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hello my friends are you bored by
watching the normal cars all around you and welcome to TTI today we are
listening to top ten most unusual cars which actually exist in real life
so sit back relax and enjoy the video let’s begin number ten thrust SSC
everyone loves rockets like Elon Musk for mass missions or kim jeong-hoon
for fun thrust SSC is also known as thrust supersonic car
it is a jet propelled car developed by Richard Noble Glenn Bowsher Ron Ayers
and Jermey bliss even though it weighs 10 tons this rocket car broke the
Guinness Book of World Records to be the fastest land rocket car oh my god
Rocket Man is angry because this is the first land vehicle that officially
breaks the sound barrier that’s awesome now you can enjoy the ride with your
friends because it has sufficient space inside and it can reach thrust of 223
kilonewtons with two rolls-royce spey 205 turbojet engines the car is
responsible for production of 100,000 horsepower within a few seconds number
nine BMW Jena do you ever wonder if humans wear
clothes and animals have thick skin then why are our cars without clothes on this
concept Chris Bengal and his team designed a BMW car with clothes
that’s crazy at first sight but the cars outer skin is flexible stretchable
water-resistant and trans Lucia artificial skin of polyurethane coated
spandex this insane skin is resilient and durable this two-seater sport car
can resist wide ranges of temperature differences not only can Gina have real
emotions now you have to request for permission to test drive just kidding
but its body changes shape according to its exterior conditions and speeds and
it also allows the driver to change its shape at will number 8 r in speed s Cuba
the S Cuba developed by swiss company Rinspeed
the world’s first car that can be driven both on land and underwater presented at
Geneva Motor Show 2008 the original idea by Rinspeed founder
and CEO Frank render neck was inspired by the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who
Loved Me the S Cuba is a zero-emission all-electric vehicle which uses three
electric motors one for land travel and two for underwater operations
upon entering water it floats on the surface until the operator floods the
interior to submerge it it can be submerged to a depth of 10 meters and
it’s powered by twin Electra propellers with to see Bob water jets its top speed
is 120 kilometres an hour on land 6 kilometres an hour on water and 3
kilometres an hour underwater for breathing it is equipped
with oxygen cylinders the s Cuba is water and salt resistant so it can be
driven into the ocean number 7 Cadillac pool the idea of swimming in a pool is so
boring and it requires a ton of space that’s the reason why Phil Waker and
Duncan Forster have spent nearly six years converting a 1969 Cadillac Coupe
DeVille into a hot tub on wheels in the streets of Los Angeles the cars v8
engine runs on DC AC and version produces some heat which is utilized to
regulate water temperatures as well as water tight steering systems that have
been installed precisely when it’s swimming tank has been filled up the car
carries about 5,000 pounds of water also fitted with it is a marine dartle so the
engine will keep running now this is the world’s fastest hot tub to enjoy now a
man in the desert won’t see mirages of an oasis instead I’m sure that he’s
going to see this car pool number six back vehicles back vehicles are special
modes of transportation for Batman and various film and comics one of the most
iconic bat vehicles is the Batmobile which was first used to rescue Vicki
Vale from the Joker after he parked it out front of the flugel Heim Museum this
Batmobile was constructed by many Batman fans around the world
our fee and insurance trader Martin Han made a custom Batmobile that is really
so cool however making this car street-legal might be somewhat of a
challenge he wasn’t sure if the Austrian authorities would agree with the
vehicles emission levels this replica is awesome if you are extremely lucky then
you may be able to see one of these vehicles around you Batmobile open also this Batmobile has two long guns
which can actually fire bullets another cool bat vehicle is tumbler that first
appeared in Batman Begins which is an armored tank designed by Wayne
Enterprises this coolest vehicle is copied by Batman fans around the world
moreover Batman fans are converting their cars into custom-designed
Batmobiles also the Batmobile four is waiting for
you with this elegant ication design number five human car at first sight
this may look like a kid’s toy car but this hand powered hybrid car developed
by engineer Charles Breen would by spending 40 years which means it took
him approximately his whole life to create it looks like a Fred Flintstone
car and it’s a great way to improve the health of drivers but surprisingly this
human powered car can reaches maximum speed of up to 60 miles per hour which
is incredibly true it has an electric battery which charges with human power
this car may look very simple from its outer appearance but it has GPS a
