2017 Kia Soul Review

the kia soul rolls out a new engine for 2017 and puts it in its highest turn level the explain for premium driving experience unfortunately that experience comes with a pretty hefty price for starters there’s the engine is the 201 horsepower 1.6 litre supercharged four-cylinder and as such it makes 40 more horsepower than the previous top engine in the soul but even with that additional power the soul gets the best fuel economy with this engine with an epa-estimated 28 miles per gallon combined now that engine is combined with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and overall it’s nice to drive with good response and passing power when you need it but like a lot of those transmissions you can kind of stumble around and really severe stopping traffic and when parking overall though compared to others in the class with same type of transmission that’s that one thing that could use improvement though is the ride it’s not overly firm or anything but it’s very busy as if the car is kind of always jittering around and I thought it hard to use the souls touch screen throughout my driving because of this speaking of things like the touchscreen the soul exclaim comes well equipped comes with apple carplay and android auto 18-inch wheels plus leather and cloth seat now on top of that our test model came equipped with five thousand dollars worth of options included a panoramic sunroof the technology package that includes an upgraded audio system power folding mirrors always handy in the big city heated front seats heated outboard rear seats heated steering wheel center console usb chargers and a navigation system that’s a lot of equipment but it comes at a cost our test model came in at 20 7620 dollars including destination that’s a lot of money to pay for any small hatchback now in my written review on I go into more detail comparing it to others in the same price range be sure to check that out no wrong i think he is done a good job with the soul exclaim there’s a lot of features and i really like what they’ve done with the engine the transmission but the high price and jittery ride give me reason to pause thanks for watching click here for more videos and here to subscribe to our YouTube channel

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