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2008 Land Rover Range Rover/ Quick Drive

2008 Land Rover Range Rover/ Quick Drive

Hi I’m Kelsey Mays from cars dot com the
Range Rover from Land Rover is one of the most expensive SUV’s that money can
buy the car designs been around since the
2003 model year competitors from Lexus Mercedes mean Cadillac have been
redesigned more recently has a slander hold up we’re gonna show
you and the Rangers boxy styling is really become emblematic a ball and
Rovers one case in point is that the slightly
smaller Range Rover Sport actually looks very similar from a passing glance so if your neighbor has one just
remember has cost twenty thousand dollars less probably means his boat isn’t as nice as
yours too inside the surroundings are pretty rich the dashboard is wrapped in leather and just about every
surface a soft to the touch Land Rover’s Terrain Response System a
standard and it’s a real sense to use I’m you just turn this not to whatever
the conditions are snow matter what have you and automatically adjust the chassis and
suspension to see the situation what’s not so easy are some of these
controls the climate aisles and aisles for the heated and cooled seats look exactly the same so it can be hard
to pick out what you need on the fly the backup cameras mounted on top for
the rear window so it doesn’t show you where your bumper is when you’re going
in reverse that’s pretty annoying navigation
systems a little bit better other graphics okay to touch me and easy to
use what’s really cool is the Army Boys it a
British man it sounds kinda like a nasal e Patrick
Stewart please proceed to the highlighted route than the route guidance will start I
feel like he’s gonna say warp 6 engage you won’t go up six with the Rangers
engine it’s a 305 horsepower v8 but it’s at a
little odd way to carry so ultimately this car doesn’t feel as fast as a
Mercedes GL 550 or Cadillac Escalade there’s an optional 400 horsepower
supercharged v8 I haven’t driven it but other Karzai commentators Tom it
significantly quicker so maybe then you’re looking at you know
like worked three a most competitors have a third row seat the Range Rover
doesn’t with the second row folding down tumble forward total cargo volume is a
little bit less and some other competition one other issue we have is the lift gate
opens here but there’s also a tailgate it swings down like this this extension means shorter drivers
might have to reach in a little bit more to get their luggage the Rangers definitely a solid luxury
SUV it looks more subdued than others in this class but its cabin is still near the top of
the game that said most competitors offer more contemporary
features and some started a much lower price if you’re not hang your hat on the Range
Rover name there may be a better choice elsewhere for additional information on
this car or any other got a car start com and our
blog kicking tires

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18 thoughts on “2008 Land Rover Range Rover/ Quick Drive


  2. Range Rover will forever be the king of SUV'S it combines class along with out road ability. Unlike the Escalade which is afraid to get dirty

  3. i notice these clown reviewers dont state the good points …i guess if they cannot afford them,then put them down lol.

  4. if you ever had a range rover….you would have a sport and your neighbors boat would be nicer then yours 🙂

  5. A completely useless review of the worlds most luxurious and best handling off roader! By the way you can see the edge of the bumper on the bottom of the rear view! The bottom part of rear entrance is also for use as a seat if shooting etc. kid get some new glasses and learn about the vehicles you review

  6. This must be a 2007, in 2008 they changed the dashboard, glove box, etc.  The Supercharged has a 390hp engine, not 400hp, so I am unsure how you work for any car company.

  7. The first review I feel does this car justice. There is nothing at all special or worth the money in this car. People buy it because they think it gives them a certain social status because it is expensive…funny how people's minds work. It is not worth it and other cars have more to offer at a lower price. Thank you for being honest.

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