– [Narrator] Hey everyone, whether you drive a new car or a used one, these accessories will launch
your car into the future. This is Reacher with Minds Eye Design, and here are 15 awesome
vehicle accessories. (funky electronic music) (sound glitching) Before we begin, this episode of Minds Eye
Design is brought to you by Rising Star Nanotech
Crystal Car Coating, this coating provides your
car with a high gloss shine as well as protecting your
vehicle from small scratches, the kit includes everything you need to give your car that special shine. For more information you
can click on the link below. Number 15. Everybody’s had that
moment when you’re driving, and your phone is dying,
and now you’re fumbling with the charging cable,
trying to plug it in, while also trying to keep
your eyes on the road. With this car mount, there’s no need to worry
about a charging cable. Designed with a rare earth magnet that keeps your phone firmly in place, it also comes with qi
charging capabilities, to charge your phone like magic. Magnets, how do they work? Your phone doesn’t have qi charging? No worries, it comes
with a super thin adapter so you can take advantage of everything this mount has to offer. You can pick one of these
up for about 70 dollars. Number 14. This little box gives you the
ability to speak to your car, telling you everything you never knew you needed to know about it. That is, if your car was made after 1996. Sorry oldies fans. It can make your car a wifi hotspot so you’re always connected. In the event of a wreck, it’ll activate an automatic
crash alert system. It provides you with your GPS location, so you always know where your car is, even if it gets stolen. It also tells you if there’s
anything wrong with your car, allowing you to set driving
restrictions for the vehicle. Turning your vehicle into a smart car will run you about 150 dollars. Number 13. Most people have had
that moment where you’re just seconds away from
falling asleep at the wheel, and to be honest, it’s pretty scary. This fancy gadget will let you know when you start losing
concentration while driving, eliminating the fear of falling asleep. By measuring the
electroconductivity of your skin, it can read when your reaction time on the road is getting slower, it can even warn you of getting tired before you start to feel it. Studied extensively by the National Scientific
Research Center in France, it uses some of the same
tech as polygraph tests. This one comes with the
price tag of 300 dollars. Number 12. Have you ever been at
home washing your car, and been just a little disappointed because your garden hose
doesn’t give you that shine that going to the car wash does? Well be envious no more, because the foam master
brings the car wash to you. The simple design allows it to be used with just a garden hose. It has an attached compartment
for cleaning solution, with adjustable levels to
ensure that you will get a car wash style clean every time. Considering the cost
of an average car wash, this thing is worth the
60 dollar price tag. Number 11. No one likes having a flat tire, and everyone has to deal with
the problem sooner or later, so why not be prepared for the situation? This is, without a doubt,
the smallest air compressor I’ve ever seen. Unlike the bulky compressors
that need a tank, this one pulls in the surrounding air, and compresses it straight into your tire. It includes a digital read
out for your tires PSI so you know exactly when
you’re done inflating it. When you have this you’ll
never be stuck with a flat tire or desperately searching for a gas station with a compressor. You can pick this one up
for around 50 dollars. Number 10. If you’re looking for that fancy accessory to make your car really stand out, I found one for you. This automatic car tent
is not just stylish, it’s extremely functional. With the push of a
button this tent unfolds to cover your car from
the heat of the sun, or rain, or bird droppings,
or kamikaze squirrels, or, well, you get the picture. It comes with a stand so
you can use it independently of the vehicle if needed. It even turns into a
tent if you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire because you didn’t get the air compressor I just told you about. You can pick one up for 400 dollars. Number 9. If you’ve ever thought
car chargers were boring since they only do one thing,
we’ve got a surprise for you. This little guy comes equipped with two fast charge USB ports, and a bundle of lifesaving features. If you’re ever in a situation where your seatbelt doesn’t work, and you
need to get out of your car, it has a build in razor
blade you can use to cut it. If you ever have to bust a
window to get out of your car, it also has a spring loaded glass breaker. The best part about this one
is you can get it for around 20 dollars. Number eight. Cars that have backup cameras
are becoming more commonplace, and you’d think they’re expensive
and difficult to install, right? Wrong. Completely wireless and
insanely easy to install, this camera is the easiest
way to increase your vehicles safety status. A simple license plate mount
