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2016 BMW 335GT Pre Purchase in Ajax Ontario by Car Inspected

2016 BMW 335GT Pre Purchase in Ajax Ontario by Car Inspected

hi everybody this is AJ with car
inspected today we are an AJAX looking at this 2016 BMW 335 GT so it’s equipped
with xDrive all-wheel drive and the M Sport M Sport Package excuse me the
brilliant blue it’s got sixty three thousand kilometers
on it and it seems they’ve been well taken care of
see barely any issues on the vehicle I don’t find any dings or dents or large
scratches anything like that there’s one very teensy tiny rock tip on the hood
but other than that it isn’t pretty nice shape I don’t see it in the video but
there is right there little chip but other than that we’re in pretty good
shape front fascia is nice no damage other
than you know normal normal Road bugs and such but on that not bad it does have all matching windows all
original windows with no damage no chips all BMW windows you can see one right
there we’re in the Sun so it’s hard to see but they’re all there with the
sunroof and you can see original BMW we’ll start
with looking at the tires as the driver side front you’ll find
it’s in pretty good shape it does have a wheel lock which is not in the car it
might be with the with the dealer there is a little bit of curb rash on this
room here nothing too major but that little bit there it is equipped with
Michelin Pilot Sport tires which were produced in 2017 so they are fairly new
well I mean as soon as the car tread depth nice and even it’s about eight
thirty seconds on this one here no real issues while we’re here you look
underneath all your suspension components a nice not rusty method soon
as you broke in damaged anything like that the quick pan on this side of the
undercarriage looks pretty good no real signs of this you go around to the
passenger side front oh I forgot to look at the brakes real
quick on this side sorry about that go back over so there is your rotor
which is pretty good your pads which look to have I’d say 65% left at least
and the rotors are like I said they’re pretty good no big lip or anything like
that a little bit but nothing nothing out of the ordinary here we are to the
side again we have a matching Michelin Pilot Sport which was produced in 2017
this rim is in pretty decent shape and I’ll see any real curb rash or any
issues will lock is present treads are nice and even even where no real issues
again with the eight thirty Seconds brakes are similar to the other side
pads 65 to 75 65 70 percent left no real issues there again look at the
suspension components in this side real quick you find everything is nice and
clean well maintained no issues nothing’s broken out of the covers
anything like that underneath go to the right rear tire
it is a matching Michelin Pilot Sport again also produced in 2017 this rim has a little bit of curb rash
there but the rest of it is okay with no real issues rear brakes a couple of
gouge marks not big but there are a little bit of gouge marks in these rear
rotors and these rear pads are L 60% or so these rear tires that’s pretty even
treadwear they were eight thirty seconds as well
one of them was seven but they are very close I’ll note which ones are which on
the report and again in the rear area we don’t see any real signs of issue
here’s your suspension components very tiny bit of surface rust in the exhaust
but other than that pretty good nothing’s broken we’ve said a little bit on the exhaust
there I got a little bit of carbon on the exhaust a little bit of corrosion
there and we find ourselves around to the last
tire the driver’s side rear and we do finding again matching Michelin power
support pilot sport sorry oh it’s a 2017 production date and again about eight
thirty seconds at red I believe this one was the one with seven but they are even
I don’t see any signs of frying damaged alignment issues, the rotors are in similar
condition to go side as well as the pad so we have no abnormalities there quick
pin of this side of the undercarriage looking pretty good no real issues take a look the interior
real quick we find it nice and clean well detailed
for summer mats are here in place I’ll see any damage to any of them get
those out of the way for a moment and we’ll show you the storage compartment there is a panel here privacy panel
cover panel sitting here there’s Oswell is the one here which comes off when
needed no issues to the carpet no real damage those nothing has hit or scraped
anything like that get this out of the way as well and there is a BMW floor mat
here nice big rubber all-season floor mat the
carpet underneath is nice no issues no damage the compartment under the floor
is nice as well I don’t find any damage any looks like it was probably never
even used though the compartments nice and clean the hatch is nice there’s a little bit
of a scrape in the plastic right there see it’s bad size my finger there’s two
right there brother than that we are pretty good put these pieces back
