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  1. All the Journey Home guests are amazing and inspiring. Father Scott was terrific. His comments were so positive, soothing and touching. Thanks to Fr. for sharing his story and perspectives.

  2. An awesome conversion story. As I convert myself, I can really relate to much of Father Scott's experience. Thanks EWTN and Marcus!!

  3. Since the Day of Pentecost and the beginning of the INTERIM AGE, Satan has a new ENEMY – THE CHURCH (An assembly of believers). So, while the NEW CHURCH was PRIMARILY JEWISH in makeup, SATAN BEGAN INTENSELY SEEKING TO WIPE OUT ALL THE JEWS and EARLY CHRISTIANS. What he succeeded in doing was SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT CHRIST throughout the world. The Apostles and the newly commissioned Missionaries sent the GOSPEL out from Jerusalem and then from Antioch in Syria to the far corners of the earth. Soon Satan realized his persecution strategy was not working as planned so he changed his strategy. He began confusing the TRUTH and injecting all manner of ERROR into the fabric of the Church.

    THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH was born and RCC THEOLOGY became terribly corrupt and twisted. AND Satan had enough sense to realize that in order for these heretical ideas to survive he must make the SCRIPTURES/THE TRUTH from accessibility. SO, the RCC developed the hideous tradition that common people could not be allowed to know the BIBLE and only the POPE and the CHURCH could be allowed to INTERPRET IT. SO NOW, a corrupt and arrogant few human beings of the RCC PRIESTHOOD AND HIERARCHY were the only people on the earth who had the right and capability to declare what was true and what was false, what was right and what was wrong, and what was what YHWH had said. While YHWH would not allow the SCRIPTURES themselves to be corrupted, He did allow the TRUTH to be forced ‘underground’ for hundreds of years.

    It wasn’t until the 1500’s that and the REFORMATION that the RCC was challenged sufficiently to allow the SCRIPTURES and the TRUTH of them to RESURFACE and for the GOSPEL to be openly and publicly proclaimed. HOWEVER, the FULL BODY OF THE TRUTH OF THE SCRIPTURES and especially YHWH’s PLANS for the WORLD and for HIS KINGDOM to come on the earth when YHWH the FATHER SENDS YHWH THE SON back to the earth HAVE ALL BEEN HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT (in the BIBLE). AMILLENNIALISM has been Satan’s NUMBER ONE strategy for keeping the GRAND TRUTH of the COMING KINGDOM from the vast majority – even of CHRISTIANS in the world. AND THAT TO THIS VERY DAY!!!!

  4. Want to see a demon doing the work for a magician? Go to "Magician's Prove a Spiritual World Exists" by VaticanCatholic channel, forward to 21:21 and keep your eyes on the right side of the screen while Copperfield levitates the woman in the center of the screen.  PRAY THE HOLY ROSARY, MEDITATING ON THE LIFE AND PASSION OF JESUS!

  5. Eating and Drinking Refers to Believing
    However, in this conversation Jesus also says some things that are more difficult to understand. Yet as the rest of the conversation makes clear, these are also words of life.

    After saying that He is the living bread that came down from heaven, Jesus tells the Jews that in order to have life they must eat His flesh and drink His blood (vv 51-53). These words proved hard to comprehend for the audience. In v 60, they say that what He just said is a “difficult statement,” and basically ask who can understand it. They recognize that Jesus cannot literally give His flesh for them to eat (v 52).

    While many have seen an allusion to the Lord’s Supper in Jesus’ words about eating His flesh and drinking His blood, this is not likely because the Lord’s Supper had not yet been instituted. It is clear from the passage that the Lord is using the phrases “to eat my flesh” and “to drink my blood” as illustrations. When one believes Jesus, it is as if they are figuratively “eating” His flesh and “drinking” His blood. That is, they are taking His words in.

    Jesus makes it clear that He does not mean that one must literally eat His flesh and drink His blood in v 63: “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” It is not the eating of His literal flesh or drinking His literal blood that gives life, but the words that He spoke (“they are life”). In fact, He says that the literal flesh is of no profit.

