$127 Refurbished HP Laptop? – I Bought $454 in Wish Tech Gadgets

(electric motor winding) – Whoa, okay. It’s like, why do you think it’s not gonna go that way Keaton? Hey, what’s good guys, it’s Keaton here, so you know what time it is, it’s my favorite series here
on the channel, Wish Busters. So, in case you guys are saying
what is Wish Busters Keaton, I’m new, what’s good? Basically, check out some of the older episodes right
up there in the I card. How this goes down is I check out some products on this site called Wish. They have an android and iOS
app, I’ll link it down below, if you guys want to check it out, but basically, it’s this site where you can find anything you want, fashion, tech, beauty, gadgets, you can find anything on this site. And the crazy thing is it costs a fraction of the price of what
you would expect it to. It’s like a wish, you
wish it would cost less. Your wish came true on this site. Here’s the only catch, it sometimes, well actually all the time,
takes around three to four weeks to come, it’s coming from China. Alright, so here we go, let’s
see what’s good on Wish. Man, it’s always a trip
when I go on this site, you either find good stuff, bad stuff, lot of free stuff’s popping up. So, let’s just start scrolling. Well, they got some
interesting, a selection. We got an iPhone wireless charging pad. Boring, we’ve seen that before. Got a camera kit, ugh, it’s cool. Screen protector for free, maybe I’ll do an entire
Wish video on free stuff. Let’s do it if we hit 12,000 likes, I’ll drop the episode, man, free stuff, like that’s gonna be amazing. Alright, let’s, whoa, that is interesting. A 16 times zoom, $12 if I buy it with other shoppers like Gordon. What are some of the reviews like? You know we gotta check ’em. Kyle, arrived early and it’s awsone, it’s awsone, not awesome, awsone. 12 bucks, I’m just gonna
buy it, can’t go wrong. 12 bucks for that, bam! Here we go, and it was even
less, it said 15, it’s 11 and I can unlock even a lower
price if I buy it with Mistie. Mistie’s gonna hook it
up for nine dollars. Jo Ann, absolutely loved ’em, they came earlier than expected. So, maybe it doesn’t take four weeks, you never know with
some of these products. Quality is great, will
be ordering more gifts, thank you Wish, not the
color I was expecting. Alright, let’s order this, nine bucks. Whoa, what is that? It’s a breathable iPhone
case, they caught me, you would be caught too, let
me know in the comments if you guys think this is
interesting, just on the picture. It’s a case, but it
don’t look like a case, that looks like a speaker,
great photo, great photo. That looks amazing,
alright, let’s get serious, let’s find something. You guys tweet at me, if you
guys ever find stuff on Wish that looks cool, send me it,
I’m just techsmart on Twitter, you guys sent me a $1 3D printer, so I’m gonna check that
out in a future episode. Golf Wang, I love it, sorry Tyler, they ripped your merch off, it’s on Wish. Okay, what else we findin’? Whoa, okay. We might be hurtin’ someone, this is a adjustable
strong powerful blue laser. This is one of those crazy
ones that’ll burn something. $108 if I buy it with Penney,
not a single review, why? Why you doing this to me, Josh huh? What is this, I’m so confused. You got eyebrows on a wall, you got Raw. Where are we, what are we looking for? Whoa, that looks really cool. Man, they’re just getting me
with all this iPhone stuff. This looks like a Nintendo Switch iPhone. Is this a case, a skin? That looks cool, tell me right
now that doesn’t look cool. Like I want that, why
can’t my iPhone do that? This looks so sick,
honestly for nine bucks, I’m gonna wanna check it out. Thanks Amy for the $8 hookup. They’re selling the Titanic
newspaper for a dollar. We got four things in the
cart, what else we gonna find? Okay, I might just be going
on an iPhone case frenzy, $3 yes, this is an iPhone
case, Batman would so approve. For three bucks, of course I
got an iPhone ten model, yes. Alright, let’s get this thing in black, $3.60 with Damarcus, exactly
what it says, fits perfectly, looks like the heat,
absolutely looks like the heat. $3.60, man, I’m not spending
any money this video, and we found the laptop, $142 laptop. Refurbished HP 14-AX040WM
