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15 Roaring New Vehicles Coming in 2020 | Sport Cars – EVs – Flying

15 Roaring New Vehicles Coming in 2020 | Sport Cars – EVs – Flying

– [Glen] We’ve all heard positive tales of the Roaring 20s. So why not roll into 2020 with some roaring new engine power? From sports cars, to classic
gems, to monster trucks, or James Bond like getaway cars. Hi, I’m Glen and we’re going to review some of the hottest
upcoming vehicles in 2020. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number 15 – The McLaren 720S Spider
may not be able to spin a web but it sure can give you quite the thrill, going from zero to 62 miles per
hour in under three seconds. With a 710 horsepower and top
speed of 212 miles per hour, you’ll be able to cover
some road confidently. This convertible has a hard
top roof with a glass panel that adjusts its tint with
the press of a button. Heated leather seats
make for a cozy option and with the wind guard
positioned on point, you won’t have to worry about
shouting at your passenger to be heard. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number 14 – [Glen] With it’s new
makeover, this Nissan model has us gawking at its improvements. Especially since more
weight from the front fender and wheels have been shaved
off compared to its 2019 twin. Its 600 horsepower and
481 pound foot of torque have remained steady. However, the acceleration response has increased by 20 percent. New carbon ceramic brakes
make for better efficiency while the six speed
dual clutch transmission allows you to transition with ease. Its new and improved Recaro
seats are said to grip your body to help you stay secure. Although it sounds like this GT-R NISMO is trying to flirt with us
being all touchy feely up front, we’re willing to see how it fares. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number 13 – [Glen] A suave choice if you’re going for a sports type car. The Audi R8 V10 has
commendable performance. A 602 horsepower and
413 pound foot of torque give it a nice boost
from its earlier models. It’s an all wheel drive with
a seven speed, dual clutch, automatic transmission. Some interior upgrades that
you may find appealing include silver or brown leather choices and a wireless phone charger. The Decennium edition
is extra suave and regal with its copper stitching, gold wheels, and extra microsuede. You’ll also find that the engineers improved the braking system
and added a dry, wet, and snow driving mode,
the dynamic select system. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number 12 – [Glen] The Ferrari F8
Tributo is piping hot with its improved aerodynamic designs. In its interior, a new
generation steering wheel and commands are present as
well as newly styled seats. There is an optional seven
inch infotainment touch screen available for the passenger side as well. Its engine is a bit of a spitfire with a 710 horsepower. You can expect to jump
up to 60 miles an hour in under three seconds. This Ferrari keeps some
traditional designs like the four round taillights
and louvered rear window but reflect some modernization,
especially when it comes to its aerodynamic lines. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number 11 – [Glen] With a sleek and
all around attractive body, the Lamborghini Huracan
Evo gives us some new style and techy things to admire. A top speed of 202 miles per
hour, a horsepower of 631, and 442 pound foot of torque are some under the hood improvements from the last model. Stepping a little further into
the 21st and 22nd century, the designers have added
an 8.4 inch touch screen that sits in the center console. The new system is capable
of streaming web radio, it is compatible with Apple,
and has multi-touch shortcuts. It also has an optional
two camera telemetry system which logs data and video with track laps. (intense music) – [Female Announcer] Number ten – [Glen] Although the details are limited, we can see this six wheeled
Monster X dominating the road with its hulk like bulk. With a horsepower of 258 and
406 pound foot of torque, it suddenly becomes less
intimidating, but hey, they say image is everything. A light bar rests on the
hood like a king’s crown and in the bed is a striking yellow color that stands out on the truck’s
dark, carbon fiber body. The Monster X has a winch on each end which can help free your vehicle
from the most significant and slimiest scenarios. This brood includes
ceramic carbon disk brakes and with a few more tweaks, is hoped to move into production soon. (intense music) – [Female Announcer] Number nine – [Glen] The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 has some super charge to it with its 760 horsepower and
625 pound foot of torque. It’s anticipated to hit 60 miles per hour in just under three seconds. Faux suede and accent
stitching cover the door panels and optional Recaro racing
seats are available. A 12 inch, full color,
LCD instrument cluster and an eight inch touch screen is part of the Mustang’s
technological advancement. Also with its interior,
the rear seat was removed to minimalize weight. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number eight – [Glen] It’s got swag
with its rear wheel drive and 335 horsepower and
365 pound foot of torque. Achieving 60 miles per
hour within 4.1 seconds and having an equal weight distribution, the GR Supra does an excellent
job in windy conditions and handles curves with poise. It has a top speed of 155 miles per hour and can get 31 miles per gallon. Inside this beauty comes
an 8.8 inch screen, digital gauge cluster, and
Toyota’s Safety Sense suite. Simple interior designs with a few optional technological upgrades makes this practically attractive. You can add the driver assist package or download the Supra