    In the context, Jesus is speaking about the gift of eternal life. In the same way one would eat or drink something, when one believes in the promise of Christ for eternal life, he or she appropriates that gift. The Jews who were listening to Jesus took His illustration too literally.

  6. Peter 1:20-21
    Peter is emphasizing that the prophetic Scriptures originated with God and not with man, they were divinely inspired. "No prophecy of scripture is of any private interpretation" (or origin).

    This statement has has given rise to a great variety of interpretations. Some are absurd, such as the view that interpretation of the Bible is the right of the church alone and that individuals should not study it.

    It is true that no verse should be interpreted by itself, but in the light of context and the rest of Scripture.

    But Peter here is dealing with origin of the prophetic word, and not with the way men interpret it after it has been given. The point is that when the prophets sat down to write, they did not give their own private interpretation of events or their own conclusions. In other words interpretation does not refer to the explanation-ing of the word by those of us who have the way in which the Word came into being in the first place.

    Peter 1:21 This verse confirms the explanation just given verse 20." For prophecy never came by the will of man". What they wrote was not a concoction of their own ideas, and it was not the result of human imagination, insight or speculation.

    The fact is that "holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.

    This is one of the verses in the Bible on divine inspiration. In a day when many are denying the authority of the Scriptures, it is important that we stand firmly for the verbal, plenary inspiration of the inerrant word.

  7. The Early Fathers of the Church had made the colossal error of becoming highly anti-Semitic, rejecting ethnic Jews but embracing for themselves what were clearly promises that YHWH had made to the JEWS. Thus, they were ‘ripe’ for “anti-Chiliasm” (‘against 1000 years’ or rejecting the idea of a 1000 Year Kingdom on earth) because it involved too much of the OT being understood in relationship to the JEWS. Besides all that, there was of course a very strong “TEMPTATION” component where-in Satan and the forces of Evil were determined to steer the Church away from BIBLICAL TEACHINGS and into 1000 years of virtual darkness (regarding solid biblical teaching). It was only around the time of the Reformation that there began a whole new movement of getting the BIBLE into the hands of PEOPLE – people who would read it and understand again what the Scriptures are teaching. It is in that context that Dispensationalism and Premillennialism re-emerged into the forefront of Christianity..

    Historical Survey
    Early Church:
    Justin Martyr – (100-165AD) – This man – as can be seen – is one of the most trusted and earliest of the Church Fathers. He fiercely defended Christianity against heretics. HOWEVER, he asserted in his writings that the biblical term “seed of Jacob” must be properly understood to refer to Christians and NOT JEWS. AS can be seen, this dear man had a lot of GOOD DOCTRINE but every early these anti-Semitic, heretical ideas were beginning to be embraced. .
    Tertullian – (160-220 AD) – this Early Church Father was a very prominent and “orthodox” leader of the Early Church. He was the BISHOP of the Church in North Africa. But in AD 200, he wrote an extremely anti-Semitic work called “An Answer to The Jews”. In this work he taught that the early Jewish Twins, Esau and Jacob, represented God’s view of Jews and Gentiles. He taught that Esau represented the Jews (who lost their birthright) and Jacob represented Christians who now OWN the birthright as God’s people. Jews NOW SERVE Christians was
    Tertullian's conclusion

    Origen (185-254 AD) – this man – MORE THAN ANY OTHER EARLY CHURCH FATHER – is responsible for the church’s embrace of ALLEGORICAL INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE and a host of resulting heresies and distortions of Bible teaching and doctrine. Origen was the President of the highly INFLUENTIAL School of Theology in Alexandria, Egypt. Origen was extremely prolific, highly skilled and brilliant in his writing, very persuasive in his teaching and PROFOUNDLY WRONG in his ideas. HE ALLEGORIZED the ENTIRE BIBLE – TOTALLY REJECTING literal, grammatical, historical, common sense reading of the BIBLE. This ONE ERROR allowed Origen to believe and teach that “WHATEVER” he believed or ‘wanted’ the Scriptures to say, they “do say”. If he wanted “Israel” to mean “church” (which he did) then he could/would make it mean that (legitimately in his own mind). This ONE ERROR led Origen into numerous heretical doctrines – he did not believe in a “physical resurrection of the dead” and he was a “Universalist” regarding eternal salvation for all human being – AS WELL AS FALLEN ANGELS. Hard to believe but his “belief in allegorizing the Scriptures” led him into many heresies. And since he was SO INFLUENTIAL and PROLIFIC, he “SHAPED” the future of CHURCH DOCTRINE (Augustine was a highly committed student of Origen’s writings and teachings). Philip Schaff (History of the Christian Church) wrote of Origen, “His great defect is the neglect of the grammatical and historical sense and his constant desire to find hidden mystic meaning…. His allegorical interpretation is ingenious, but often runs far away from the text and degenerates into the merest caprice.” (V. 2, p. 791).