together and I’ll show you this is rear hatch it does work just fine the button
comes down just as it should oh I did a paint thickness verification
there actually has been some paint work in this passenger side quarter panel
you’ll see it’s a little thicker down here so there’s probably a little bit of
damage down here they’ve repaired it’s barely noticeable though the untrained
eye couldn’t even see it so it was repaired correctly back to the interior
the passenger side rear door panel a couple of scrapes on the handle here but
overall it’s in pretty good condition the leather is nice and the seats the
seats do fold down as intended I’ll show you the other ones when we get there but
it doesn’t lay nice and flat just like supposed to you
carpet is in good shape with BMW all season floor mats which has a little bit
of chips and damage I don’t know what that’s from heels or something I don’t
know but they are in good shape buzzing that carpets nice no rips no tears not
wet or anything everything seems to be in good shape the center armrest is good
cupholders there they work nice and clean nothing broken back of the seat no
real kick marks anything like that the passenger side front this door panel
is in pretty good shape no real issues there’s a very tiny scrape right here on
handle again very tiny up a little bit of salt stain on the carpet here you can
see the rest of the carpet itself is in good shape I think with a good detailing that’ll
probably come out I don’t know glove compartment
works and is a nice condition no real issues leg bolster the leather on the
passenger side seat is nice no issues no signs of problem go around to the driver side panel is in good condition no scrapes or
anything on this handle looks pretty good Ken all season Matt in pretty good
shape no issues to the car for anything like that in this side Paul here is a
didn’t verification by the way it does match so there’s no issues there you’re
not gonna be able see this in the video but it does match so you’ll see the
report all the power sheets everything do work tried all that nothing is broken
the leathers in a very nice shape on the driver’s side no main issues dashboards
nice nothing broken no scrapes no cuts anyway that radio hold knob there are
things in place everything looks fine console is nice with no signs of
breakage any issues storage in the console nice no rips on the armrest
anything like that the cup holder here is the compartment a little weird
because from detail spray feel like it might come off with yeah see is starting
to come off there so we’ll wipe down I’m sure that that’ll come off
looks like the key was sitting there or something when they did it I don’t know
but for the most part isn’t good shape a headliner I don’t see any stains and he
rips any tears it is black but uh so you can’t really know really she’s a little
tiny bit of salt right there again looks like it’ll come off though all this
stuff works as well as the sunroof that works just
fine just as it should all the – everything works there’s 60
3203 all the radio things work climate control that I tested that that works
your display is working just fine so for the most part I don’t have any real
issues with this car the let’s do the rear real quick and then we’ll jump on
to the hood this door panels nice again no signs of real issues no scratches
anything like that the leather is good in this side this seat is nice it also
folds down just as it should to reveal this vast storage area of the GT which I
still think is really cool and no issues again rubber floor mat carpet underneath
nice no stains no issues welcome to the hood real quick and we find a nice clean engine
compartment it actually still smells new so either
that means anything but it does smell new under here taking care of well
here’s another bin verification I don’t see any signs of issue any leaks any
rust issues anything like that I think we’re looking pretty good the belts look
good no issues I tested your oil and here it came back green there is a
little tiny bit of show you down here in the picture no it has even gone now that
I started it there was a little teensy tiny bit of milk looking on there it may
have been just some water on the cap or something that it wasn’t much you’ll see
in the picture but it will did test ok so I’m not really worried about it
coolant came back just fine nice and clean as well and tasted tested to
negative 43 so we’re good there your battery was up above twelve twelve point
six or so and it was also charging at just under 15 so it is charging as much
as it possibly should which is good your brake fluid which is under here is nice 0% humidity that’s what it was sorry so we are good under here I hear no
weird noises anything like that under the hood
something’s nice and clean this sticker is a bit ripped a little bit spider but
oh not have no real issues so there we have it one last quick walk around this 2016 335 GT as usual I want to thank you for
watching and we’ll see you again next time
thanks a lot, from car inspected

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