with quiet on the mufflers.

  15. I get the "active exhaust" provides you with 4 modes: quiet, normal, sport, track". What if I don't opt for this? Would my (only) exhaust mode be "sport"? How loud is the volume, compared to the 4 modes found in AE?

  16. Are the active exhaust and exhaust modes only available on the GT's that have the 12 in display and the 301 interior package? Are the active exhaust and exhaust modes available on the base 2018 mustang GT?

  17. The active exhaust feature is a waste of money. I just bought a 2018 GT without the performance package and believe me, the exhaust is loud but not loud enough to disturb your neighbors. Besides, who in their right mind would reve the engine or floor it out of the garage. I just ease out of my garage and coast in when I get home and no one can hear me leave nor arrive.

  18. a DB meter is handy but does not take into account the tone change, but in case anyone didn't know a 3db change is double the volume, EG 100 db moving to 103db is twice as loud. so to 106db its 4 times as loud and 109db is 8 times louder.

  19. I personally think that the exhaust Modes are a waste of money . And if you want the best sound out of a mustang put H pipes and Flowmaster’s that’s the way we used to do them back in the 80s and 90s . You’ll get up very throaty growl ..! That’s the way Every mustang you run across used to sound

  20. Sound intensity doubles for every +3 on the dBA scale. So increasing the noise by 11dBA is nearly 4 times as loud.

  21. Hmm the spoiler delete on the Performance Pack is growing on me. Maybe I can live without it but I also love PP1 spoiler. I can't decide if it'll be a deal breaker for me when I go look at one. It has all the options (active exhaust, 401A, manual) I want besides that. Does the Mustang look better with or without the Performance Pack spoiler?

  22. Just bought a 2019 Mustang GT with all the premium package after having an import (2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8) and my goodness never looking back, hands down the best investment I have ever made. When you downshift with the rev match, heads turn and it puts a smile on your face every time. Just ordered a Borla S-Type Stinger Cat-back exhaust w/active exhaust. Video coming soon!

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