    Dionysius – (190-264 AD) – this man was a highly influential bishop of Alexandria, Egypt, who along with Origen authoritatively and officially declared: “the allegorical interpretation of the prophets as the only legitimate exegesis.”.

    Cyprian – (195-258 AD) – He was the Bishop of Carthage. He wrote a series of books titled “Three Books of Testimonies Against the Jews”. In this work he (according to Roberts & Donaldson in “Ante-Nicene Fathers”) “endeavored to show that the Jews, according to what had before been foretold, had departed from God, and had lost God’s favour, which had been given them in past times, and had been promised them for the future; while the Christians had succeeded to their place, deserving well of the Lord by faith, and coming out of all nations and from the whole world.” And like Tertullian he too promoted the idea that JACOB & ESAU represent respectively Christians and Jews – and the idea that the Jews have lost their place in God’s program and all God’s promises to Israel are now resident and fulfilled in the CHURCH. This is not full-blown “Replacement Theology” yet but as the centuries progressed it became FULL-BLOWN to the point of what we now have today.

    Ambrose – (340-397 AD) – Ambrose was one of the most influential people in the Early Church. He was actually the man who baptized and mentored Augustine. There are few individuals who had a greater effect on the formation of “CHURCH DOCTRINE”. But Ambrose regarded the Jewish soul as “irrevocably perverse and incapable of any good thought” and he asserted that “burning a Jewish Synagogue was not a crime.” This is the kind of thinking that PERMEATED the Church in these centuries.

    John Chrysostom (347-407 AD) – this man was probably the GREATEST & MOST RENOWNED PREACHER in the Early Church. One of his most wellknown & highly respected works was a series of sermons that were titled “Against the Jews” in which he supported, expanded and continued the anti-Semitism of the earlier fathers. The uniqueness of this series is that it was preached in ANTIOCH OF SYRIA rather than in Alexandria, Egypt. Antioch of Syria was the considered THE “stronghold” of ORTHODOXY and literal hermeneutic in the Early Church. But it is obvious that as the years progressed, allegorical interpretation had ‘infiltrated’ and permeated everywhere in the church. IT IS IMPORTANT TO STATE AT THIS POINT that while this ANTISEMITISM was rampant in the Early Church, and allegorization of the Scriptures was a widespread BELIEF and PRACTICE, there was still some semblance of maintaining an ‘unencumbered’ and ‘free grace’ Gospel. That was about to change dramatically. And Augustine was the man who was highly influential in that change.

  8. What a gift this man is to the Catholic Church. His love and humility is balm to the soul. Looking at some of the comments/arguments I understand when some Protestants fight so hard to hold onto their wrongly perceived truth. I was there! While not Catholic yet all my arguments have fallen short in light of sacred scripture “and” tradition. Once I opened my heart and humbly asked God for his truth, I became teachable. Every argument, reasoning, Bible verses shared in defense of the Reformation fell so short in light of the fullness of truth found in the Catholic Church. All the dots in Scripture finally began to connect. I have listened to some of the best Protestant and Catholic apologists and the weaknesses in the Protestant apologists became so apparent. I will always be so grateful for my Protestant faith and for many faithful pastors and leaders. Life is a journey and I look at the Catholic Church as a continuation of my faith. When God opens your eyes and heart to the Church that Christ established, to the fullness of truth, you have to come home!

  9. I remember hearing a story about a seminarian who was put in a concentration camp in 1939 Poland
    He was actually ordained by a fellow prisoner and Catholic Bishop.
    He said one mass and the next day he was killed.

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