100 thoughts on “$19 Cheapest Knockoff Smartwatch – Buying 5 Wish Tech Items

  1. the key is to read the titles CAREFULLY each and every word, every space, every t crossed and i dotted, then carefully and completely read the DESCRIPTION and that will save you some disappointment. Lastly NEVER EVER look at the pictures, legally they can put anything in the photos, doctored, enlarged, change colors, add other items to them etc etc. The seller cannot be legally held responsible for photos, but the WORDS in the title and description, they must adhere to – if you omit the photos that forces you to read what you're buying.

  2. Did you lose a bet with your barber? Videos are helpful, but dude your hair, it's not a good look, and who ever told you it was is lying. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm like the friend who tells you, you have a booger on your face.

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