holds the camera which connects to your phone through Bluetooth. It comes with a mount for your phone, as well as a wireless remote that mounts to your steering wheel with programmable buttons to
instantly show your navigation or other apps on your phone. You can grab one for your
car for around 200 dollars. Number seven. Do you ever see stuff
that’s just absolutely crazy while you’re driving, but you can’t get your
phone out to record it. The other day I saw a
guy trimming his hedges with a samurai sword, and man
do I wish I had this dash cam. It’s voice controlled
and shoots video in 1080p to make sure you never miss
those crazy moments again. Using all glass spherical lenses, it reduces glare and provides HD video in 130 degree wide field of vision. Not only does this dash
cam listen to you voice, it listens to your wallet as well, costing only 60 dollars. Before you get caught up in
buying all these crazy car accessories, be sure and
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videos from Minds Eye Design. Number six. Have you ever taken your dog
on a car ride only to have it jump back and forth from the back seat and leave your car
covered in hair and dirt, and whatever else it tracked in? The WanderHammock provides
a stain resistant, and waterproof area for
your furry pals to chill in, while also cutting off their ability to get into the front seat. It’s easily installed by
attaching the headrests of the front and back seats
with adjustable grommets to prevent folding. It’s also machine washable so
even if your pets get it messy it’s easy to clean. You can get yours for 60 dollars. Number 5. This stylish piece of tech
is more that just good looks. It’s designed to attach
to the back of a headrest to allow for easy installation,
in an inconspicuous space. Using a proprietary filtration
system it eliminates the levels of pollution that
build up inside your car. With the simple press of a button, dirty air is pulled into the filter, and purified air is then
released into the cabin from the sides of the device. The air bubble can add
style points to your car for around 200 dollars. Number four. This feels like something
straight out of an Iron Man movie. The little device attaches to
your helmet and provides you with a complete heads up
display on your visor. With a controller mounted
right to your handlebar it can display the weather,
incoming and outgoing calls, speed and navigation, a media player, and even has an HD video camera. All this makes you feel
more like you’re piloting a space ship rather than
riding a motorcycle. There’s even a passenger intercom option, so you can hear each other
over the noise of the road. You can get yours for around 700 dollars. Number three. Everybody has an inner speed demon, but those red and blue lights that can pop up in your rear view mirror, tend to have people
driving like my grandma. Although we don’t condone
breaking traffic laws, this special little gizmo can keep you cruising faster for longer. It lets you know about speed traps, red light cameras, radar
and laser guns, photo radar, and even air patrol long
before you’re in their range. It comes standard with
automatic voice alerts, so you can set it and forget it. And if you’re watching this
from areas where these are actually illegal then you’re out of luck. For everyone else you can
pick one up for 500 dollars. Number two. When you get behind the
wheel do you ever feel like you’re the most important
person on the road. Even important enough to have
your own personal assistant? This little accessory
makes that a reality, bringing a digital assistant
right into your car. With voice command and
integrated gesture control, a simple word or wave of the
hand gets you what you need. It also comes standard with
turn by turn navigation, music control, messaging, and calls. It really does feel like having
your own personal assistant, making you seem just as
important as you feel. You can grab one of your
own for 225 dollars. Hey everyone, before we
reveal our number one pick, don’t forget to comment below, and let us know what
your favorite gadget was. Number one. So we’ve shown you a heads up display for a motorcycle helmet. Now we get to show you the
heads up display for your car. Not only does it display your
speed and navigation settings, it also manages your
music and phone calls. It also has gesture control, which means, you guessed it, you can control
it with a wave of your hand. It also give you a diagnostic
readout of things such as fuel level and tire pressure. If this doesn’t give you a feeling like you’re driving a car from the future, then strap a flux capacitor
on it and go somewhere where they don’t need roads. Pre-order pricing on this
one is currently 300 dollars. (upbeat rock music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below, what you found to be the
most interesting, and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button, to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
I’ll see you guys next time. (playful closing theme)

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