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Hi everyone I’m Tony, Welcome to Strickland’s
Stratford Toyota. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the Toyota Tacoma. The old
model, and the all new 2016. Okay, aside from the obvious changes to the body style lets
get right to the meat and potatoes of the new truck. For the last 10 years Tacoma owners
has asked for more power and better fuel economy. So the first thing we did with our old 4 litre
V6 engine was take a look at how we could make it more powerful and also how we could
improve the fuel economy. Looking at the 2016 we’ve introduced a 3.5 litre V6 engine, we’ve
added 42 points of horsepower to the power output, and we’ve improved your fuel economy
by 11%. You’re probably asking yourself, how did we cram all that extra power into the
2016, and still improve the fuel economy? We can start with the exterior of the vehicle,
we’ve improved aerodynamics dramatically, if we stop for a second and take a look just
below the bumper on the front of both vehicles you can see the ’16 has a new air dam, it
takes the air from the front of the vehicle, pushes it down and away and also off to the
sides of the vehicle helping it pass through the air in a streamlined fashion. Now the
way we’ve achieved the extra power and improved the fuel economy is with the new D4S engine.
The outgoing model (2015) had variable valve timing with intelligence you’ve still got
that technology going on in the 2016 but we’ve added the Atkinson cycle and also direct injection
and port injection with the new D4S engine. As a result we’ve got more power and we’re
using less gas to get you down the road. Now that we’ve answered the big questions about
power, and fuel economy let’s talk about the all new style. The 2015 model and the previous
generations they’ve had this body style design for a long time and you guys have loved it
but the new generation you asked for more style a bolder look something that’s nice
and aggressive but true to Tacoma heritage. The 2016 has an all new grill, all new body
panels, an all new interior and its absolutely fantastic. Toyota has done a wonderful job
with this new design, and we’re gonna sell a pile of them. Here’s a closer look at the
2015 TRD Sport package, this one represented over 80% of my sales. The TRD Sport has the
hood scoop, fog lamps, 17″ alloy rims, its got signals integrated into the mirror, its
also got the dentless liner in the box, with the optional plug-in in case you want to use
some power equipment on the go. Starting at the front of the 2016 we’ve revised the grill,
its much more bolder, its very aggressive, we’ve got a new hexagonal design its very
nice and its finished off with the fog lamps. You also get the LED daytime runners (lights)
on the TRD Sport package, which you didn’t have on the 2015. The alloy rims we’ve gone
with a new exciting design, their blackout rims in between the alloys look really sharp
on the new package. Getting down to the back of the truck, the box. Its going to look a
little different, but you might not notice it. Its actually 7% deeper. With our outgoing
design the 2015 model still enjoyed great success in the market we outsold our competition
2:1. Some of the highlights from the TRD Sport package include the rear mounted backup camera,
the trailer controls, so the 4 and 7 pin wiring along with your class 4 receiver. These are
all things you wanted to keep on your tow package, we’ve improved it on the 2016. The
tailgate on the 2016 model comes with a locking tailgate, the backup camera is still there.
We’ve moved the wiring around, it was below the bumper, now its mounted up in so it doesn’t
get knocked off if you go off roading and have a little bit of fun in the back 40. We’ve
changed the tailgates, the tailgates didn’t have a damper on them before and they dropped
just like this. Today they’ve got a really nice damper on them. Makes it a lot safer
to operate and easier to use. The 2015 model came equipped with the RPMs, Speedometer,
your fuel economy, the multi-function steering wheel and it gave drivers more than what they
had 10 years ago. Looking over to the media center, the media center comes fully equipped
with our latest and greatest, at least at the time. So you had AM/FM & Satellite (radio)
options. We upgraded it so it was more user friendly for connecting Bluetooth. And lastly
it was home to our backup camera. For climate control we’ve got our three dial system with
the speed, the temperature, and the mode. And then down below on the center tray there
is where we have the heated seats. Lastly if we want to look at the gear selector right
here in the center console you can see we’ve got our gated shifter, park, reverse, neutral,
drive. If you wanted to kick it down into low gear you could do so easily. Looking at
our instrument cluster, we’ve really cleaned things up. You’ve got your RPMs on the left,
your speedometer and fuel economy on the right, but we’ve added a new 4.2 inch TFT screen
which gives us lots of information, more than we had in the 2015. For example we can keep
track of our fuel economy. Moving over to the media center. We’ve added our latest and
greatest infotainment system, AM/FM, Satellite Radio is still there. One of the big upgrades over
the 2015 it has Navigation (GPS). The processor has been improved on this, we can actually
load up map data 85% faster than we could in the previous generation. Down for the climate
control system, we talked about a 3 dial system in the 2015 you’ve got that again in 2016
but we’ve cleaned it up, it looks a lot sleeker. We’ve also moved the heated seats from below
the center stack tray up to the middle. The location is a lot more central and easier
to use. Also, we’ve added heated mirrors in so there you go fellas, everyone out there
in the Prairie provinces you can get your Tacoma and you’ve got your heated side mirrors.
Down to the gear selector, they’ve streamlined this an awful lot, its smaller than what it
used to be, its a lot sleeker and nice. We have 2 more cup holders that we didn’t have
before, its still a gated shifter, its still really easy to use. Lastly the backup camera,
its a lot easier to see with this new screen. You can see its a lot bigger, gives you a
nice wide angle look at everything that’s behind you while you’re backing up to your
trailer. Alright that’s about all the time we have for today, thanks for joining us to
take a closer look at the old model and the brand new model on the 2016 (Toyota) Tacoma.
We’re really excited about this one guys, give us a phone call at the store or visit
us at

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