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2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible Review

2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible Review

I SUVs of all shapes and sizes are incredibly popular right now in automakers are working to expand their lineups by offering tiny subcompact models and ones with coupe-like styling land rover has gotten a little more creative and has come up with this a convertible SUV while the 2017 range rover evoque convertible driving experience is decidedly car like familiar convertible shortcomings remain the convertible retains the overall styling theme of the two and four-door evoke SUVs but don’t be surprised that people do a double-take trying to figure out what this thing is it’s about a foot shorter than the BMW 4 30 I and mercedes-benz c300 convertibles and when you combine that with its Paul beltline it has a bit of a stubby shape I do like though how the power soft top retains the overall styling theme of the car in that power soft top is pretty easy to use there’s a single switch on the center console that controls it and in our testing it took about 14 seconds for the top to go down or back up that’s pretty quick and unlike some convertible tops you can use it when you’re on the move it works at speeds up to 29 miles per hour the soft tops goes neatly behind the rear seats and unlike some convertible tops it doesn’t take up any cargo space when it’s down to get to that cargo area you lift this small windowless hats right here and it measures eight point eight cubic feet that’s big enough for a couple duffel bags so what’s it like to drive this thing well it feels more like a car than an SUV actually for one you step down into it as opposed to stepping up and that ride height translates into a planted feel in corners steering is light and direct and the turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivers plenty of power when you step on the accelerator with the top up ambient noise levels are a little higher but when the tops down wind buffeting is an excessive convertibles have been gaining all-wheel drive systems to increase their appeal but the off-road capability built in to evoke convertibles all-wheel drive system is unique it includes settings for grass gravel and snow mud and ruts and also sand plus it includes hill descent control which lets the Evoque convertible walk slowly down steep grades that said familiar convertible down sides are present as well as a few unexpected ones with the steel roof gone the chassis isn’t as rigid and you notice some windshield pillar shake on rougher roads rear visibility with the top up is very limited to which makes the backup camera that much more important and the rearview mirror blocks quite a bit of your view out the right side of the windshield the vote convertible also has the problem that I’ve noticed in some minis and that’s if you’d like to sit with your seat up high like I do the top of the windshield frame ends up blocking overhead stoplights so you have to peer down to see whether the lights changed green the convertible gets Land Rovers in control touch pro multimedia system and it features the 10.2 inch widescreen display it’s pretty easy to use overall it also packs a lot of processing power and that’s pretty clear when you start interacting with the available navigation map because it’s snappy and it has the same type of response that you expect from your smartphone well it’s easy to pair your phone to the system using Bluetooth apple carplay and android auto smart phone connectivity isn’t currently offered though land rover says it plans to add it to its lineup in the future the evoke starts around 43 thousand dollars but the least expensive convertible version is around ten thousand dollars more in this HSE dynamic trim level is nearly sixty thousand dollars and that’s before you add any options to it while that might seem like an eye-popping figure for a small convertible it’s only about five thousand dollars more than all wheel drive versions of the 430 I and c300 convertibles but if you want to turn heads there’s no question this is the one to get thanks for watching click here for more videos and here to subscribe to our YouTube channel

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16 thoughts on “2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible Review

  1. ill stay with my 2011 Nissan Murano Cross cab the V6 Vq engine would smoke that thing .. hopefully nissan revists this after the new year i would love a second gen Cross Cab

  2. Some vehicles should just never be made convertible. Absolutely the worst decision ever made. Even worse than Victoria Beckham designing the previous one.

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