touchscreen display a biometric logging system various digital systems and an
all-weather roof human car aims for a healthy planet with healthy drivers number four mercedes-benz invisible car
everyone knows the awesome invisibility cloak which is used by Harry Potter
well engineers at the University of Tokyo used LEDs and cameras to create an
invisible Mercedes how cool is that using optical camouflage technology
boffins at mercedes-benz created the illusion that their new zero emissions F
cell cars not even there at all engineers covered the driver side of the
car and mats of LEDs and mounted the DSLR cameras on the opposite side of the
vehicle the camera shoots the video on the
passenger side of the car in the video is displayed in real-time on the driver
side of the automobile but imagine what would happen if invisible cars would run
on the roads I think there will be more chances of car crashes but in an
advantage perspective is that we’ll be able to park anywhere at all without
getting a ticket but unfortunately this cars tire is still visible number three
Rolls Royce Silver Spur if you know Bruni then without a doubt you know this
guy he is Sultan of Brunei who has the biggest and most expensive car
collection in the world the sultan hassan ii balkan is the biggest car
collector in the world with over 5,000 vehicles worth a combined total of five
billion dollars without a doubt he is richer than Bill Gates and Warren
Buffett first things first every head of state especially a monarch
needs a limo the Sultan’s customised rolls-royce Silver Spur does a great job
of reflecting his excessively luxurious lifestyle the vehicle was custom-made
for his wedding and was covered in 24 karat pure gold the limo is valued at
roughly 14 million dollars imagine if even Bill Gates can’t afford
these kinds of cars number two Mercedes f015 luxury in motion
when we look at this car we’re pretty sure that it’s directly imported from
heaven this silver beauty is far superior in
its designs and features Mercedes f015 drives itself
and it transforms the cabin into a personal haven for time and space are
the ultimate luxury in actuality it is a research project for the future it has
32 inch touch screens on the doors so many interactive curve displays all over
the interior surface which offer plenty of opportunities to interact with
various media even then it still has tons of space for face-to-face
interactions but the futuristic seats aren’t particularly comfortable with a
decent set of padded Mercedes armchairs this environment would be pretty
Pleasant number one stela car when we think about electric cars
without a doubt Tesla comes to mind for a moment forget Tesla because we have a
lightweight wedge-shaped electric car that charges itself with solar cells it
was built at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands and it
travels 800 kilometers on a single charge at speeds of 130 kilometers an
hour if the weather is merciful then it’s guaranteed that it can
complete long distances easily because it is directly powered by solar energy
also it features a tablet that shows drivers when traffic lights will change
color and Stella steering wheel expands if you drive too fast thank you for
watching guys which car did you find the most unusual tell me the reason why in
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next video pace now our channel is available in the
Hindi language for technology penetration in India it is a gift for
you guys I’ve got presents after that we’re going to translate our content
into Russian German French and Spanish languages as well but please don’t tell
me to translate to Chinese

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  1. At mark 8:01, that rich oil country belong to SULTAN HASSANAL BOLKIAH. Its not called BRUNY but instead BRUNEI (BRU-NINE or BRU-NAI in pronounciation). I may not be from that country but its kinda disrecpect to called it BRUNY instead. Its sound so distasteful.

  2. TTI For me, it's useless info. What im seeing the World come to, is it's going to be just like MAD MAX. The scriptures Foretell us that this earth will be devastated by war. Man killing man, brother against brother if we do not repent and change.
    So, what I'm interested in is the larger 6 to 8 wheel drive/alternative fuel vehicles. Yes, even imaginary ones that mat be coming into being. Fuel cells like on "Back to the Future". So please, let's curb these other vehicles and get to some that are and will be more practical after the dropping of those electromagnetic bombs, that will destroy all vehicles that are not buried.

  3. I know I still be still Driving by 1970 Dodge Charger 🙂 even in the future. Future cars to me just to don't look (BADASS) like my Charger does

  4. I like the electric car the most.
    It's the best for the enviroment.
    NO emissions and a high range.
    This can take me big distances and save me a lot of Euro's.
    I don't need any fuel and that Money can be used for my home/holiday ETC.

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