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2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 Review

2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 Review

about a year and a half ago the last
mercedes-benz c-class stumbled all the way into sixth place in a
sports sedan comparison test but Mercedes redesigned the c-class sedan 4
2015 and it fixed a whole laundry list of issues so for luxury car shoppers
let’s see if this Benz belongs back on your list now the c-class has often been
characterized as a baby s-class in terms of styling and that’s the case more than
ever with this 2015 redesign check out the headlights they’re very sinewy they
kind of have led pipe sort of run here toward the grill very similar to the
current s-class flagship right now this grill very low very bold here with two
bars across the center probably the biggest improvement in terms of styling
comes in the rear the last c-class had this stack sort of not really cohesive
rear design much more flowing here much more unified between these taillights
come all the way down here to the tailpipes which poke out of these bumper
openings now overall length for the new c-class up nearly four inches versus its
predecessor which was kind of one of the smaller sedans in its segment this is
closer to kind of the segment average and despite the exercise overall weight
down about 200 pounds thanks to more aluminum that helps make
even the base engine in the c300 turbo four-cylinder good for 241 horsepower
seem pretty quick certainly quicker than the previous
generations c250 nice flat torque peak plenty of passing power definitely on
par with the audi a4 and the BMW 328 to pretty good competitors in terms of
acceleration if you want more power there’s a turbo v6 in the c400 we’ve
driven that and it is quicker but i gotta say the c300 is plenty quick
enough especially because it’s got swifter accelerator and transmission
response than before particularly if you put this agility
select switch here over into sport or Sport+ modes that switch goes next to
the latest generation of mercedes command interface which places a knob
here below a new touchpad which you can use to do things like swype along menu
functions zoom in and zoom out along the map it’s not the fastest reacting system
all the time but if you don’t like to use the touchpad you can always use a
novel oh it’s very familiar it’s got Mercedes three-tiered command interface now that controls this screen
up here which is kind of the only controversial element of the cabin the
way just purchase here it doesn’t retract it all some people don’t think it’s very
aesthetic otherwise very few disagreements with this interior
handsome materials up and down very consistent from I level all the way down
to foot level really exceptional even for this class of small luxury cars one
area i’m not quite so thrilled about the upper dash indoors have optional faux
leather that covers them up Mercedes doesn’t do a very good job with
the fake leather upper dash but I get it in this price range you can’t afford
real leather along the dashboard but lexus and cat-like they do a better job
taking it this sort of stuff has molded in the backseat is still pretty low to
the floor like the old c-class I’m six feet tall as you can see my knees are
just really kind of uncomfortably elevated here but seat folding very
practical now there’s a 40-20 40 split rear seat that means the center part
comes down for a pretty big pass through here and if you hold down the outboard
sighs you can see there’s a very wide opening here this part of the seat
carries the seat belt with it you don’t have to mess with that really good setup
one of the more practical cars in terms of a folding back seat in this class
pricing for the redesigned c-class sedan starts right around 40 thousand dollars
and extends up into the mid sixties are c300 4matic test car right here price right around 52 thousand dollars
as you see it and the 300 is really the one you want to be looking at thanks to
its combination of refined drivability a handsome interior and easy-to-use
electronics that means for any luxury car shoppers the redesigned c-class is a
car you definitely want to put back on the list yeah

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30 thoughts on “2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 Review

  1. Yeah the guy driving a merc like that would have a POS Huffy Mtb. Get that thing out of the garage. Please. You have that old but quality Trek now.

  2. German cars are unreliable and overpriced and hard to get parts. If im paying this kind of money for a car it better be bullet proof reliable like a lexus

  3. That rear end is hideous. I prefer the previous two generations to this one. I don't get how the C and S-Class can look so homely when the E-Class is more stately than ever.

  4. The nav screen should retract in a LUXURY auto is the only problem I see. If parked in the wrong place it's the perfect target for a dumb criminal who would think it was a charging iPad left out in the open.

  5. Why do people say it's ok for a four cylinder to be in a car like this but it's bad to have one in a Camaro. Porsche have 4 cylinders and they seek like crazy. 🤔

  6. I remember when the C300 had a V-6 engine with 304 HP . Now in 2017 the C300 has a lousy 4 banger Turbo with 241 HP .What a joke

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