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2009 Toyota Corolla Remote Pre Purchase in Scarborough By Car Inspected Toronto

2009 Toyota Corolla Remote Pre Purchase in Scarborough By Car Inspected Toronto

hi everybody this is AJ with car
inspected today we are in Scarborough just outside of Toronto and we are
looking at this 2009 toyota corolla black in color with a grey interior it’s
in alright shape there’s no major issues there is this there’s a dent on the
passenger side front door here the rest of the car is pretty straight it’s a
couple of missing bolts and things here and there this passage that rear
tail light is broken the dealer did say that he has a new one he’s going to
replace it for the customer but let me say we look around we don’t see any
major damage no real signs of rust up the underneath looks pretty solid no
real issues all suspended components seem to be in good working order we look
at the tires they are all mm this one is a manufacturer in 2011 it’s a
Bridgestone sorry say that 10 times fast it is in decent shape it’s got about six
thirty seconds of tread left on it the front brakes it’s hard to see in there
but they are brand new the dealers say that they just changed them and you can
see that they are indeed brand new again another little clip broken here in the
wheel well but no real damage and the front fascia anything like that so to
speak this wheel is the right front wheel with
a matching Bridgestone manufactured in 2012 and it also has pretty pretty even
tread wear about six thirty Seconds tread left again breaks our brand new
now we don’t see any real issues and again even with the spectral components
CV boots nothing’s ripped or anything no real issues I see I don’t see any damage
and again no real rust or anything like that or Neath it was to be in pretty
decent shape it’s probably oil sprayed there is some residue boy spraying stuff
under the hood not for the most part it seems to be in good shape
nothing there is that little bit there it’s that’s just surface rust it’s not a
real issue here we are at the rear right rear tire again we find the matching
Bridgestone produced in 2012 these rear tires are a little more worn if they’re
about three or four thirty Seconds the dealer said that it still needs to go
through safety so might be able to get new tires out of that not sure but they
are a little bit aware on them you see and the final tire is the left rear
again matching Bridgestone made in 2012 and again there is about four thirty
seconds of turn left four to five I think on this one yeah we see again no signs of real rusty
shoes anything like that take a look in the trunk real quick the automatic hop does work over the mechanism this would be where the key
would go if you want to use the key it is not present but we find the trunk in
decent shape and there are snow tires equipped with the vehicle and we can
look under here real quick we can see that the spare and the jack and
everything is in there and there’s no damage to the trunk air anything like
that appears to be original deck lid by the security tags no issues will go
around to the interior we look at the back seat first this is the driver’s
side rear door no real signs of damage or anything like that a little scrape
there but nothing big the back seat no major stains anything like that not
too shabby the headrests are off the seats were
down nurse for the snow tires fit in the back but like said fairly clean very
basic very clean just nice basic transportation here around to the passenger side rear here’s
the door panel it’s in pretty good shape no signs of damage anything like that
and again this side this little dirt on the sill but nothing too major the seat
here not too bad and again it was folded down
and it will remain

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