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2009 Toyota Porte #686 Integrity Car Sales And Rentals 02-9981-1884

2009 Toyota Porte #686 Integrity Car Sales And Rentals   02-9981-1884

As new 2014 Toyota Porte, only 11,500 km. Powered passenger door and within – especially clever engineering. Its all about the door – ‘Porte’ is french for ‘door’ Door space – a remarkable 1165mm tall 1020mm wide An OEM push wheelchair on an electric arm rotates … extends out of the car and lowers to the ground – all by remote control. Hooks hold the wheelchair onto the arm. Large wheels on the wheelchair make it easy to push. Stunning dark and modern looking interior colours. A flat floor and high roofline create an amazingly spacious 1380mm interior height. It is simple to reattach the wheelchair to the arm. The chair is re hooked onto the arm for safety The chair and arm can carry a person of up to 100kg A compact car which measures: Height 1720mm Length 3990mm Width 1690mm It has a 1.5 Litre 1 NZ-FE engine which travels an economical 20.6 km/L. There is a handy button on the dash to open and close the power door. A sizeable boot space can handily hold more than enough luggage for that weekend away. And thats the Porte – an extraordinary achievement by Toyota’s engineers. Visit And experience the Porte for yourself.

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