10 Tips for renting a Car

hello welcome to hindsight 101 where you’ll learn about things that will help you in everyday life if you want to know the do’s and don’ts about renting a car stay tuned first things first when you go to run a car find out if you had a deposit because that deposit could really sway the price especially if you’re trying to go really cheap you may want to know exactly what that deposit is because that could make or break whether or not you’re gonna go with that rental company or another one next we can talk about the subject of prepaid gasp should you pay in advance and pay for the prepaid gas even though you don’t know what the price is going to be we should just risk it and find a local gas station my advice to you is find the local gas station nine times out of 10 it’s always going to be cheaper if you want to go that route if you want to go for convenience and yes pay for the prepaid gasps you’re in a rush you think you’re going to be late you don’t like to get up early before your flight it’ll save you a lot of time but maybe not money now this is the infamous question should i get their insurance because everyone tells me my insurance is covering it here’s a little secret that you may or may not know yes your insurance does cover rental cars there’s a little thing called loss of use and when that car is in an accident and it has to go in the shop the rental companies not making any money having it’s in the shop so they’re gonna make you pay for it and your insurance company is not gonna pay for that so that’s why it’s always good to get the car rental insurance because their insurance will cover loss of use the other thing is you just want to make sure you know the fine print with your insurance or maybe a credit cards insurance that will cover your rental car because a lot of times they don’t cover everything will cover some things but it always happens there’s some freak accident of nature that’s not covered either by your credit card insurance or your personal insurance there’s one more thing about insurance if you like to book through third parties such as Expedia Travelocity sometimes they’ll offer insurance i would highly advise against it why because a lot of times those insurances are very cheap and have attractive prices but they don’t cover anything and you’ll still be stuck with the bill if you do get into an accident or those damaged or anything like that so my best advice even though we all hate it and we all try to avoid it and think it’s not going to happen to me it’s always good to be safe and just get the car rental insurance trust me let’s talk about discounts you have many options I know I used to be in the military so I have usaa so they gave a small discount it’s like five ten percent if you join a lot of the car rental rewards they’ll give you a small percentage triple-a sometimes you get a percentage but a lot of those are going to be very small so be careful of those big discounts especially from third-party websites like Travelocity or Expedia as i mentioned before because what happens with that it’s you may not get what you want it could be 50 miles from the location you wanted they could be closed it might not be the car you want lot of different factors will go in because the only thing they’re searching for is that cheap price that you wanted and all the others all the other options that you selected our secondary so just keep that in mind if the price looks too good to be true it probably is it’ll cost you in the future money time just a headache also a little note if I if you don’t do round trip and you only do one way sometimes these third-party websites won’t include the one-way fee that’s added on top of that because if you think about it a car company owns those cars so they don’t want to give it up and have you drop it off somewhere else now next this is something you should always do for your own peace of mind and that’s to do a walk-around inspection of the car when you get it and when you turn it in because you you never want to find out after the fact when you turn the car in oh they found something and you’re liable for it take a picture take a video time-stamped whatever you need to do but just make sure especially if you’re going to do a night drop off our key drop off where the person won’t come out and actually inspected and sign off right then and there you want to make sure you have proof that you turn the car back in the digit back in the condition it was given to you on the other hand when the car rental agency is expecting the car if you go to the airport they’re very busy they don’t have a lot of time they need to get things done so they may do just a quick once around and that’s it now the local agencies they have a lot more time and take much more pride in their cars and they want to make sure however you’re returning it is the same way they gave it to you and they’re going to go through with a fine-tooth comb so just a little hint yes you pay a little more for the airport but you might get away with a little something special feeling like a busy city like New York or Atlanta different place like that where accidents are prone to happen or little fender benders little scratches you may want to stick the airport’s they won’t really look that closely all they want is the car back so they can turn it to the next person also for the inspection i find it crazy that they keep both of the keys together especially when i have two people driving the car and I want to share the keys but it’s their property they don’t want to lose those keys because eventually they’re going to turn around and sell those cars to somebody so cutting those keys so you can use them is damaging their property and they will make you pay for that just something to think about if you want to give that key to somebody else so you feel like cutting the little wire that keeps them together i’d advise against it let’s talk about crossing borders because your personal insurance may not cover it you want to make sure you call and get all the details but also their insurance through the car rental agency you need to let them know where you’re going and if you are going to be crossing borders because they can advise you on the best type of assurance you’re going to need or if you’re covered at all so it’s always good to call ahead instead of finding out when you’re about to check out the car that your car won’t be covered next we’ll talk about unpaved roads a lot of you probably won’t have to deal with it especially since the car rental agencies have gotten rid of a lot of the Jeep’s or any other off-road vehicles but you may or may not be covered if you go on unpaid road and there’s damage to the car so just think about it the next time you want to do it all off roading with your rental car it might not be the best idea let’s talk about credit card holds and how those work now when you swipe your credit card at the car rental agency they’re going to charge you pre charge you for many different things they’re going to charge you for the full amount of the rental they’re going to charge you probably for a deposit and they’re going to charge you an additional fee just going to charge you an additional fee each day that you have the car maybe it’s a hundred dollars maybe it’s 250 dollars it just depends on the car rental agency for kinda just in case you don’t pay for something so on that credit card you could have a precharge for a lot more than you actually going to pay when you when you turn the car in so that’s why it’s always advised to use an open credit card that you’re not really going to use them to you say your debit card that all your bills come out of just keep that in mind they’re going to precharge you probably for a lot more than you’re actually going to spend but that’s just to cover them so they just want to make sure they’re going to get their money and you don’t spend it while you’re on vacation the next thing you’re going to want to consider is the car rental hours and how that works around your travel plans usually the airports are open much later than the local branches so just remember that if you think your flights gonna be in late are you gonna be traveling in late but also airports are more expensive so you always want to try to do kind of the local car rental places keep that in mind when i told you before for the inspection the local places if you go in late you’ll have to do the key drop off and it’s up to the mercy of the person checking it out whether or not it’s in good condition but the airport they’ll probably be there but they really won’t check it either now lastly this can kind of be a touchy subject because you may be the only person driving and then you may just have a friend drive it real quick for a second or maybe you have several passengers in the car when you are traveling you doing kind of a cross country trip who knows but you always want to tell the car rental agency how many people are going to be driving and make sure they’re registered when you rent when you rent the car because if anything happens and they’re not on the lead the rental agreement they are liable and hence you could be liable as well for that for anything that happens to that car so you always want to make sure that it whoever is touching that car is on that agreement but keep in mind it could be a fee for this so you want to limit the number of drivers you have on there some companies will let it slide if you have a spouse so it’s good to find that out ahead of time I hope this information helps you if it helps you enough how about subscribing give me a thumbs up and if it didn’t give me a thumbs down in the comments below tell me why take care

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