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2011 Ford F-150 Engine Lineup

2011 Ford F-150 Engine Lineup

this is mike levine from pickup trucks .com and we’re here at Ford’s engine labs for the introduction of three brand new
engines for the 2011 ford f-150 pickup plus the continued growth lap of last
year’s limited-edition 6.2 liter premium v8 but brand new for this year is a 3.7
liter v6 engine we have a 5-liter v8 and the first application of ecoboost a
full-size pickup it’s the 35 litre v6 let’s go ahead and
take a closer look the 3.7 liter v6 is ford’s new
entry-level engine for the f-150 it replaces last year’s two-valve 4.6 liter
v8 its rated at 300 horsepower 275 pound feet of torque and it will be able to
tow up to 60 100 pounds the 3.7 liter v6 will be available for XL STX and XLT
models plus you’ll be able to order it as a
four by two crew cabb the first time we’ve seen a six-cylinder engine in a
cab this large in the full-size truck segment early this year for introduce
the five EA for the Mustang now it’s available for the f-150 but it’s got a
couple of changes it’s got new heads too heavy to the oil
floor for trailering and it’s got slightly revised power figures this
engine is rated at 360 horsepower 380 pounds to torque it will also be able to
tell the 9800 pounds the 5-liter v8 is the heart of the f-150 lineup for 2011
it will be available on almost every model except for the special edition
versions like the harley in the Raptor earlier this year the 6.2 liter v8
debuted the ford f-150 svt raptor were traded at 411 horsepower for 934
pound-feet of torque those same power figures still apply for 2011 but its
newly available for the harley-davidson edition truck and the lariat and
platinum f-150 with the max trailer towing package what do you get for all that time power
you get to toe up to 11,000 300 pounds and here’s something you’ve never seen
before and full-size pickup it’s a gasoline direct injection
twin-turbo v6 that’s able to tell up to 11,000 300 pounds it’s ford’s new 3.5
liter v6 EcoBoost engine four dozen prepared to talk about power figures for
this motor but we’re expecting around 400 horsepower and about Warner pound-feet of torque stay tuned
for more news and information on this one will probably see you around the
state fair of texas of course there’s more to the story than just these new
engines for it also says that this will be the most fuel-efficient engine lineup
amongst full-size trucks but they’re not ready to talk numbers today for more
news and information about the 2011 ford f-150 and it’s all new engines checkout
pickup trucks com

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65 thoughts on “2011 Ford F-150 Engine Lineup

  1. I've been a GM fan my whole life, but I got to give credit where it's due. Ford has been really stepping it up. Good stuff.

  2. ugh gosh darn it.. who cares about the stupid engines.. i need to know how many cup holders those trucks will have.

  3. Wow… that is one heck of an engine lineup… I wish he had given us the RPM that the horsepower and torque were achieved at since the torque is about the same in the truck and car 5.0….. kinda wondering how far down the RPM range they got the torque peak.

  4. @orbitofdoom16 what the hell are talking about o.O are you saying that OHC makes it a new motor?? than these are old Ford motors

  5. I love the ecoboost package in cars, but I am worried about its durability when towing. I'd go with the 5.0L V8 myself, but that 6.2L V8 sounds boss.

  6. @07Redstang

    Unfortunately that will be a dealbreaker for a lot of people. Clearly, though, the V6s are the logical choice. I'm actually excited to read about that Ecoboost- the power to displacement ratio is amazing.

  7. @bg1379 its the exact reason why, pretty soon im trading my v6 mustang in for a gt. i love my car, but it will never sound like a v8

  8. I like the fact the engines have the option of running without coolant. Now I can go ahead and buy that 11 000 lb. trailer I've always wanted.
    But perhaps this option is just around the corner.

  9. Okay let's talk production value. Come on bad porn camera men know how to do white balance on their camera's why can't you. Also sound quality is as if the host was talking through a tube the whole time. Just because you have a 1080p option doesn't mean you need it.

  10. All this does sound good, But wait till you see the price of the trucks with these engines.
    Soon, Very soon, only the wealthy people will be able to afford these new cars and trucks.

  11. @benchn280 I agree with you I was able to find the specs a couple days after the video went up on the Ford website… 360 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 380 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,250 rpm… not bad numbers for a naturally aspirated 302 the numbers for everything but the ecoboost are on the Ford front page if you care to look. What I did find surprising is that the peak torque on the 6.2 SOHC is at 4500rpm so they did an admirable job of getting the tourque down low on the DOHC 5.0.

  12. @NoxNoctisUmbra The Ranger is going bye bye (eventually) last I heard so I am sure the engines will remain untouched until it is replaced by whatever model they finally decide on going with….. the "world" Ranger or the F100. Last I checked both were still being batted around by Ford.

  13. The sound is really tinny. It's good to see Ford finally has class leading gas engines. The previous ones were really down on power compared to the competition.

  14. Actually I just checked Fords Site Final numbers are released, Eco Boost, 365 Horse @ 5000 RPM, 420 FT/LB of Torque at 2500 RPM Looks Promising!

  15. @stopscrewingaround11 well I would see why you would be frusterated, but they make them both so well it's just down to preferancei have a 2010 that never gave me any problems great truck.

  16. @stopscrewingaround11 hey on my work truck (2009 2500 vortec max) i've serviced my truck regularly every 5,000 miles and the tire moniter system has continuosly said that the rear tires are low and it needs service

  17. AND I JUST BOUGHT A 2010 XLT SuperCab – But oh well… I would always wait a few years after new engines come out. Because always the first year there is some problem or wear that needs to be fixed… not that they are defective, but I want to know long term life span.

  18. i'd take the 5.0 over any of them. with a few bolt on's, even a blower, it'd blow any of the other engine out of the water. however, that ecoboost looks promising. i couldn't afford any of the trucks that the 6.2 is in so yeah lol. 5.0 FTW!

  19. @kenfo0 There was no point to continue with the diesel engine in an f-150. Anything a diesel engine can do, a turbo'd gas engine can do (in the application of an f-150), cheaper and more efficient. Don't get me wrong though, I would love to see a diesel f-150.

  20. I give big props to Ford. They have stepped up their game. They had the balls to drop in a gasoline twin turbo V6 engine in a full size truck. I don't think chevy or dodge would have done something like that anytime soon.

  21. @lrgbma Like he said they changed a few things like heads, oil cooler etc. They change it because its going in a truck vs a mustang. Your going to be driving each car a bit different for different reasons.

  22. they put smaller egines in trucks i thought it was all bout craming the biggest engine you possibly could in to your truck id like to see eco boot on a bigger engine thatd be cool

  23. @myamericanpie: Ford no longer build pushrod motors anymore. They only build OHC motors. What that means is that they dont need biggest engine, in order to make great HP. Take a look at the new boss 302 mustang. 446HP and only 5.0 liter. VS. Chrysler's 6.4 liter than makes 460HP.

  24. @Falken36Osku: Doesn't matter where they are built. They are still built with american design and standards.

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