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– [Narrator] From air-powered
to battery-powered, with three or four wheels. Many cars come in a variety
of shapes and sizes. This is Glam, and today we are bringing
you 15 of our favorite. (techno music) – [Announcer] Number 15. – [Narrator] Built for the international bicycle and motorcycle show, the Brutsch Mopetta was built overnight. The single-seat Mopetta
comes with three wheels, and a three-speed gear box. With a single cylinder engine and a top speed of 28 miles per hour, this won’t burn up the track, but it will get you where you wanna go. This had a length of
five foot nine inches, width of three feet, and a height of three foot nine inches. Unfortunately, though an opal dealer considered building this car, it never happened, and only 14 were ever produced. – [Announcer] Number 14. – [Narrator] From 1991 to 2013, Buddy Electric sold about 1,500 models. 1,100 of which were registered in Norway. Originating as the Kewet, in 2007, the car started being
manufactured under the name Buddy. This is a basic electric
vehicle that has a range of no more than 40 miles, and a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. With a length of nine feet, and a width of only five feet, the car is legally
allowed to park sideways in many jurisdictions. Two Buddy models are available. The ordinary Buddy, and the Buddy Cab, which features a folding roof. The cost of the Buddy was
around $25,000 in 2007. – [Announcer] Number 13. – [Narrator] If you thought electric cars were economical and
environmentally friendly, you should see this
compressed air-powered car, by Zero Pollution Motors. The Airpod 2.0. This revolutionary vehicle, with its small price, was made to fight pollution
and make city driving easier. The Airpod has two seats, weighs 617 pounds, and will cruise at
about 45 miles per hour. This will be available in three models. The Airpod Standard, the Airpod Cargo, and the Airpod Baby, with the Standard costing about $11,000. This is due to be released
in the United States in the second half of 2019. All that being said, I
wouldn’t hold my breath. – [Announcer] Number 12. – [Narrator] Redesigned
around a one cylinder, 13 horsepower, four-stroke
BMW motorcycle engine, BMW made the Isetta its own. In 1955, the BMW Isetta
became the world’s first mass-produced car to
achieve a fuel consumption of 78 miles per gallon, and was the top-selling, single
cylinder car in the world. The Isetta had a length
of seven and a half feet, and a width of four and a half feet. The top speed of the Isetta
was around 53 miles per hour, so passing other cars is not an option. Because of its egg-shape
and bubble-like windows, it became known as a bubble car. How many of you remember that this car was driven by Steve Urkel in
the TV show Family Matters? – [Announcer] Number 11. – [Narrator] Propelled
by two electric motors, one on each rear wheel, Commuter Cars Tango will go
zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds, with a top speed of 150 miles per hour. Even though this has four wheels, at eight feet six inches long, and three and a quarter feet wide, and five feet high, the Tango is thinner
than some motorcycles. While the Tango seems unstable at first, its heavy battery pack and
four inch ground clearance combine to give it steady handling. The Tango comes with a
four point safety harness, and corners like a sports car. You can pick up a Luxury
Tango T600 for the cost of around $108,000. I personally won’t ride a motorcycle, but could someone get me one of these? – [Announcer] Number 10. – [Narrator] A new-age,
four-wheel vehicle. The Bajaj Qute is quite spacious, and has an enclosed body structure. This gives the driver and passengers a comfortable and safe ride, with plenty of space for storage. This measures in at nine feet long, four foot three inches wide, and five foot five inches high. The Qute will have a manual
five-speed transmission, with a top speed of
about 45 miles per hour. Bajaj Auto hopes to have the Qute replace the three-wheeled Auto
Rickshaws in India very soon. The price for this has not been decided, and will eventually come
with an electric alternative. – [Announcer] Number nine. – [Narrator] The Heinkel
Kabine is a microcar designed with a mid-engine
rear wheel drive, and built from 1956 to 1958, this car had a 9.2 horsepower, single cylinder, four-stroke engine. This car measures eight
foot four inches long, four foot six inches wide, and four foot four inches high. The Kabine had a four-speed
manual transmission, and a top speed of 53 miles per hour. Other models built include
the 153 with three wheels, and the 154 with four wheels. In the event of a crash, the Kabine came with a fabric sunroof that you could use for a quick exit, since the only door opened
to the front of the car. The price of this car
will depend on the seller, and the condition. – [Announcer] Number eight. – [Narrator] Daimler AG’s Smart division has been building the
Smart Fortwo since 1988. With many models to choose from, you should be able to find
one that is right for you. Starting in 2018, Daimler went to all-electric vehicles for the Fortwos. These come with an automatic transmission, and a top speed of
around 80 miles per hour. The Fortwo measures eight
foot 10 inches long, five foot five inches wide, and five foot one inch high. These newer models of the car have been paired with
a lithium ion battery that makes it very
environmentally friendly. You can get it new 2018, starting at $23,900, and even cheaper with
a federal tax credit, of up to $7,500. – [Announcer] Number seven. – [Narrator] A rear-engine microcar produced in France from 1957 to 1961, the Vespa 400 has a
