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14 Cars That Hold Their Value the Longest

14 Cars That Hold Their Value the Longest

If you buy a car that holds onto its value
well, you won’t lose a truckload of cash each time you decide to get something new. Based on data from Kelley Blue Book and iSeeCars,
here are 14 cars that hold their value the longest. Honda Ridgeline – Yeah, it’s arguably not
really a truck, but that fact doesn’t stop plenty of people from buying it. It’s a champ when it comes to retaining value,
with 60.7 percent still around at 36 months and 46.7 percent at 60 months. Toyota Tacoma – It’s been a longtime favorite
for people who want something trusty, rugged, but livable for daily driving. It’s also legendary for reliability, which
could be part of the reason why it only loses 10.4 percent of its value in the first year. Nissan Frontier – There hasn’t been any significant
changes to this pickup since 2004, but, as they say, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. And Nissan may be doing something right because
this truck only takes a 13.3 percent dip in value during the first year. Jeep Wrangler – Have you tried buying a used
Wrangler lately? They aren’t exactly cheap, thanks to excellent
value retention. In the first year, this famous off-roader
only loses 8.9 percent of its original value and after 36 months, the Wrangler keeps 65.2
percent of the original value. Honda Pilot – Needing to haul a bunch of people
really limits what vehicles you can consider. This three-row SUV only drops 13.7 percent
of its value in the first 12 months. Just remember that putting a stick family
on the back window increases the value of this SUV by at least 20 percent. Toyota 4Runner – Rugged and reliable, the
current generation is great for taking out on trails, towing a smaller boat, or doing
pretty much anything outside. It’s also great for your wallet, thanks in
part to the mere 12.7 percent value drop in the first year. Chevrolet Colorado – People like reasonable
utility, because the Colorado costs far less than the Silverado and works for what many
owners will need from day to day. After a year, only 13.7 percent of this pickup’s
value is gone. Subaru WRX – Thanks to the performance sedan
losing a mere 14.2 percent of its value in the first year, you could just snag a new
model from your local dealer’s lot and not worry about the financial difference. Even after three years, the car still retains
57.8 percent of its value. Honda HR-V – Score one for a subcompact! The little HR-V is the crossover that can
retain plenty of its value. During the first year it loses just 13.8 percent
of the original value. Toyota Tundra – Yes, another Toyota truck. The Tundra is a full-size model that often
gets overlooked, but apparently owners and shoppers don’t forget it exists, considering
it keeps 64.7 percent of its original value after three years. Jeep Renegade – This subcompact SUV may be
the subject of quite a few jokes made by Wrangler owners, even though buying one can be a solid
financial move. During the first 12 months it only loses 14.1
percent of its value. Chevrolet Silverado – Yes, you can get a full-size
truck that isn’t a Toyota and not watch the value melt like a candy bar left on the dashboard. Kelley Blue Book says the Silverado keeps
57.6 percent of its value after three years. GMC Sierra – The Silverado’s twin is also
a fairly good investment, if you need a full-size truck. It does even better than the Chevy, keeping
58.4 percent of its value at 36 months. Ford F-150 – Often the best-selling vehicle
in America, it’s utilitarian, comfortable, feature-rich, and dependable. All that combines so the truck keeps 58.7
percent of its value at three years.

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