Stream 14 inch jet black laptop, four gigs of RAM,
Evangelica, if you can get me it for 127 bucks, that’s a
savings I’ll wake up for. Our son loves it, just as
advertised, very happy, works great, might think
about buying another. I’m thinking about buying
one, not another, but one. We got it Ev, we got it going. Wait, no way, a hard drive
that’s 30 terabytes, no way. Dude that’s just crazy, oh it’s the case. Oh, it’s just the case. I thought we were on a
technological breakthrough here, but I feel so bad for Tyler, the Creator. All his merch is just (huff) That looks so sick, a
globe, anti-gravity globe. Latrina, $18, absolutely
loved it, already on my desk, absolutely beautiful,
absolutely I’m buyin’ one. Wow, alright let’s get
one, maybe two more things, what are you thinkin’ Ev,
two alright sounds good. Whoa, we’re livin’ large, some fake Beats headphones for 57 bucks, wait, they’re refurbished, for $57. 51 if I buy it with Dario,
perfect, I am very happy, the best headphones I have ever heard, $51 for refurbished Apple products, so that’s where they’re
going, it makes sense. What is this? Mini, I don’t think
that’s the phone charger I was looking for. No way, a computer, we
have so many more videos. Alright one more thing, I’m
just gonna buy it super quick. There’s so much good stuff on Wish, okay, we’re doing it, we gotta do it now, pick something Keaton, we’re going for it, we’re going for the
oversized remote control car. Awesome, grandchildren will be happy. If the grandchildren are
happy, I’m gonna be happy. I’m gettin’ type three,
I’m gettin’ it in red, that’s sold out okay. Gettin’ it in blue, sold out,
black, 54 bucks, feelin’ good. Alright, let’s pop to the
cart, we got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine M’s in my bank account, nah, I’m just kidding 21 Savage. Alright, so we got a lot of
stuff, $454 worth of stuff. 454 bucks, I’ll see you in a month. So, it took about three
weeks, everything came. We got one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, we got nine products here. That’s awesome, you
know we gotta jump in so the first thing that we’re gonna check out are the $9 Apple Airpod fakes. I lost my real pair of
Airpods, this is pair 21, rest in peace forever, you guys
know I have a huge problem, just check twitter, you’ll
see when I lose a pair, maybe you’ll find a pair for me. So for nine bucks these
things seem like a steal, if they actually work, get
some other funky colors, I saw that on Wish, I
wanted to keep it authentic, and get the white ones. They got a red, what’s that rose gold? Okay, a lot of colors they got here. The i7s, you have a
battery, phone calls, music. Wow, that is a fat case. (popping) What was I a part of on that
one, did I just break it? I’m tellin’ you, this is why we have to do the Wish videos guys. Does it just pull off,
or is it supposed to… I couldn’t tell you. This is what all those
Instagram ads are saying, when you can get the Airpods
for free, for $5, for $1, whatever it is, this is the difference. This is what they should look like, this is what they actually look like. I’m done talking, I’m gonna try these out. How do you turn these on? If these both connect, usually how this goes down is only one will work, so it’s kind of like a fake
earpiece, not real Airpods. Honestly at this point, I should just get one of these tooth bristles. It’s only coming out of one ear, really. Oh, bananas, that’s crazy, okay. So, only one will connect by default, to get them both to connect you have to hold down the buttons
on each of the Airpods. I hear it out of both. So, we’re gonna play Bag by Tee Grizzly, love the new album Activated,
you guys know I’m a huge fan if you’re following
my Spotify playlist, I’ll leave a link down below. How does this sound, there’s no bass, it’s so tinny, it’s like an aluminum can. ♪ Can’t wait ’til I got me a bag, ♪ ♪ Can’t wait ’til I got me a bag. ♪ Honestly, for nine bucks,
not the worst deal ever. You don’t feel bad about
losing these like I do, it hurts saying that. (welding) So you guys know overall
I spent almost 500 bucks, the next thing is a little more expensive, it’s 22 bucks and it’s the
magnetic, floating globe. I don’t know why I buy this crap. What if it doesn’t work? That’s so rad, okay, so my