vertical, twin-cylindered, two-stroke engine that is air-cooled. The 14 horsepower engine
gives this a top speed of 55 miles per hour. All Vespa 400’s feature a
roll-top convertible roof that opens the entire roof. The 12-volt battery is located
at the front of the car, and the spare wheel is stowed in a well under the passenger seat. Measurements of this are
nine foot four inches long, four foot two inches wide, and four foot two inches high. You can get a restored one of these for a modest $12 to $15,000. – [Announcer] Number six. – [Narrator] 2012 brought
us the Renault Twizy, a two-seat electric car with a length of seven foot seven inches, a width of three foot 11 inches, and a height of four foot nine inches. Originally built in 2012, the Twizy has a tight turning radius, and a low center of gravity. With a top speed of 50 miles per hour, the Twizy will travel up to
62 miles on a single charge. Charging the lithium ion
battery will take you around three and a half hours. This is a no muss, no fuss auto with very few extras. Matter of fact, there are no extras, unless you count the airbag. This comes with no windows, no doors, and no storage. This comes with a
starting price of $10,350, and in three different models. – [Announcer] Number five. – [Narrator] Built in 1964,
the two-seat Peel Trident is a three-wheeled microcar made by Peel Engineering Company. Looking a lot like a UFO
driving down the road, it has a fiber glass body, with a plexiglass dome
and a glass windshield. The Trident has three-speed transmission, and a top speed of 28 miles per hour, and gets an amazing 100 miles per gallon. This car is six feet long, and three and a quarter feet wide, making it the world’s smallest two-seater. At the time of production, this car had a price of $2,650. – [Announcer] Number four. – [Narrator] Just when you
thought you have seen it all, how about a car that
was made to fall apart? Custom-made for an old
Birds Eye Pea commercial, the Pea car did just that. The car had 12 panels that
were built to come off, like the doors, sunroof, wing mirror, rear bumper, and exhaust. This pea-shaped car with
Volkswagen headlights, a Go Kart chassis, and a Honda engine, weighed about 1,653 pounds, and reached a top speed
of over 60 miles per hour. And because the doors
were built to come off, they made sure the stunt driver was safety-belted into the car. Sadly, it was created just for the ad, so the Pea car is not available for sale. – [Announcer] Number three. – [Narrator] The Lumeneo
Smera is a two-seat, ultracompact electric vehicle that will tilt up to 25 degrees on curbs without tipping over. This contains a lithium ion battery, with a range of 62 miles, and a top speed of 68 miles per hour. The Smera, at about eight
feet two inches long, and three feet two inches wide, would of not only reduced air pollution, but also dramatically
improved traffic congestion. But at a cost of more
than 30,000 US dollars, it was just too expensive. The company, founded by
Daniel and Thierry Moulene, sold only 10 of the vehicles, and declared bankruptcy in 2013. – [Announcer] Number two. – [Narrator] The NMG Sparrow,
formerly the Corbin Sparrow, is a one-seat electric
vehicle with three wheels. Originally, two models were produced. The original Jellybean model, and then a hatchback model
called the Pizza Butt. The Sparrow had a top
speed of 70 miles per hour, was eight feet long, four feet wide, and had a height of four
and three quarter feet. Some of the accessories
included a radio and CD player, cabin fan and heater, a speedometer, brake alarms, and power windows. In June of 2008, the listed
price was about $30,000. And in 2009, NMG began
using lithium batteries in the Sparrows. – [Announcer] Number one. – [Narrator] Sure, we already
had a Peel on the list, but we liked it so much we
just had to have another one. You want small? This is it, according to
Guinness World Records 2010. This measures in at four
and a half feet long, and three and a quarter feet wide. The P50 comes with a
three-cubic-inch engine that gets a top speed of
about 37 miles per hour. No reverse on the three-speed
manual transmission means you have to turn
this car around yourself. Thankfully, it has a handle, and only weighs about 130 pounds. With only 26 in existence today, this is one of the rarest
cars on the market, and command’s a very high price. – Hey guys, this is Cassy. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting, and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up-to-date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (light, inspiring music)

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  2. The Heinkel was made from surplus aero parts, it seems, as the firm, Heinkel was a major German war-plane producer? Best known for the Heinkel 111 bomber.

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    At the moment my favorite small car would be the smart fortwo EV. The twizzy looks to be fun, but it's too cold for winter. The Uniti from Sweden might be another alternative, but I think there will be many other options to chose from in 2025.

  4. Aesthetic and élégance: B M W Isetta(first place) runner up :Brutsch mopetta and bajajqute. My pick, me a cab driver, the four doors with plenty of storage room.

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  12. The 3 problems with these cars is that #1 the designs are plain ugly. For some reason these small vehicles are mostly round. smh. #2 they over-price them pricing out most potential buyers. #3 electric cars are blocked by a lot of countries that only allow a few electric cars but not a saturation of electric cars because governments make too much money off the taxes on gasoline run cars.

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