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2018 BMW X3 Review: Is the X1 a Better Buy? —

2018 BMW X3 Review: Is the X1 a Better Buy? —

the redesigned bmw x3 checks all the
boxes for anyone shopping a small luxury SUV but if you can compromise a little
on ride and handling the new x1 from BMW does most of that for a lot less money
now whether you want the x3 is really going to depend on how much the driving
experience matters styling is similar inside and out but the x3 is a bit
bigger about three inches wider and taller about 10 inches longer bumper to
bumper you would think that would make for a much bigger cabin but actually
it’s not palpably roomier inside here versus the x1 which has actually quite a
bit of room for how small it is on the outside maybe a little bit bigger seats
here in the x3 but just not a ton of extra room the back seat might actually
be a little bit worse here no sliding function which is an option in the x1
and the seats it’s a low to the floor which might leave adult’s knees
uncomfortably elevated our go room between the two roughly the same very
similar numbers there and cabin materials you know soft touch stuff flow
glass stuff that’s where you might think the x3 is a lot better than the x1 but
actually the x1 is pretty much right up there with luxury car stuff x3 is a
little nicer in certain areas down below knee and arm level but not a huge
difference now with the x3 distinguishes itself is with ride and handling a 50/50
weight distribution makes for a very good dynamics if you throw it around
that scenario where the x1 which is based on a front drive platform but kind
of falls apart feels very nose heavy our x3 test car here as well
combines that with very plush ride quality a comfortable car versus the x1
which feels a little bit choppy especially at low speeds the question is
how many SUV owners are really going to demand all of that out of their vehicle
both cars x1 and x3 have similar passing power from punchy turbo four-cylinder
engines you’d really have to step up to the x3 sm4 ti six-cylinder variant to
get a higher threshold that said I suspect most shoppers are looking at the
turbo four-cylinder in the x3 X Drive 30 eye which starts around 43 v with
destination and all-wheel drive now that’s a competitive price with other
compact luxury models those are some compelling rivals but their entry-level
subcompact siblings are in many ways a class of compromises not so much for the
x1 which is quite a good choice and again
that’s probably the biggest case against the redesigned x3 which starts thousands
of dollars more and doesn’t really have enough extra standard features to
justify it it certainly rides and handles better
but whether that’s enough to give reason for the higher monthly car payments well
that’s up to you you

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35 thoughts on “2018 BMW X3 Review: Is the X1 a Better Buy? —

  1. The X3 scores better in cargo space and towing capacity. Also, its exterior dimensions are just perfect – at least to me. I am willing to pay the additional 8000 or so and get a sporty SUV rather than a rebadged front wheel drive Mini Cooper!

  2. What!? The X3 vs X1 the X3 is a lot bigger. I just picked up a 2018 X3 and compared to X1 size isnt even close. Also, drove the X5 and (as another viewer said) did not feel as big of a size difference. That is the better question…..

  3. The harsh ride is what made me give up my X1. So yes, the more luxurious and comfortable ride, plus more trunk space are enough for me to consider the X3.

  4. Generally, I don't comment, but here it goes. I had a 2018 X1 as a rental for 1 week/400 miles. The car is terrible. The rental I had was a msrp of 40k. With few options. The materials were crap. Drove like crap. It is NOT worthy of a 'BMW' logo (funny is the BMW dealer agreed with me). Anyone who buys an X1 truly just wants that "BMW" logo to make themselves feel special. My next car will be an X3. I drove it in the wind on a highway, it drove worse than my old Lincoln Navigator. It's very unrefined. The size is great though, but thats were the positives end.

  5. I thought this review was going to be better than it turned out to be. I think you came into this interview with the prejudice view that the X1 was better for the money. Added comfort, quietness and driving dynamics are very important to customers buying upscale vehicles. Finally, if you're looking for cost vs value then all BMW's are overpriced. By this standard, if you're looking for great value then buy a Toyota.

  6. I would go for X3 for sure. Only $8000 plus, I can have a bigger car, more technology, and options, plus display key available from X3 up, and X1 transmission stick looks cheap. Not to mention 360 degree camera doesn't available on X1.

  7. People who buy a dadmobile are looking for roominess, price, and looks. If they cared about driving dynamics, they'd get an estate car. So if I were to get a small BMW SUV, I'd get the X1, cuz it has just as much room, if not more than the X3 at a fraction of the price.

  8. X1 should ride better. I have a 2013 x1 just bought it used, the older ones have more power and are based on RWD even in awd. Almost a 50/50 weight distribution too and can add more power with just a pissgyback plug in tune. Great little suv thing. Almost don't miss my 2015 Civic Si

  9. Whattttt nooo we are planning on buying an x3 and we also looked at the x1 but the materials used in the x1 is not even 10% of the x3 and that’s only the tip of the iceberg they are incomparable

  10. What is this dude smoking? The X1 is basically a gussied-up Mini Cooper! The X3 blows the doors off an X1. Plus, yes, I am a BMW driver – I own them because I'm into PERFORMANCE and HANDLING. My 2018 X3 handles like a UFO, especially with its intelligent 4-wheel drive. Much better appointed interior, and way better stereo. All of which are impossible to me. Love the car.

  11. Stupid premise. With exception of cargo space you mention no statistics to back up your point don't show the X1 for more than a few seconds don't mention the more sophisticated four-wheel drive and handling of a rear drive chassis as for the quietness and luxury PX3 it's quite poor well that a tremendous amount of money invested but the X1 very far off and not really saving you that much money basically why not just recommend if someone buy a Volkswagen Passat or Jetta

  12. I’ll take the x3 BMW cheapened the x1 with the front wheel drive nonsense BMW has forgotten they are supposed to be making luxury vehicles with all the things they are doing like fake leather etc just to name a few

  13. X3 is a great car. It's upto you which variant you are looking for. I will surely go for the 3 Lt diesel engine option instead of 2 lt engine. When you are paying some extra money for more fun you should choose a car like that much of power & not the 190 bhp 2 lt diesel engine which is used in X1. Now decision is yours. Choose any one.

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