guess is you plug this in, you just throw the ball in
between these two beams, and it just floats. Let’s see, hmmm. Whoa, Ev are you checkin’ that? That’s some trippy… It’s magnetic guys, if you
thought it wasn’t magnetic, trust your boy, Flavor Flav in the hizzy. I mean, I think this is just gonna work. What? Does anyone have any ideas on
how this one is gonna work? So, what Kyle’s telling me
is you need this foam spacer to block the magnet, so it thinks it’s… I’m just gonna shut up and show you. Okay, so here’s the deal,
there’s no spinning the globe, no no. We made it happen guys. (fizzling) So, for 14 bucks, the 16 times optical, monocular telescope showed up. It’s showing me that you can find birds, that’s what most birds look
like but with this thing, that’s what birds actually look like. Let’s open this up. Oh wow, this thing is much
heavier than I was thinking. Is this a phone mount, right? Did they just throw a freebie in ’cause they were feeling bad? Wait, it’s all making sense now. This is not a telescope, this
is a telescope for your phone, that’s why there’s this phone clip, that’s why there’s this
thing that goes here, so it screws on like this, and then you phone attaches like that. Wow, this is a breakthrough,
alright, I’m gonna go outside, we’re gonna see if it
actually makes a difference, and if you can see birds. So it looks like this might not
be the most practical thing, it’s more of like a spy cam,
remember this thing’s huge, and people are gonna see
that you’re spying on them. So, birds maybe, maybe
more like a stalker cam. (fizzling) So this is item four, the fake
Beats by Dre, the wired ones, So these should be Beats threes
I paid like 51 bucks for it. And drop a comment with your
favorite item in this video, the one that you thought
was the most worth it. Let’s see if it’s this. Wait, were these fake or refurbished? They’re selling some refurbished stuff. So these were once real,
now they’re on Wish. Wow, okay, I wasn’t even
gonna say these feel fake, these feel real. So with the Beats threes, in case you guys haven’t seen these, these are definitely a steal, 51 bucks. I’m gonna recommend these,
adjustable headband, you have a nice metal
frame, leather earcups, and for the most part it’s pretty comfy. Let’s throw them on the
head and see how they sound. Oh yeah dude, these are just Beats threes. These are real, the leather feels real. Alright, so listening to
Rise by Jack and Jack, you guys know them, and Jonas Blue. Wow, bass is there, I’m not
gonna say bass is there, ’cause it’s Beats, but for
51 bucks, these are refurbs. These sound really good,
that might be the favorite. And we got, what, four things left? (fizzling) Of course, on Wish I’m gonna
always scoop some iPhone cases, I’m gonna find some good ones one day. The Batman one was three bucks,
this hard shell one was nine let’s see the difference. The Batman one looks a
little bit more rugged. Wait a minute, this was supposed to look like the Nintendo Switch iPhone case, it was supposed to be red. Let’s try this out for nine bucks, if these tips were red, I would have the Nintendo Switch iPhone case. I’ve never seen a piece like this before, it’s got all the cutouts
for all the sensors, I’m gonna put this on the top. Whoa, that’s funky, Ev, dude,
imagine this with red bumpers, it would have been the
Nintendo Switch iPhone case. If you drop your phone,
I’m just telling you now, it’s not gonna be safe,
these bumpers are flying. Let’s try out the three dollar Batman one. It’s a one piece with a stand on it. Okay, it’s actually gonna
give you protection. (thuds) And I don’t wanna hear you say Oh Keaton it cracked your phone, no the phone was cracked before the video. And the stand just watch Youtube
in the morning, just chill. Three bucks way better pick up than this. (fizzling) This is the most expensive
purchase in the entire video, the refurbished HP laptop, 127 bucks, I’ve never bought a computer
before on a site like Wish. (tearing) Sometimes you think it would
just open a little easier but, Wish is the greatest app ever, they’re not paying me to say that, but if this laptop turns on we just bought a laptop refurbished from Wish. Let’s power this bad boy on. You got three USB, I’m
