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2010 Aston Martin DBS Pre Purchase by Car Inspected (2/6)

2010 Aston Martin DBS Pre Purchase by Car Inspected (2/6)

alright engine is running. we did the
paint thickness check already, everything checked out. these two panels are carbon
fiber. and the rest is aluminum. and it all
checked out. this, here, here, and at the top is all metallic. Sound of the exhaust
very nice. no excessive smoke, or any different
color smoke, this is what we’re looking for. nothing here. there’s a small scratch I think it can be taken out with a buff.
small one here as well, but it’s hidden behind the license plate, there are just
very very fine scuffs, again a compound and the polish should take care of that,
and see it can be seen here… yeah inside: show you around quickly… handbrake. and to
release it. we checked all of the electronics, one thing that I found the
strange, is the radio, when I’m searching for known stations, I’m not getting all
of them. it’s got more than a quarter tank parking distance, fog lights, original
Aston Pen. Traction control sport mode, suspension sport… I don’t know
if you can tell, but it’s a little unclear, the sound, it could be that the
antenna is not as receptive. we saw the manual, it’s in the back Just trying to show as many of the options
as I can the bang and olufsen stereo system. these
are not missing, these are actually bolt attachments. they’re bolt attachments,
they’re not missing a rubber pieces. air conditioning works, and time is off, but I
guess can be adjusted… this is removable we tried all the switches here,
everything checked out… the navigation controllers, as well and as you can see, we’re navigating using
the controls, no destination is set the latches this is a seat control, and this is the
heated seat here, high and low, and you have the other controls are on this side.
on the passenger side as well, this is to release the (glove compartment) and you checking the mirrors on both sides they’re
functioning, and the windows as well we check the coolant freezing
temperatures, below minus 45C. brake fluid humidity content is below 1%. we
checked the oil, it is within level. the power steering fluid, and we check
within the internals of the engine as well. everything checked out I’m
surprised at how quite the engine is from here you can.
you can hear that electronic clicking that you’re hearing is the AC engaging
in disengaged it has the original markings. continuing to walk around, very fine
scratches here, here, as well again these are very fine scratches. these are
nothing that is deep into the paint they’re actually far from that… Trunk. again the cover. trickle charger an extra outlet Pump it’s never been opened so we’ve taken
pictures of close-ups of these, and the umbrella the adjustment for the trunk sounds nice what it closes, very
reassuring it’s very good. back seats, once you open
the door you can actually fold down the front
seats using this button, it’s electronic this is just dirt. and the rest is all
good. that what you see in the back is just dirt, just needs a wipe, it’s not an
imperfection or anything. the seat belts are working both in the back… coat-hanger here the back of the seats are very clean
doesn’t seem like it’s been used or abused, at all just a little imperfection
here, but I think this is a manufacturing if you can see it in the video center console holder on either side. power outlets and an auxiliary alright.
Lets take her for a drive ok one final sound of the exhaust

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