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2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris | CarGurus Test Drive Review

2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris | CarGurus Test Drive Review

Hi, I’m Chris Wardlaw for CarGurus, and well, you can see what I’m reviewing this time around. A boring white van. Oh, wait – you
can’t see it very well. Let me get out of the way. Oooooh, it’s a Mercedes – so fancy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the new Mercedes-Benz Metris. It carries up to
8 people, it holds 38 cubic feet of cargo in its trunk, and it starts at
$33,495. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it. Like maybe you could get a Mercedes instead of a Honda Odyssey, Kia Sedona, or Toyota Sienna. Well, you could, but as is true of many
luxury vehicles, with the Metris, you’re going to pay more for less. While the
Metris’ base price is eye-poppingly affordable, the thing you have to
remember is that everything is optional on this van, and I mean everything. You
want body-color bumpers? Those are extra. Aluminum wheels? Extra. Cruise control? Extra. Power sliding side doors? Extra.
Rear liftgate instead of barn-style rear doors? Extra. By the time you add some
infotainment features on here, leatherette seats, and a bunch of safety
technology, my test van is running $44,000. Now that’s right in line with a
top-shelf Odyssey or Sedona or Sienna, but that doesn’t spell value to a lot of
people. You can’t get leather on this. You can’t get a rear-seat entertainment system. You can’t get a lot of things. It doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend, either. This van is about function over form, accomplishment over accoutrements. The person who’s most going to appreciate this on a personal-use basis is the
person who’s been pining for a replacement of the classic VW
Microbus. All this thing needs is an option for a Westfalia conversion. One of the first things are going to
notice when you get inside a Metris aside from how clunky the door sounds
when it slammed shut is the preponderance of hard plastic in
here remember this is a commercial vans it’s available in a cargo version so
it’s designed for really easy clean up its design so that a few scratches
nobody really cares the good thing is that the glass and green here on the
dashboard is fairly refined and it matches the glass and green here on the
leatherette seats member might look like leather but it’s not now as far as fancy
comfort is concerned the first chairs set up paul got an outstanding view of
the world and this steering wheel is a really tricky though there’s really only
one soft place to rest and although I hear not here on this arm rest right
here on this one and the great thing is that when you buckle up you move this up
out of the way and then it returns to position when you put it back on the
mattress controls require a period of acclimation so for example this is where
you shift gears you push this button for park to push up perversely push down for
Dr another problem is that your wipers are over here on the turn signal stop
usually there on this stock so if you don’t get used to how this works you’re
gonna keep hitting this instead of this cruise controls are located stock there down here but they’re
completely obscured by the steering wheel so you can’t even see which way to
move it takes some practice to get used to how this vehicle works also this
infotainment system is really frustrating to me it’s got a USB port
right here which is great and then there’s this little shelf here where you
can slide your smartphone while streaming music turning it on adjusting
volume is fairly easy to do it’s really a frustrating system to use this isn’t a
touchscreen display its only 5.8 5.8 inches in diameter here and its status and and it really was the
most frustrating thing about driving this year another problem is that the
side mirrors are too wide and too low to provide decent visibility now thanks to
the optional power sliding doors on both sides of the mattress is really easy to
access the interior now the standard seating set up is just like you see here
to middle row seats and then three positions in the third row you can get
an optional seat to go in this position one that tilts forward to make it easy
for people to get into the third row now just like the front seats you set up a
really nice and high in this vehicle great I support plenty of room for legs
and feet also if you’re a parent I tell you my daughter loved riding in this
second in the second row center seat position because sitting here she can
see completely out the windshield which is not normal for her know minivan can
beat a mattress when it comes to third row seat access let’s see how easy it is
for a big guy like me to get back once I’m back here look how much space I
have i mean it’s no wonder that my new neighbor the one with the gaggle of kids
in an old Lincoln Navigator took special interest in this vehicle and it showed
up in my driveway when you buy a mattress you have three different rear
