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10 Products To Get REVENGE On Your Frenemies!

10 Products To Get REVENGE On Your Frenemies!

Careful careful I’ll take the first whiff since I have a better sense I can smell it! I smell it *matt and michael get triggered* *Intro music* What is up everybody Welcome to Dope or Nope the show Where we rate produces Dope or Nope

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100 thoughts on “10 Products To Get REVENGE On Your Frenemies!

  1. I love the fact that as the thing came up about technical difficulties an add came up saying are u having technical difficulties with your devices?
    I was like perfect timing youtube perfect timing

  2. Why the title picture just 1 member in almost every video . Why they dont use the 2 other members face or group photo

  3. 17:30 first they where complained about the product staining and doing its job and then they complained that it didn’t work and wouldn’t stain

  4. Nobody:
    Not a single soul:
    Me: ThEy PlAyeD twEntY OnE piLoTs

    Love the vids by the way. I’ve been binge watching them like crazy

  5. You can use the parking ticket by putting it on your car window then the parking officer would think someone already gave a ticket

  6. I have worked with giving out parking tickets for a while. It´s an even better prank when the ticket is actually real 😀

  7. actually that key CAN lock someone in, if the doors are locked and the key is in it then the door wont be able to open

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