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10 Amazing Concept Cars From FUTURE!

10 Amazing Concept Cars From  FUTURE!

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science fun and machines today we’re going to explore some insane
concept cars of the future so sit back relax and enjoy this video of my friend Toyota fv2 the famous Japanese company
Toyota showed this futuristic single-seat car project at the Geneva
Motor Show in the year of 2014 the main feature of this vehicle is that it
doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals its driver can control it by moving
their body forward or backward to accelerate and decelerate and left or
right to turn the artificial intelligence technology used for this
car emotionally connects driver and vehicle to the next level with the
system of voice and image recognition this car can even determine the drivers
mood its color and internal display image can be changed depending on the
user’s preferences and mood in addition fv2 can update the pilot on
road conditions and safety alerts such as upcoming road construction or crowded
intersections it also analyzes its owner’s driving skills to assist them
while driving number yard ASAP this machine designed
and created with CGI technology by for digital designer students at ISD
Valencians is a hybrid vehicle that combines elements of a helicopter and a
small plane this helicopter needs a helipad to be able to fly once it’s in
the air it’s triple chassis automatically hides inside its frame
when ASAP is in airplane mode it can reach speeds of up to 220 miles an hour
due to its streamlined shape and additional propellers on the wings
another advantage of this vehicle is its cleverly designed cockpit which includes
a maximized viewing angle because it has a series of digital panels located on
the windows number eight Volkswagen Cedric this unmanned taxi can be called by
pushing a button on a special key holder the car will arrive and automatically
take it to new client to the right destination this taxi has been designed
to transport for people who can sit in a mobile lounge facing each other it is
also worth noting that Cedric is not equipped with the steering wheel or
pedals so you need to set the route and control the onboard systems with your
voice this unmanned Volkswagen can go using a 130 power electric engine on the
rear axle it also has lithium ion batteries placed under the floor that
will let you travel for up to 250 miles number Seven’s
smart vision eq4 – this car project which was designed as a part of the
presentation of the smart city of 2030 is fully electric autonomous and it is
designed exclusively for future car sharing systems this car has no control
interface that is it does not have a steering wheel or pedals you will find a
lot of displays and indicators inside and outside of this vehicle that allow
it to communicate with passengers and pedestrians when the car is free with no
drivers or passengers it will independently travel to the nearest
station to charge it’s 30 kilowatt per hour battery this car model is equipped
with a 20 inch screen that displays all the information including navigation
video and images its seats are designed as a lounge like bench covered with a
new innovative and high-quality white eco leather and a retractable center
armrest under which there is room for small luggage number six
Renault float the Chinese tuned you Chen Chi won a competition organized by
Renault with this car design according to the young designer in the future the
ball-shaped float vehicles will fly above the ground using magnetic
levitation a sphere resembling a bubble can accommodate one or two passengers you can also call this unusual unmanned
vehicle with a special mobile application two or more of these cars
can travel together using additional external magnetic belts while the
passengers will be able to communicate with each other using special
audio-visual systems the transparency degree at the surface of the sphere
which resembles a durable glass can be changed by the user at will in order to
get more exciting and unforgettable impressions when going in this unusual
transport number five Airbus flying car the company Airbus presented its idea of
a flying taxi which was developed in collaboration with the Intel dusting
team the vehicle has a modular design that allows it to both to fly and go on
roads like a normal car the passenger capsule pop-up system can be summoned
using a mobile application as the one used for any online taxi system the
artificial intelligence based platform responds to the preferences of each
particular client and finds the optimal route for their trip this car also has
an interface that will respond and interact with the user in a fully
virtual environment while in transit it is eight and a half feet long its
monocoque frame is made of high-strength carbon fiber and its maximum speed is
150 miles per hour number four the B the automotive
manufacturing company Continental AG released the concept of an autonomous
two passenger electric vehicle suitable to go in the city according to the
developer of this vehicle you can summon it using your smartphone it has a small
size as it consists of four wheels a windshield a translucent roof and
transport door panels which also serve as a display for information outputs this compact concept car is equipped
with an electric motor that will allow it to attain a maximum range of 220
miles and a top speed of 60 km/h number three Mini vision next 100 one of the
key elements of this vehicle is the Cooper riser specially designed
instrument panel the colors and patterns given by the cars light result in a
multi-faceted intelligent digital system design which can create an optimal micro
environment for each driver vision next 100 can choose the roof color and the
interior lighting mode depending on the users mood while driving it can adjust
the internal entertainment function and determines the necessary information for
the trip which is transmitted to the navigation system in addition its interactive windshield
shows an excellent view of the road and also has an augmented reality system
that displays the route and the ideal way to go this vehicle can operate
autonomously but it also comes with a steering wheel number two you ear Ingo Iranian designer
Mohammed Gazoo created a three-wheeled car project which stands out from other
vehicles because it’s wheels are not positioned in a triangular configuration
but in a row according to the designer the car will use mainly the central
wheel which will control any movements the other wheels are only used if there
is one person inside the car however two people is the ideal number to keep this
vehicle balanced in this case the wheel simply rotate at different speeds these
wheels are also needed in order to make sharp turns in addition the wheels on
each side of the e-ring go are used for parking or to enter a narrow passage
number one aeromobil 3.0 this project from the slavic company
aeromobil is a flying machine with folding wings a
parachute rescue system and an autopilot it’s wrote X 91 2’s engine allows it to
reach 100 miles per hour on the highway but in the sky it can reach 125 miles
per hour the Aero mobile 3.0 consumes 8 litres of fuel for 60 miles on the road
and when it is in the air it can consume about 15 litres an hour this car uses
conventional gasoline and it can travel 550 miles on land but when it’s an
aircraft mode it can fly for 430 miles this vehicle also has an air mobile
system for wing adjustment so it just needs a few hundred feet to takeoff
thanks for watching which concept vehicle impressed you the most let me
know in the comments section below if you’re new here then be my friend just
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