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10 INSANE Car’S ModiFicationS

10 INSANE Car’S ModiFicationS

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science and fun today we’re counting down the top 10 modified cars
which are incredible so be sure to put your seatbelt on and be ready to enjoy
this thrilling video number 10 if you think Bigfoot’s don’t exist then of
course you are wrong if you still are in doubt then be ready to meet Bigfoot
designed by a great motor enthusiast Bob Chandler in 1974 in the u.s.
professionally Bob drove a robust vehicle Ford f-250 for off-roading
adventure in his free time but Bob pushed it hard breaking the axles and
burning out the engines only to find out that replacements were difficult in the
st. Louis area that’s when an idea began to form Bob created Midwest four-wheel
drive to fill that 4×4 gap the first Bigfoot had 48 inches tall four-wheel
steering and a supercharged 8 cylinder engine Bob unveiled the biggest of the
monster trucks standing five point seven meters tall and weighing seventeen
thousand two hundred kilograms thirty eight thousand pounds they did some
sponsor show off at Denver Car Show in summer 1986 the truck was intentionally
created with these large tires which originally came from a huge vehicle used
in Alaska by the US Army number nine photo camera car we know that people love Southeast
google has spinning cameras for 3d maps but Harrods blanks camera van had a
different goal back in 1993 an insane idea was coming into existence the van
was covered with a lot of cameras on its exterior surface it might be the best
choice for YouTube pranksters the primary intention was to capture
people’s faces and their surprising reactions in 1995 the van began its
journey across America blank was documenting the astonished looks
bewildered faces and pointing on lookers with the cameras docked onto the vehicle
since the first departure Bank has taken his ban ticked Canada and even overseas
to Britain and Germany to find thousands of different faces with the same range
of reactions to his attention-grabbing creation number 8 ghost car apparently
this SUV Nissan Patrol looks like an ordinary car but don’t be fooled by its
outer appearance to understand more we have to open the door oh my gosh after
opening the door you can see the absence of steering wheel accelerator and brakes
I think this ghost car from Dubai is a worthy of publicity are you wondering
how it works so don’t overthink let me unveil the
hidden secret actually the steering wheel accelerator and brake all of these
are precisely installed at the backside of the car and driving this unusually
modified car his/her really challenging job I bet number seven pool table car if you have
an intense obsession towards a car and a pool table then you may appreciate
Vinnie Bergman for his creative work he combined both his old car and pool table
for this he selected Chevrolet Monte Carlo from late 90s thanks to new
powerful engine this pool car can achieve 100 miles per hour or 160
kilometers per hour nomber six spa car hot tub yes probably you’ve all heard
about Nazi scientists because of their crazy experiments and incredible
inventions but right now we are living in the future where some of the greatest
scientists have emerged on YouTube like crazy Russian hacker hack Smith and now
Colin first Colin Furze is a British garage inventor and one of my favorite
youtubers he converted his 28 year old BMW car into a hot tub on the wheel
ceiling every holes and gap in car’s interior is essential that ensures there
is no leakage filling tremendous amount of water was a real challenge to the
cars old suspensions that’s the reason Colin installed the additional
suspension coils for the smoother ride the unique waterproofing material used
to protect the sensitive components and electrical wires
moreover they mounted two blowers for making bubbles and covered the car with
artificial lawn grass I think this car might be the best for picnics because
his crazy car even has built-in mini kitchen to cook meat all those features
combined make this car perfect her summers number five Ford Fairmont snow tank in
the last few years the Ford Fairmont has become trendy platform among drag racers
due to being inexpensive lightweight design that allows the wide range of
modifications one man from Saskatchewan in Canada was tired of people due to not
getting their attention to his 1978 Fairmont after getting inspiration from
the movie taxi he transformed his old car into a tank arguably the coolest
Fairmont we may have ever seen the owner took a Fairmont project and made it into
the ultimate Arctic Cruiser its body was installed on snowcat chasis with extra
wide tracks this grandma’s sedan can go anywhere even in harsh and extreme
places where no other Fairmont has gone before the owner has decided to sell his
car at $15,000 number four stubby Bob probably you’re thinking what’s unique
about this garbage truck two famous engineers mike finnegan and david
freiburger from a youtube channel roadkill took a
1950s Ford f6 dump truck and shortened the wheelbase to just 102 inches so that
it would look freaking awesome instead of old tractor engine they decided to
replace that with a new Chevrolet big-block v8 engine which was precisely
installed behind the driver’s cabin starting the engine of this truck is one
of the greatest experiences for engine enthusiasts
a new life is given to the truck with the support of Optima batteries CRC
industries lincoln tech cooper tire even though this bob truck works fine but
still it needs a lot of work to complete this project number three what will
happen if we combine two cars of course the result will be strange and
ridiculous to find out the answer to this question Fred and Dave attempted to
build one vehicle that can run on all types of terrain they combined an old
Range Rover with a Ford Ranger to build pre Range Rover Land Runner which can
also play in the mud and rock crawl they safely cut all unnecessary parts without
interfering with the gas connection with a lot of hard working they welded two
half cars into one piece now there is two driving cabins two steering wheels
two engines and two drivers with double the fun but it still looks ridiculous
and awesome at the same time number two maybe you’re bored with your old car
with the same permanent color and want to repaint your car in another color of
your choice but unfortunately you’re not so rich like rainbow Shaikh who has
seven cars and seven different color variants just like my closet but don’t
worry here we have a few solutions that you can try now you can change your
car’s color or pattern by using thermo chromic tone the thermochromic paint is
the same material that is found in mood rings and under the screens of
smartphones or LCD this material when exposed to heat the molecular structure
changes it reflects different color on warm condition the thermochromic paint
intentionally prepared in such a manner that it will change its color at 37
degrees Celsius which is our body temperature the
color under warm water becomes translucent revealing the cars true
colors after a few moments the paint becomes opaque again paramagnetic color
is another magical solution they can change color under the influence of
electricity if you have paramagnetic paint then changing color is as easy as
pressing a button on a remote Heidrich color is another color which has the
ability to change its color under the influence of moisture number one Brazilians are very fun loving people
and love loud sounds but one person changed the definition of
loudness Alan Dante is a world champion for several years in Brazil he modified
his car into the loudest car due to its ability to produce 180 4.6 decibels of
loudness as we know more than one hundred eighty five decibels is fatal
and can damage your eardrum or may destroy ears anatomical functions such
sound has same destructive power as experiencing an explosion of one
kilograms of TNT but at 18 meters away from the center of
the explosion the team Hale car is one of the loudest cars in the world with
the most powerful audio system which consists of nine subwoofers nine
amplifiers and 60 batteries being a medical professional my advice to you
guys is that please stay away from it because precaution is better than the
cure thanks for watching which car do you find most impressive let me know in
the comments section if you’re new here then feel free to subscribe and be my
friend don’t miss our upcoming videos by
clicking on that Bell icon I’ll catch you guys later in my next episode peace

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