door designs you can choose from two former barn doors that open like this the standards set stops here the
optional sets wins all the way to the side or you can get this optional rear
liftgate it’s not power operated in it is huge so you have to make sure you’ve
got a lot of clearance between the van in anything that might be parked behind
you you also make sure you’re not going to trip and stumble over anything that’s
behind the vehicle once you get it open there’s 38 cubic feet of cargo space
here and as an option you can get a net that extends up to the ceiling so you
can stack suitcases all the way up to the roof how much space is there if you
remove the third row in the second row seats Mercedes doesn’t say and I think
it’s because these seats are so heavy and so bulky that they really don’t
intend for anybody to ever remove them to get him out of there are you online
charm you tell them forward and then you have you have to have at least two
people to get him out of the van I’m thinking that if you do bother to remove
the seats that the mattress is going to carry more than a traditional minivan
just based on the dimensions of the cargo van that shares this platform in
any case a traditional minivan is gonna give you more utility more flexibility
and it’s just better configured than this commercial and is alright let’s go
for a drive so mercedes equips the mattress with
four-cylinder engine and it’s not a diesel is actually a workhorse in the
mercedes line up it’s a turbocharged two liter gasoline four cylinder it’s making
208 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque now to be completely upfront and
honest with you I did not use the mattress in the way that it was intended
at most I had myself my wife and my two kids aboard this vehicle at any given
time and I didn’t load it up with cargo but used as a substitute for a
traditional many of the metro-east did a fairly good job I mean it’s quirky but
it was satisfying especially in terms of the driving dynamics this vehicle was
engineered in Europe and so it rewards the driver in certain ways when it comes
to dynamic driving I even ripped down Mulholland Highway this thing and I
didn’t scare myself too bad in all sincerity it really handled the
turbocharged engine produces quick acceleration but I missed the EPA fuel economy
estimates by a mile I only got 19.9 miles per gallon and
that was the best figure I saw the EPA says this man should be getting 22
months ago no one thing about the driving dynamics that I noticed the most
was that mercedes seems to have engineered this vehicle to provide be
most comfortable and serene ride as possible for passengers know what I mean
by that is the comfort tuned suspension for example absorbs every road
irregularities that you come across the van doesn’t want lower but it sure isn’t
delivering any impact harshness also the way the brakes are calibrated it’s very
linear so when you step on the brakes you have to push harder and harder and
harder to get more and more braking capability in a lot of cars its
progressive which means you don’t have to push as hard to get maximum braking
and I think the reason for that is because just as I just did that type of
calibration makes it really easy to bring this fan to what’s called a limo
stop which means you’re not jostling the rear passengers overall I found the metrics really
surprisingly enjoyable to drive when noises a little bit of an issue when you
drive over rough pavement of a plastic in the interior kind of creates a
symphony rattles otherwise I don’t really have any complaints here Mercedes did not design metrics to
compete with mainstream anyways so it shouldn’t be surprising at all that most
people most of the time are going to be happier with something from Honda or
Toyota Mercedes did this on the mattress to compete with commercial vans plugging
a gap in the market with this mid-size model which is smaller than a Ford
Transit and larger than a Ford Transit Connect the problem of course is that
you’re still paying for that mercedes patch the fact is that a loaded Ford
Transit in low roof short wheel base configuration cost less is bigger is more capable and is offered
with a greater array of options to custom tailor the van for specific
purposes so what’s the opportunity with the mattress black car serbs executive
shuttle service will be black or a business owner specializing in these
segments a mattress is likely to be a more cost effective alternative to the
Cadillacs and Lincoln’s that currently dominate the market as for personal use
buyers if you’ve been patiently waiting for a re-imagined Volkswagen microbus
Vanagon your new ride is here but it’s got a three-point starting the grill
instead of an oversized PWM be sure to check out my full review the mattress on
Carter’s dot com feel free to offer comments below and if you found this
review helpful please share this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel for
all of us at CarGurus thank you for watching a lot of attention to check it out there
now ready ok