Connect app to get updates on your car’s health. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number seven – [Glen] One of the many
improvements with the Porsche 911 is the enlargement of the
diameter in the rear wheels which betters its dynamics. There’s less interior noise
and emissions are reduced with a better filter
in the exhaust system. A healthy 444 horsepower engine
and 590 pound foot of torque get this silver bullet going to 60 miles an hour in
3.3 seconds to be exact. A new 10.9 inch touch screen is inside with improved processing speeds and more evolved safety
systems are now available such as the forward collision warnings, auto emergency braking,
and a new wet mode. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number six – [Glen] The Aurus Senat
comes with LED headlights and high beam operation. Safety systems are in place including nine air bags for passengers. Moving into the back of the
sedan are adjustable seats which offer ventilation
and massage functions. An integrated bar compartment
with a fridge is on board so you can get your buzz started early. Why not stream your favorite
shows while you’re at it with the multiple flat screens
and wireless headphones? Its luxury interior is sure
to astound some onlookers. It does have a surprising
amount of horsepower which ranges at about 598
and its all wheel drive makes for some stable cruising. It’s pretty apparent that the Aurus Senat is trying to seduce us with
all of its extra amenities and we can’t deny that
they are pretty cool. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number five – [Glen] The Bugatti Divo
wowed on its first day, ultimately selling out. Its futuristic look is
accented by the blue hues and clean aerodynamic lines
that run along the body. This vehicle was intended for
racing with a 1500 horsepower and a top speed of 236 miles per hour. Its acceleration does not
fail to impress either, going from zero to 62 miles
per hour in 2.4 seconds. Its sharp, luxury design
definitely has our attention. Ooo-la-la. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number four – [Glen] Did someone say they wanted more speed and horsepower? The Jesko has just that. Looking like it’s ready
to pierce through the air, capable of going over 300 miles per hour, with a horsepower of 1600, we must commend such a fierce engine. The steering wheel has
advanced with a central screen located right behind it
that turns as you turn. Its newly designed doors
open more upward and outward, and the autoskin system’s sensors help protect the automated
doors from hitting unwanted or wanted objects. The Jesko also gives you
the option of choosing Alcantara or leather seats
with quite the color variation. (upbeat music) – [Female Announcer] Number three – [Glen] There is an
eloquence to the McLaren GT. Its engine power is around average with 465 pound foot of
torque and a 612 horsepower, and a speed that’ll
reach 203 miles per hour. Leather, microfiber, and
even cashmere seating will be offered to give
the GT added luxury. A more intelligent 12.3
inch infotainment system makes those techy geeks happy
and we’re told that the GT is even quieter, despite
the location of the engine. (intense music) – [Female Announcer] Number two – [Glen] It has all the
classic gangster vibes with its vintage design and
dark, inconspicuous metal flesh. This electric Mustang is
molding classic design with new age evolvement and it’s reducing those
disgusting carbon emissions. You get a respectable 200
mile range with one charge, it has a top speed of 149 miles per hour, and a 536 horsepower
motor with the ability to reach 60 miles per
hour in four seconds. A fabulously equipped infotainment center rests in the middle of the dash and switching gears is as
easy as a simple touch. This righteous knock out
made its debut this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and is limited to about 500 buyers. (intense music) – [Female Announcer] Number one – [Glen] You’ve probably heard us talk about the Pal-V before. But we’ve got some pretty
cool updates to share about this flying car. This cross breed that looks
like a helicopter speedster from a galaxy far, far away will only be available to 90 lucky buyers. On land and in drive
mode, this three wheeler is capable of going 100 miles an hour and can cover a range of 817 miles. To ready for flight, all one needs to do is pull the tail section
and unfold the rotor blades. Once in the clouds, the Pal-V can accomplisg 112 miles per
hour over a 310 mile range. The landing? Shouldn’t be as tricky as Luke Skywalker trying to land his aircraft, for you only need 98 feet of runway. The interior contains
leather and of course, an electric flight instrument system which requires the pilot
to get their license. (upbeat music) It looks like the new decade
is bringing us some classy and modern advances,
especially when it comes to our transportation. Roar up the engines, we’re ready. Remember to check the
descriptions box below for pricing and other details. Share in the comments
below which vehicle you dig or which one you predict
will lead the way in 2020. Until next time, thanks for watching. (lively music) – Hi everyone, and thank you for watching. I am Chandni with Minds Eye Design. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. – We’d love to hear your feedback so please leave some comments below and let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. – Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button. – But don’t leave yet. Keep watching because there’s more. (upbeat music)

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77 thoughts on “15 Roaring New Vehicles Coming in 2020 | Sport Cars – EVs – Flying

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