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2009 Hummer H3T/ First Impressions

2009 Hummer H3T/ First Impressions

hi I’m Kelsey Myas for we’re
here week before the chicago auto show looking at the 2009 hummer h3T at the
hdt is based on the h3 which is Homer smallest SUV even though this pickups a
lot longer than the regular h3 hummer promises of a lot of the same off-road
capabilities you’ve got things like an available for
21 low-range gearing ratio for crawling up those rocky inclines and even
available locking front and rear differentials that means if three or
four tires are spinning in the mud you’ll still be able to crawl your way
through on the one wheel that has traction now the extra length makes for
a five-foot-long pickup bed that’s pretty standard among mid-sized crew cab
pickup trucks hunter says will be more than a hundred
available dealership accessories you have things like a bed extender cargo
box rails on the side even a a clamping for holding bicycles in the sea channel
rail system in the backseat is obviously modified for this being a crew cab
pickup truck so headroom well is not quite as much as you might get in the
SUV seats fold down like so they don’t come up the cushions don’t come up like
they do in a honda ridgeline a nissan frontier once they come down you have a
flat surface across here you can load some things in need now the dashboard and pretty much
everything up front is exactly the same as in the regular h3 so that means it’s
comfortable even though it’s getting a little bit dated now under the hood or
two available engines there’s an inline five and there’s a larger v8 this drives
anything like the regular age three you’re going to want to upgrade to the
v8 you’re also going to want a credit card that gives you lots of bonus points
your favorite gas station with this orange paint these gigantic wheels this car looks pretty good we’re hoping
it drives as well as it looks and we’ll let you know once we find that out for
additional information on this car or any other go to and our blog
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27 thoughts on “2009 Hummer H3T/ First Impressions

  1. Have you looked at the Dodge Dakota's? They're a hair bigger than other midsize trucks, which is a big reason why I bought an 04 crew cab, 4×4 Dakota. I'd take an H3T over it but I don't quite make enough to afford one. Price aint as bad as I thought it would be, usually around 35 grand or a little more while a fully loaded Colorado tops just over 30 grand.

  2. its actually only cheaper cuz the government hasnt put ridiculously high taxes on it yet. but yea, we would all be screwed if it was as expensive as in europe…isnt it like the equivalent of $10 a gallon or something like that?

  3. i think they did it to make it seem more green. anytime most people see V related to an engine they freak out and say its a gas guzzler. so a 5 cylinder seems a bit nicer to uninformed buyers.

  4. false advertising!!! ahhh!!!! hehehe. theres enough bs about that going around. like the smart car. god, that thing is revolting, and doesnt even get good mileage.

  5. i dont agree with 308scoutrfl, but the UK is dominated by extremely small cars, like the smart. those things can barely move themselves, how the fuck do u tow stuff with them???

  6. Oh no there's no doubt the UK is dominated by Euro minis, but the smart it's self is a city car, people who live near the sea (such as myself) don't really have it, it's the large city's such as London.

    We had a boat, just sold it and we towed it with an Astra estate. In my work everyone other than 2 people have boats, they have big cars, Nissan Navara, some estate BMW and Audi which I can't remember lol.

    So you'd be surprised….

  7. ok, youre slightly misinformed here. 1) US fuel generally goes from 87 to 91 octane, and some gas stations have higher. 2) octane doesnt generate power, it simply resists detonation better. oh, and those arent percentages, theyre percentage equivalents. and i never said i own a boat or would ever wanna tow one. im just saying that people do own them. fyi, i own a 1.9L naturally aspirated car, and its kinda fast (0-60 in 8s). cuz its light

  8. What A pile of junk… The h3 hummer was ugly now this thing is just a flatbed glued on… I swear american cars are a joke…

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