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37 thoughts on “2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris | CarGurus Test Drive Review

  1. Good Review. One critical point that you missed is that, unlike the Ford Transit, this van will easily fit into any garage, even with the optional roof rack installed. It also handles far better than the large vans, and is easier to maneuver in city traffic. Although the cargo capacity (in the cargo van version) is about 25% less than a large van, the door openings are as big, or bigger, than the full size vans. For a small urban business or upstart limo company, it's hard to beat.

  2. We have 6 kids and this is the top contender for our next vehicle. I actually prefer the osterity of the interior for the kids as they do take a lot out of the stuff they use daily. It will be easy to clean and there are fewer things for them to damage. Also, this is the only van capable of utilising 4 car sears while providing amazing access to the third row. My only concern here is the towing capability, I an just not convinced that it will be able to haul 8 passengers and a light camper trailer on its 4 cyl engine. I really feel like it will need a stronger motor but for the few times a year we would be towing the fuel economy over the options is weighing this at the top of our list.

  3. I have a Eurovan, and you're right, I want a Metris with a table and bed like my VW Eurovan. Hope they bring that option and I'll buy one!

  4. Good review, thanks for doing it. However as a dedicated Mercedes owner and an owner of a Euro auto repair shop I am slightly offended by 2 things in your review. I can clearly tell that you don't own a benz. You mentioned that the cruise control and wiper controls are on the left side being a bad thing. This is a typical Mercedes design and all Mercedes owners love it. It is as simple as controls can be. Get to know the cruise control a bit more and you will for the rest of your life wonder why other manufacturers make their controls so dumb. The idea behind is when having a manual shifter, your right hand is on the shifter and your left on the controls. Cruise control is so easy to use, I don't even use the gas pedal any more. Play with it, read the instructions and you will see. Second you said that you would be paying more just for the sign. So wrong. I realized this years ago. You are paying more for 100 years of improvements, safety, sheer joy of driving a well refined machine that can go 160 miles/hour down the autobahn. Try a Sienna or an Odyssey over 100 miles per hour. It's actually scary. Metris has been a top mini van in europe for over 20 years. Look up Mercedes Vito. Cheers.

  5. You can get all you mentioned and even more. google "Mercedes V-Klasse"
    The Metris – in Europe its called Vito – as mentioned in this video is a commercial van. The V-Klasse is the more luxury version of the same van.
    over here the barn doors are optional and the lift gate is standard. Also the gasoline version is only available in the USA.

  6. If you're looking for a van that gives you lots of fru-fru pampering, you're looking in the wrong place. This is a commercial vehicle – aka TRUCK.

  7. I need one as a mobility van. Can you get rid of all the seats except for the optional 3rd seat in the second row? Can you get another one of those for the 3rd row as well? I need the rest of the van for the power chair.

  8. Rented one with 5,000 miles on the clock from London Gatwick airport in July, and drove it for a month all over Wales. It was the diesel version, not the 4cyl turbo gas. Having 7 passengers and seven large suitcases aboard, I really thought the van needed more power– it was a little bit gutless on the open road. Also I was not very impressed with the brakes, not in pedal feel, or stopping power. I think it needs bigger discs/calipers on the front for sure. Also a gripe from my kids was that the side windows don't open. I think that is an oversight and for passenger duty, should be included. We drove it on every type of road you can think of, from 90mph on the motorway to muddy Welsh lanes that you could only just fit down, and overall thought it was a great workhorse van. Best part was probably the steering feel (the wheel itself is very nicely shaped) and overall handling felt very secure taking twisty British A roads at 60-70mph fully loaded. Great space throughout as well — so much better than my wife's 2011 Honda Odyssey. I'm going to test drive the US version over the weekend and see if that gas engine has a little more punch and maybe the brakes have been improved?

  9. I've seen that it can tow up to 5,000 lbs. If you get another chance to test one out, would you mind bringing a boat or RV with you on your drive?

  10. Great review, thanks for the information. If you don't mind, how tall are you so I can have a reference on that rear lift gate height?

  11. I think you missed the point of this vehicle. You say it's also availavle as a cargo van. The opposite is true. This is a cargo van that's also available as a passenger van.

  12. I got my back seat bench out by myself. Not a big deal.
    Its not 48 inches wide inside though. No plywood or drywall. My old Town and country was wide enough inside for plywood

  13. Why does he keep mentioning Honda, Kia or Toyota as the other minivan choices?? Dodge has the number 1 selling minivan in the WORLD!!

  14. Thinking of buying one for uber i think its perfect for that …..i have a sienna and going to the 3rd row is a huge job for riders

  15. Drove it, a bit noisy, like my 2003 Euro Van MV with front wheel drive and proper sized mirrors much better, even at 155K miles. So much so, I might just spend 11-13K for new transmission, water pump, timing chain, valve adjust, hoses belts etc. The VW 2003 has better visibility acceleration, the seats fold down into a flat bed, has a pop up table, and a bag full of curtains.

  16. Goes 400 miles on a full tank also turn the traction control off does burnouts really easy I have the cargo style I love it I'm actually in it right now as I write this

  17. I love my 2018 Metris.
    It took some time to learn everything, especially the radio/gps, etc.
    Removed 3rd row seat, use it for business. It was heavy, took 2 guys to get it out.
    Always hauling large boxes. Have the barn doors, very useful.
    Mine doesn't have to have premium gas for some reason.
    Crosswind assist is AMAZING!
    Safety, safety, safety. Love it and i got the MB logo on front grill lit up 🙂

  18. I think that Mercedes doesn't want to bring the V class luxury minivan to America because it might eat the sales of the GLS

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