gonna say 2.0 ports, I don’t think they’re 3.0,
there’s no way they could keep it under 130 bucks, and give us 3.0. HDMI, which is nice,
full-sized, head phone jack, SD card reader, what’s on this side, oh no that’s where you charge it. I don’t even think this thing
can run screen recorder maybe, but I’m just gonna show
you guys what I see. – Hi there, I’m Cortana,
and I’m here to help. – That doesn’t sound like Cortana. I don’t trust you. – A touch of wifi there, and we’ll have your PC ready
for all you plan to do. You can use your voice or
the keyboard along the way. And if you’d like me to stay quiet… – I don’t need you to tell me, I’ll just figure it out by myself. We’re going as fast as we can. I don’t know man, I don’t
see that on any other laptops telling you hey we’re
going as fast as we can. You just do it. (fizzling) So I’m still trying to set up the laptop, but let’s check this out,
it’s the $108 killer laser. I didn’t think this was real,
I don’t think this is legal. Oh my, no way! What is this? Dude, how fat are these
batteries, 4,000 milliamp hours. I’m not responsible if you buy this one, link’s in the description as always. Dude, this is military grade. Wow, and it comes with a
pair of fancy sunglasses, gotta dig that, and
wait, are you joking me? What are these plastic knobs for, are they to change up the beam shape, I thought that there was
some science word for that, but we have keys for our laser pointer. Any last words before I turn
the switch and we all die? Our eyes are gonna melt. Whoa, whoa, okay, I’m okay,
that blue light is scary, it’s gonna burn the box,
alright don’t look, don’t look, just trust your boy, I feel
like my eyes are melting now, I can’t look, I’m just gonna hold it. Did it burn the box, okay, turn it off, turn it off before you let it go. Alright laser’s off, let’s
see if it did anything. Nothing. So why i don’t think it
worked in the last one is the beam was super wide so now
that it’s a little more narrow, we’ve got some balloons left
over from my 21st birthday. Turn the key, eye’s closed, let’s see if it pops some balloons. I’m gonna jump if it does dude, do you think we got bamboozled? I don’t wanna look at the balloon ’cause I’m just gonna freak out, I don’t like loud noises
and I blink a lot. I don’t think it burns anything. So I’ve been sitting here for, okay, sorry about that guys, I
accidentally hit the button. I’ve been trying to pop
this balloon for a while, I’ve been letting it sit. It’s not like the ones you see on Youtube, by the cool Youtubers, that
are popping everything. It’s one of those Wish
products you wished for. (fizzling) This is the $55 RC full remote car. Full wheel, full remote, 54 bucks. These are startin’ to
make a huge comeback. I was watchin’ David Dobrik’s log, he got Jonah one of these,
and Jonah was so happy. Whoa, alright, it’s on, feels
pretty sturdy, 50 bucks. (electric motor whine) Okay, it’s like why do you think it’s not gonna go that way Keaton. (electric motor whine) Oh, that has got some jets.
And batteries were all in it. I think the only thing
left to do is go outside, lets race some cars. This car is way better
than I was expecting, a lot of the stuff on
Wish, you never know. 55 bucks, this thing feels like it’s got more horsepower
than my Honda Civic, it turns really well, dude this thing, I wish I got this in the first episode. I would be lovin’ life even more. So the refurbished HP laptop,
we finally got it working, it weighs about, I would say a pound and a half to two pounds, nice size, about a 13 inch screen so, it’s not the worst bang for the buck. If we can open up anything,
worth the 130 bucks. Sure please take me to Google, you need a new app to
open this Microsoft Edge, so I’m gonna say it now there’s
way better options out there honestly guys this is more of a headache. So that’s it for this video, make sure you guys get subscribed, if you want another one, by
clicking that circle icon right there and drop a like if you
want that free Wish video. It’ll drop real soon if we hit the goal. Subscribe to my second
channel, it’s all about vlogs. And check out the last
two Wish videos over here, and I’ll see you guys later, peace.

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