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1968 Ford Torino GT Full Restoration – Muscle Car Project

1968 Ford Torino GT Full Restoration – Muscle Car Project

Before restoration Disassembly begins Engine removed – will be rebuilt Completely disassembled & ready for acid dipping After acid dipping Passenger side cowl repair Driver’s side cowl repair Lead removal from seams Parcel tray replacement Rust repair – fenders & doors More rust repair Rebuilding the engine Installing Vintage Air unit Gas tank EFI installation Bodywork Primer Seam sealer applied Epoxy and undercoating Wet sanding & buffing Installing suspension & brakes Dynamat installed All done! Lets go for a ride.

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100 thoughts on “1968 Ford Torino GT Full Restoration – Muscle Car Project

  1. I cant understand when people resto mod these old girls and use old shit fuse panels not circuit breakers and led lights

  2. We've got a big block Torino in the family ourselves!! This one's a knockout but I do think it would have looked even cooler with two headlights colored blue in "period" early '70s street machine fashion. : D

  3. Как же интересно смотреть картинки. Я думал видео будет(( а так это дизлайк

  4. Сделано отлично но то ,что она вся взаплатках это конечно плохо,безопасности ноль!

  5. What’s the point of posting this on YouTube when all you did was put photos to music? This site is for video. Post this ‘gifs to sound’ shit on the corpse of tumblr or something.

  6. so much reminds me of years gone by.

    i had the same car in black and white. loved that car. great job!

  7. Так и не показали как потолок сделали

  8. الشعوب الغربية تعمل وتجتهد وتتعب وحكامهم يهدرون الأموال لحروب لا دخل لهم بها

  9. Trabalho simplesmente fantástico ficou top parabéns a toda equipe 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  10. Сколько смотрю и паражаюсь-мастера от бога, красавцы! Побольше бы таких!

  11. Как можно технику до того ужасно состояния довести? А реставраторам лайк!

  12. Wow, what a group of super talented guys! That car looks far better than it did when new1 The fabrications you did…who even does that nowadays? Great vid, keep them coming!

  13. Taking it for that first drive would of been a hell of a feeling! Well done to everyone involved! Top work! It's beautiful!

  14. Auto precioso , y que conservado estaba antes de restaurar, obvio tenía corrosión y perforaciones , pero todo en línea y completo, buen trabajo …

  15. Guys you are doing excellent job… i am from india .. i have ford fiesta which damaged in flood . will you please help me to restore my car….please…

  16. Nicest Torino GT I’ve ever seen. My dad had the identical Mercury version a Cyclone same year hunter green. Love it.

  17. It's amazing to see what a human being can do. If talented people are able to restore an old car why can't we restore the earth?

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