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200538 – New, 2020, Chevrolet Trax, Test Drive, Review, For Sale –

200538 – New, 2020, Chevrolet  Trax, Test Drive, Review, For Sale –

This 2020 Chevrolet Trax comes accessorized
with McCluskey’s M-Package. The M-Package enhances the style of your car
by adding Black Bowtie Emblems, and Precision fit Floor Liners, which provide maximum carpet
coverage, to help keep mud, snow and debris contained and cleaned easily. These accessories were designed by the same
engineers that make the Chevy vehicles and are backed with a GM warranty. Chevrolet cars deliver more than the majority
of its competition and gives you the ultimate driving experience. While the driver will be appreciating the
power of the engine, the passengers will be able to appreciate all of the technological
features that are included in the Chevrolet vehicles, including apple car-play and android
audio compatibilities. Drivers can seamlessly connect their smartphone
to all Chevy vehicles which will allow them to make phone calls, send texts or listen
to their favorite music. So come on down, check out the vehicles that
already have the M-package installed, and get a free 48 hour test drive. If you decide to purchase it, it will be covered
with our free lifetime mechanical warranty for unlimited miles and unlimited years.

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