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2005 Hummer H2 from Sam

2005 Hummer H2 from Sam

Hi, Sam here at Handys, just wanted to show
you this gorgeous 2005 Hummer SUT that we got in the other day on consignment selling
it for an old buddy of ours. This has less than 38,000 miles on it okay? They are extremely
hard to find, it has running boards already. It’s got skid plates you’ve got three feet
of actual bed space in this as well okay. I want to show you its got actual bed space
here like a truck would. Something is better than nothing right? You’ve got a little tonneau
cover on it as well. So you’ve also got tow hooks on this as well as well as a tow hitch
down here. Like I said its part truck you know. Its got a nice little Harley Davidson
motorcycle stickers. You’ve got a big big roomy big back seat alright so its black,
leather its luxurious. You’ve got your front seat and its 8 way power seats on both the
driver and the passenger side okay. This is going for 29,999 I see these going in Maine
for crazy like one hundred grand or something this is how rare these are but I want to take
a closer look at the inside with you. Alright so this is pushing about 325 horse power its
got the 6 liter V8 engine and its a three foot bed. I think I mentioned that before.
This is where all your 4 wheel drive is okay, 4 high, 4 low. You have got power windows,
power locks, heated seats, okay and you have got driver memory seating as well and an express
up and down Oh, all of them open at the same time, even the back window, rolls all the
way down then you can roll them all up at the same time, see that, see that pretty fancy.
Alright so that is your tow haul mode, you have navigation in this. You’ve got a CD player.
Couldn’t find it. You’ve got the regular AM FM. Got a couple different charging spots
down here for you phones and your devices. There is first second and third gear in this
being an automatic. There is a little button on this side so you can see into there. Its
pretty deep, and the seats are very comfortable, but you’ve got a nice sunroof in this as well
as you can see got a nice little grab here as well its kind of an off roading vehicle,
luxury off roading but still. This comes with about 4 different keys and 1 fob. 5 keys actually.
So you have got a trailer brake over here, you’ve got dual climate control okay, you’ve
got a compass in this. You’ve got power heated mirrors, power retractable mirrors, and you’ve
got auto dimming mirrors as well alright. You’ve also got onstar which is going to be
for three months in this and you have a garage door opener that you can program as well.
Hard to believe but this 2005 also has Bluetooth way ahead of their time here. This is going
to be all your driver information how many average miles per gallon, its saying 12.1
engine oil life, you’ve 88miles for a range, fuel used and different vehicle settings.
Engine hours, Odometer. And it is at 37,805 at the moment okay. Alright so the back seats
actually have heated seats too which is a major plus for your little one. If you guys
want to come check this out you can give me a call its 802-528-2117 or you can email me
at [email protected] thanks

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